5 Amazing DIY Body Cleanser Straight From Your Kitchen

5 Amazing DIY Body Cleanser Straight From Your Kitchen

5 Amazing DIY Body Cleanser Straight From Your Kitchen

We do so much for our face – clean-ups, facials, sunscreen, face packs, and whatnot. But what about the skin on our body?! Just like the skin on your face, it needs that extra love every now and then. A weekly body scrubbing session will keep your skin happy, healthy, smooth and glowing.

Here are some incredible tried and tested body scrubs that you can make at home. And the best part?! You can make them from ingredients sitting in your kitchen! Amazing DIY Body Cleanser

5 Amazing DIY Body Cleanser Straight From Your Kitchen

Amazing DIY Body Cleanser

  1. Coffee + Coconut Oil + Rose Water:

Mix half a cup of coffee with half a cup of coconut oil and two tablespoons of rose water. Ground coffee would be better than instant coffee. Ground coffee scrubs better and has a stronger aroma whereas coffee powder or instant coffee dissolves very quickly and doesn’t give the scrub texture for long. Skip rosewater if you use powdered coffee. Scrub onto the body and rub gently before a nice long shower.

Ideal for: It helps beat cellulite. Cellulite is that clumpy uneven textured skin, generally seen on thighs, buttocks, and stomach.

Moong Daal + Multani Mitti + Milk + Almond Oil
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  1. Moong Daal + Multani Mitti + Milk + Almond Oil:

Soak 1/4th cup of moong daal in half a cup of milk for a few hours (overnight if possible). Grind it into a rough paste. Add a heaped tablespoon of Multani Mitti along with 2 tablespoons of milk and almond oil each. You can also add rosewater for a heavenly smell or if you feel the paste is too thick to use.

Ideal for: This one is guaranteed to give you baby soft skin. It detoxifies the skin and works especially well in the summer as it cools the body and fights prickly heat.

Amazing DIY Body Cleanser - Olive Oil + Salt + Lemon Juice

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  1. Olive Oil + Salt + Lemon Juice: 

Add 3/4th cup of olive oil to half a cup of salt along with the juice of one lemon. Try to use sea salt or natural salt if possible. They are free from preservatives and work better.

Ideal for: Really rough and dry skin. Use it on neglected areas like hands, feet, elbows, and knees. The combination of lemon and olive oil is also good for those with light stretch marks.

Amazing DIY Body Cleanser - Besan + Yoghurt + Brown Sugar

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  1. Besan + Yoghurt + Brown Sugar Scrub

Add two tablespoons of besan (gram flour) to one tablespoon of brown sugar and two to three tablespoons of yogurt. The result is a wonderfully textured scrub. However, once you are done using it, make sure you drain away from the sugar from the bathroom. You don’t want ants crawling there!

Ideal for: It is good for exfoliation, softening the skin and also helps remove tanning.

Amazing DIY Body Cleanser - Oats + Milk + Sesame Oil

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  1. Oats + Milk + Sesame Oil Scrub:

Soak half a cup of oats overnight in 3/4th cup of milk. In the morning, before your bath, add 2 tablespoons of sesame oil to the mixture. Blend it in a blender if you want a smooth paste. You can add more milk if you feel it is too thick.

Ideal for: Sensitive skin. This is an extremely gentle scrub that’s good for scrubbing, softening and moisturizing. If you don’t like the smell, add a few drops of lavender or rose essential oil.

Amazing DIY Body Cleanser

Important Thing To Remember

No matter how much you invest in good skincare, which costs a lot if you are not exfoliating! Yes, it is the most important thing for your skin.

You need to scrub your skin well at least once every week. When you don’t use a scrub on your skin, your dead cells keep sitting on your skin. These dead skin cells do not allow your expensive skincare products to be absorbed completely by your skin. And so, you don’t see any results. Then you blame the product and try another one. It’s a vicious cycle as you keep jumping from cream to cream.

So ladies, once a week, take some time and use a nice and gentle scrub on your face and neck. Just 5 minutes of scrubbing can increase the efficiency of your skincare products and reveal fresh skin. You can use one from a skincare brand or make something of your own at home. Remember to use small circular motions and you’re sorted.

If you scrub your skin, even inexpensive products will work on your skin. And if you don’t, then even the most expensive products won’t be able to work their magic.