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10 Best Chanel Boy Bags Every Girl Should Buy

10 Best Chanel Boy Bags Every Girl Should Buy

It’s no secret that Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel poured her creativity and life experiences into her designs. The iconic Chanel Boy bag is one good example of how the passions that filled Chanel’s life remain long after her death.

Designed by Karl Lagerfeld and introduced in the 2011 Autumn/Winter collection, the Boy bag was an immediate hit. The best Chanel Boy bags combine elegant lines with timeless style and practicality for a modern, edgy look that is oh-so Chanel.

The ‘Boy’ bag is a homage to the love of her life. Arthur ‘Boy’ Capel was a well-regarded polo player with whom Chanel had an affair. Capel’s influence during their 9-year relationship is said to have inspired many of Chanel’s most iconic designs.

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Top 10 Best Chanel Boy Bags

From plain and stylish to embellished and thoroughly decorated, we listed the best Chanel Boy bags that every girl should consider.

1. Blue Metallic & Gold Metal Chanel Boy Bag

The Blue Metallic Calfskin & Gold Metal Boy Bag is an opulent iteration of the classic Boy bag design that balances simplicity and luxury very well. The classic-style side paneling is common to most Boy bag designs and contrasts the inner diamond quilting beautifully.

In fact, it almost seems to sparkle in the light thanks to the variety of shapes and patterns. The gold chain and detailing match the blocky fastening mechanism with its double C logo and give a look at a level of cohesion that ‘finishes’ the bag.

Not hugely spacious, but big enough to carry your essentials, this is the perfect bag for a night out on the town.

Blue Metallic & Gold Metal



2. Green Quilted & Silver Metal Chanel Boy Bag

A vibrant, modern take on a classic design, the Green Quilted Calfskin & Silver-Tone Metal Boy Bag has the dimensions of an evening bag. Still, it is far more suited to act as a statement piece for lunches and daytime soirees.

The bright green, quilted leather of the center panel contrasts the chain trim and shining silver fastening mechanism with the customary double C logo. The chain and leather shoulder strap is adjustable, which is nice, but it can be hard to do so.

Like most Boy bags, the small interior is not compartmented, although big enough to hold essential items like your phone, wallet, and keys.

Green Quilted & Silver Metal



3. Dark Blue & Silver Metal Chanel Boy Bag

When it comes to the design as classic as the Boy bag, every change in texture and color really helps to change the way it looks and feels. The Dark Blue Grained Calfskin & Silver Metal Boy Bag looks fantastic.

The diagonal, quilted lines in the center panel, meet in the middle in an arrow which draws attention to the blocky fastening mechanism. The parallel lines around the rim of the bag then draw the eyes away and up; giving this bag a sense of flow that is really quite wonderful.

The chunky, silver metal chain which makes up the lower part of the adjustable strap matches the double C logo; giving the bag a flash of sparkle to lighten the look.

Dark Blue & Silver Metal



4. Small Black Velvet & Gold Metal Chanel Boy Bag

The Small Black Velvet & Gold Metal Boy Bag is a beauty. Velvet may not seem to be the most sensible material for a bag, yet offers a look and feel that is both hard to replicate and utterly luxurious.

The contrast between the lined and diamond quilting patterns is softened by this material. And the gold and silver fastening mechanism stands out all the more starkly in contrast. A chunky chain and black leather strap complete the look and add a layer of durability that the bag otherwise lacks.

Nonetheless, this is a dainty evening bag that will really only fit a small phone, cards, or cash, and perhaps some makeup.

Small Black Velvet & Gold Metal



5. Pink Velvet & Gold Metal Chanel Boy Bag

Dusty pink and dull gold, the Small Pink Velvet & Gold Metal Boy Bag has an air of faded glory that is beautiful in an understated way. It seems to have aged gracefully despite being new.

The slightly matt, gold-tone chain and pink leather strap prevent it from feeling dated or dull, but this is still a demure iteration of the classic. Think of it as the perfect accompaniment to a girlish daytime look, and you’re sure to feel pretty in pink (pun fully intended).

Pink Velvet & Gold Metal



6. Yellow & Gold Metal

This Yellow Grained Calfskin & Gold-Tone Metal Boy Bag is stunning. Although pastels have been going in and out of trend, this take on a pale, buttery yellow is timeless. Vibrant yet calming, it blends with rather than contrasts against the shining gold chain and block fastening mechanism.

The result is surprisingly uniform, but the sudden flashes of light that the metal details give do help to prevent the bag from becoming plain. This is smaller than the average Boy bag, so you may have to travel lighter than you are used to. It is perfect for bringing class to a daytime look.

Yellow & Gold Metal Chanel Boy Bag



7. Black & Ruthenium-Finish Metal

This Black Calfskin with Ruthenium-Finish Metal Boy Bag is a little busier than the usual Boy bag designs. The standard quilted edging remains the same, but the center panel instead features matte and patent leather arrows moving outwards from the center in a sunburst style.

This mix of plain and shining leather goes across the bag as a whole. It contrasts the dull silver fastening mechanism and chunky chain to give this a rock ‘n’ roll aesthetic that is both stylish and edgy. Dainty but durable, this versatile bag can complement almost any outfit.

Black & Ruthenium-Finish Metal Chanel Boy Bag



8. Grey & Silver Metal Chanel Boy Bag

And now the Grey Grained Calfskin & Silver Metal Boy Bag. While the description says grey, this textured leather bag has a slightly brown undertone to it which makes it a puzzle. Tall rather than broad, this design deviates from the usual Boy bag aesthetic in more ways than one.

The classic edge design not only trims the flap but decorates the bottom part of the bag, too, as does the diamond quilted pattern. It has the usual chain and leather strap, but in truth, this bag really doesn’t feel like a Boy bag as much as it does a messenger bag.

Either way, the extra height makes it perfect for those with bigger phones or a few extra essentials to carry.

Grey & Silver Metal Chanel Boy Bag



9. Black Studded & Ruthenium-Finish Metal

This Black Studded Calfskin, Diamanté & Ruthenium-Finish Metal Boy Bag really is small but mighty. Made from black calfskin and studded with delicate diamanté, the rock ‘n’ roll aesthetic presented by this bag is stunning.

The contrast between the diamond pattern and the chunky, almost oversized chain makes this bag feel almost out of proportion, yet stunning. This is quite a small bag, so don’t count on bringing much more than cash, cards, phone, and the odd lipstick.

Black Studded & Ruthenium-Finish Metal Chanel Boy Bag



10. Blue Velvet & Gold Metal Chanel Boy Bag

Finally on our list is the Blue Velvet & Gold Metal Boy Bag. The vibrant blue velvet which makes up the body of this bag is undeniably opulent. The contrasting quilt patterns and dull shine of the fabric invite the touch and make the pale gold-tone metal really stand out.

Unlike many other bags in this range, the sides and interior are also made of velvet, giving it a uniform look and feel. This bag is a little bigger than some of the others, but still won’t hold much more than the basics, so prepare to travel light, and you’ll be fine.

The color and material of this iteration of the Boy bag make it versatile; you can take it out in most seasons and times (though the rain really won’t be kind to it).

Blue Velvet & Gold Metal Chanel Boy Bag



Chanel Boy bags are available in a range of sizes, colors, and materials, making them versatile and adaptable. There is a new iteration of this design almost every season.

To this day, it is one of the most sought-after designs, and classic variations of the bag are hard to find and expensive to buy. However, its effects can be seen in many other Chanel bags; the utilitarian lines and characteristics which make it so appealing are uniquely transferable.