10 Must-Haves to Kick off Your Wardrobe!

10 Must-Haves to Kick off Your Wardrobe!

The list of basic essentials that should constitute the wardrobe of every stylish man is not particularly long. From simple, high-quality shirts, to perfectly cut chinos to the one suit you have no excuse for not owning, here are 10 basic must-haves that should form the beginning of any successful wardrobe.

  1. White Button Down Shirt – this is the most versatile item in a man’s wardrobe. Wear with a suite for a more casual look, under a crew neck for the weekend or pair it up with a slim pair of chinos and a statement belt. Own the look!
  2. Pale Blue Shirt – Own several! This is the perfect workday shirt and can be worn with beige, gray, or navy slacks or suit. Add a dark time and you are ready to meet the board!
  3. White Granddad Shirt – this shirt is the modern version and you can lose the tie. Add a deconstructed blazer or jeans or look smart in your suit!
  4. Navy Blue Crewneck Pullover – Faultless! That’s what you will and feel like when you couple this with pretty much anything! Layer it in the winter and use as a feature piece in the summer.
  5. Slim Navy Chinos – the perfect alternative to jeans and great summer wear! The combinations of shirts to go with them are endless: shirt, shirt and jacket, t-shirt, t-shirt and bomber jacket, your favorite pub crawler shirt or anything else goes!
  6. Slim Cream Chinos – wear a darker shade shirt! And careful where you sit!
  7. Petrol Blue Suit – If you can only have one suit, this is the one! A white shirt, fabulous tie, and your look like a million bucks!
  8. Slim Indigo Navy Jeans – Think Levi 511’s!.Not too tight, not too stiff and VERY blue!
  9. White T-shirts – Buy the best you can afford; you will look and feel better in them
  10.  Navy T-shirts – looks super-chic under a blazer!


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