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10 Best Designer Clutch Bags For Women

Best Designer Clutch Bags

Of all the handbags in the world, the clutch bag has experienced the most mixed reception. Fluctuating in popularity and regard thanks to its chic form and impractical size, the clutch has nonetheless remained a staple in the fashion world.

Let’s face it, all clutches have their drawbacks. Both their small size and the need to hold it in your hand can be a pain. However, sometimes in life, you have to make a small sacrifice to enjoy feeling both elegant and bang on trend! The hard-shelled clutch is very much in vogue right now, so here are the best designer hard clutch bags.

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Are Clutch Bags In Style?

First seen in the 1920s in the jeweled pouch style bags of the Flapper girls, the pochette or envelop bag (which would later be called a clutch bag because of the way it is ‘clutched’ in the hand) went on to become incredibly popular in the 1930s.

While they have never fully gone out of fashion, these bags have come and gone over the years, with more recent spurts of popularity in the ’80s, ’90s, and early ’00s. As of late 2019, the clutch is back in business and can be seen in the hands of celebrities across the world. This time it is the hard-shell iteration that is most popular.

10 Best Designer Hard Clutch Bags

Here are 10 of the best designer hard clutch bags each are unique, beautiful, and has a pedigree to match.

Highly regarded by fashion lovers around the world (as well as those in the industry), these designers have created bags that are so exquisite that they often sell out before the end of the season in which they launch. So should you fall in love with any listed here, you know that you really cannot go wrong!

1. Jimmy Choo Embellished Velvet Cloud Clutch

Synonymous with luxury and elegant sophistication, Jimmy Choo has been clothing fashionistas, runway models, and celebrities for decades; this clutch bag, in all its understated glory, is a perfect representation of the Jimmy Choo ‘look’.

With simple, dark velvet over its hard shell and a spine of flashing green and white embellishing spikes, crusted with jewels, to add edge; this is a truly breathtaking bag that sits at a dainty 11x15x6.5cm. Don’t worry, though, you can fit your phone and money in here easily.

The best thing about this is that it’s a bag that makes you feel like royalty. It’s delicate to the touch and you can’t help but sashay into a room with a bit more confidence when you have this on your arm.

Jimmy Choo Embellished Velvet Cloud

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2. Alexander McQueen Spider Crystal Clutch

Alexander McQueen has panache, even for a fashion designer, and so his products tend to operate on the very edge, breaking ground and setting trends. This stunning hard clutch bag is a perfect representation of his unique style. Ultra-feminine and glamorous, this sparkling, hardshell bag has an ornate spider clip and comes with a chain that can be used to loop it over your sand.

At 11x18x4cm in size, this is a compact bag but can fit all the essentials in. Despite being quite plain, this bag simply screams for your attention due to its reflective properties. It has almost childlike in its zealousness… it’s like the bag you always told yourself you’d have when you grew up.

If you want to rock your glamazon vibe, this is the bag for you. When paired with a glittering dress and some skyscraper heels, or even as a statement piece to jazz up a simple cocktail dress, this is a bag that simply cannot fail to impress.

Alexander McQueen Spider Crystal

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3. LK Bennet Nina Suede Clutch

A brand of the ’90s, LK Bennet has an unusual knack for producing items that scream classic, British elegance, and sophistication. This bag is no exception to that rule. The chic chrome and black suede finish offer contrast and a timeless monochromatic aesthetic while still feeling fresh and modern.

The simple, rectangular fastening mechanism is the cherry on the cake, relatively speaking, and just brings the whole design together. A delightfully vintage piece with enough room for your phone and wallet (it’s 10x15x3.5cm in size); the Nina Clutch Bag should be a wardrobe staple.

You can’t help but channel a ’90s Kate Moss vibe when you take this bag out, but it is very plain so make sure that it’s not your statement piece; pair it with some flashy jewelry to make it pop.

LK Bennet Nina Suede

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4. Aspinal of London Embellished Trunk Clutch

Specializing in luxury leather goods, Aspinal of London is a quintessentially English brand that makes fun and quirky pieces that fuse femininity with businesslike power. This mini trunk clutch bag is just that; fun, flirty, and quirky with a severe, businesslike twist.

The gold, silver, and pink metal embellishments, along with the small metal handle and clasp make this a really cute little bag that can hold everything you need to at 14.5×18.5x8cm in size.

This is a girly and fun bag that really has no competition anywhere. The Mini Trunk clutch has an air of early 2000s fun that can’t be ignored, so give it what it deserves and pair it with a skater type of dress and some retro converse.

Aspinal of London Embellished Trunk

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5. St Xavier Sabrina Floral Clutch

Australian brand St Xavier has been a breath of fresh air since first bursting onto the scene; by fusing relaxed, stylized designs and patterns with more traditional fashion ‘norms’ they make eye-catching designs that balance boldness with fun and femininity.

The Sabrina Floral clutch is a perfect example of their unique ‘flavor’ with its embellished, beaded design and monochromatic scheme (broken up by flashes of color). The round fastening mechanism throws off the symmetry just enough to make this a contemporary take on the classic beaded hard shell.

At 10x18x6cm this is a reasonably spacious bag that’s sure to make you feel a little more powerful as you go about your day-to-day life.

St Xavier Sabrina Floral

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6. Sophia Webster Clara Crystal Box Clutch

Sophia Webster has an excellent track record and a star-studded fan list; her shoes are being worn by Sarah Jessica Parker and other celebrities, and so it should be no surprise that this clutch bag is in high demand.

The contrast of the sharp, rectangular bag with the glittering and spherical fastening mechanism is striking and glamorous. Better yet you can wear it over the shoulder by using its delicate chain. This is all the star-studded, sparkling glamour of the red carpet condensed into a single bag… what’s not to love?

With silver, gold, and pink ombre options (as well as a classic black bag), this elegant clutch bag is the perfect accompaniment to any party outfit!

Sophia Webster Clara Crystal Box Clutch

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7. Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Knot Clutch

If you want to inject a bit of personality and color into your outfit with a statement piece, Bottega Veneta is the perfect brand for you. So, it should come as no surprise to hear that the Intrecciato Knot Clutch Bag is just that; a statement piece.

The vibrant purple, textured surface of this hard-shelled bag is a sensual feast and the delicate, ornate fastening mechanism simply adds to its beauty. As a long, shallow bag, it is perhaps not suited to carry a lot of goods, but it can handle most phones as well as cards, cash, and make-up essentials.

Managing to be both bold and classy, this is the perfect bag for people who want to make the world into a catwalk.

Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Knot Clutch

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8. Dolce & Gabbana Floral Padlock Clutch

There is no brand that does over-the-top, feminine luxury like Dolce & Gabbana. The emphatic, Art Nouveau style that they employ is not only iconic but stunning and this clutch bag is perhaps the pinnacle of this style.

The clash of gold, baby blue, dusty pink, and pale lilac is gorgeous, and the intricate structure of the bag itself screams classic luxury that is has a Versailles feel to it. At 11x19x5cm this is a delicate and dainty bag that can nonetheless hold everything essential.

If you want to go over the top and immerse yourself in the feminine side of yourself, this is the bag for you. This is the Fabergé Egg of the hard clutch bag world!

Dolce & Gabbana Floral Padlock Clutch

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9. Judith Leiber Emerald Cut Crystal

There’s no one who brings full-on glamour quite like Judith Leiber; flashing metal, sparkling gems, and classic color schemes are her calling card, and her Cut Crystal Clutch is a truly perfect example of this aesthetic. With sharp angles, dull gold, and crusting of emerald cut crystals to set it off.

This bag was definitely made to give you a classic movie star or pin-up girl feel. The delicate gold chain provided allows this bag to be carried over your shoulder as well as in hand. At 12.5x13x8cm, this is a larger clutch bag that is perfect for carrying your evening essentials in style.

Having this bag on hand is guaranteed to help you channel your inner Marilyn Monroe.

Judith Leiber Emerald Cut Crystal Clutch

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10. Ethan K Miaudiere Crocodile

As a designer, Ethan K has built a reputation of constantly surprising the world; unique textures, colors, and designs are… well, common for this designer, and the Miaudier Crocodile Clutch combines this to stunning effect.

The ombre of green and blue (or red and yellow) hard shell bag is lightly textured with a crocodile skin effect. The rounded corners and circular clip give it a vintage feel which complements rather than offsets the contemporary flavor of the design as a whole.

Think ’70s funk and boldness when you choose this bag and you won’t go far wrong!

Ethan K Miaudiere Crocodile Clutch

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Designer Hard Clutch Bags Vs Purse

If you’re wondering what the difference between a ‘regular’ purse and a clutch bag is, then the answer is very simple; a clutch bag is a small, compact purse (generally the size of an A4 piece of paper) that is held in the hand or sometimes fastened to the wrist with a small strap.

A ‘regular’ purse, by contrast, tends to be larger and has a thick shoulder or crossbody strap, and may even have interior compartments for organization. It’s also less common for large purses to be hard-shelled as they can become impractical. Finally, a purse is not really ‘on-show glamour.

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The Benefits of a Clutch Purse

There are many benefits to using a clutch purse, especially if you are an ardent fashion lover. It’s true that these are not the most practical of purses for day-to-day use, but writing them off, for this reason, is a big mistake; clutch bags were never intended for this purpose. It’s in the evening, at a nice dinner or party that the clutch purse comes into its own.

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The small size of clutch bags makes them perfect for parties. By encouraging minimalism they enable you to bring the essentials while avoiding bogging yourself down with more than you need. This means you can focus on enjoying yourself.


Clutch bags are synonymous with elegance and glamour, and, as a result, even the simplest clutch can infuse your outfit with a sense of style and flair. In fact, whatever you want to say with your outfit, a clutch can emphasize that message.


While clutch bags are generally best for evening events and parties, they are versatile; if you like to travel light or you have a daytime lunch date, meeting, or even a light and bright clutch bag will set off your style with flair!

In fact, a clutch bag can serve many occasions; everyone should have a gorgeous clutch in their wardrobe. All you need to do is find the right bag for you!

Best Designer Hard Clutch Bags

Best Designer Hard Clutch Bags

Harrods had lots of beautiful Clutch Bags on display! Everyone should have a clutch (or two) to hand for parties, events, and anything else that requires a little compact style and flair. The best designer hard clutch bags are freeing, in a way, because they are already so impractical for many parts of Fay to day life, that you can put all other concerns to the side and simply choose the bag that you like best.

When it comes to a clutch bag you should stop thinking about carrying capacity, organization, and all those other issues. Simply immerse yourself in the textures, colors, and styles to make sure that you get a bag that truly expresses who you are. Once you have that in mind, you’re sure to find a bag that makes you smile every time you look at it.