7 Fictions Regarding Bride’s Wedding Cake

7 Fictions Regarding Bride’s Wedding Cake

There are times when at least one article gets published which profess as brides’ wedding cake guidance. There are also some articles which claim that their advises will save money. Most authors of such articles don’t know anything regarding cakes. They even don’t know what the decorators of cake actually do. Now if you wish to have advises that are really good then only the real decorators of cake can provide it to you. Have a look on these seven fictions which I felt necessary to state which will help the brides as well as the decorators of cake.

  1. You can order a dummy row cake and plate up sheet cakes

All the articles which claim that their advises can save money suggest this fiction. The look of a dummy row cake depends on the preferences of the cake decorators. It might be a Styrofoam piece or any other such things. This fake cake will then be decorated in such a manner that it would look like an actual cake.

Some think that since sheet cake is priced low by the cake decorators so it will be better to order sheet cake along with a dummy cake of wedding.  But this is however a misconception. This is because a cake decorator has to bake the similar quantity of cake and then decorate it in similar amount.

So a there is no point of charging lower price for such similar effort. But there can one exception to it. This is possible if a cake of smaller size is added with the sheet cakes by the bride. As such no extra time and materials need to be spent for preparing dummy rows.

  1. A fondant cake is more expensive than a butter cream cake

This is certainly a true fiction almost. Some decorators of cake charge for each cake’s ingredient. However I am not claiming whether it’s right or not. It is just a way they use to charge for their cakes. Moreover many cake decorators don’t charge extra for using fondant. This might be because they usually prefer to use fondant to decorate cakes. A butter cream cake is harder to make it perfect. So cake decorators prefer making fondant cake rather than butter cream one. However it will be better that you ask whether you need to pay any extra for a fondant cake.


  1. Fresh flowers in place of sugar flowers on cake can be cost-effective

It is possible to save bit money if your cake is provided fresh flowers in place of sugar flowers. However saving money cannot be more important than health. There are certain risk involved using fresh flowers. Some species of fresh flowers are really toxic. Hence it can eventually cause sickness. There are also some other varieties which are not poisonous.

Flowers are sprayed pesticides that are dangerous. And this will even make everyone sick.

There are even other problems involved with fresh flowers. There are florists who actually don’t clean and sterilize flowers. They are placed in such form on the cake. And this would definitely not be safety to consume.  Therefore it is better to have sugar flowers instead of fresh flowers. You might need to pay some extra charge for it, but it is definitely not significant. You can order a cake with simple design having one or two sugar flowers to save some money.

  1. Hiding your budget from the decorator

There are people who think that a decorator won’t give that much quantity of cake if they get to know one’s budget. But this is certainly wrong. A cake decorator tries to give their best whenever they make a cake. They are foremost an artist so it is wrong when they are thought to be a businessman. They try to provide more in your cake in every possible ways. However it can be said that they really charge much less compared to what they give. But it is necessary that you let your decorator know your budget. They can design a cake according to that. So tell the cake decorator your budget and they can make it keeping the budget in mind.

  1. Birthday cake is less expensive than a Wedding cake

This is another myth with cakes. You can easily differentiate between a wedding cake and a birthday cake. A wedding cake is bigger and complicated. Your decorator might charge extra for it and there is a convincing reason for that. The cake would definitely charge more money with more extra layers added to it.

  1. Make your custom cake to save money

This can definitely work out if only you are a good decorator of cake. Otherwise it would be better not to try for it. However I will not encourage even the best cake decorators to make their own cake of wedding. A wedding cake needs lot of days to make it. Hence it would be an additional stress to prepare and embellish a complicated wedding cake. There can be many other better ideas than to prepare your own wedding cake.

  1. You can allow your friend or relative to make the cake of your wedding

This myth has certain expectations. You might have a friend or any relative who has the experience to make a wedding cake and will give you good discount on it. Then you can surely go for it. But there can be such person who profess that they can but actually can’t at the end. You should be aware of those. Many a times I heard that brides’ or their mothers call cake decorators at the last moment crying and begging to solve the problem of the cake.

This is however due to the reason that they had selected a decorator who didn’t have any experience in it.

But it is however too late to fix everything perfectly. So whenever you appoint any cake decorator, ask pictures of their previous works. You need to be sure that they have the experience to make row cakes. Wedding cakes are not easy to make. It is complicated even to make an easy design.

A wedding cake is the most highlighted thing of a marriage reception.  To cut corners is perilous. You should be aware of such kinds of articles. This is obvious that all the cakes are not made identical. You will purchase your wedding cake for once only. Hence always try to make a better choice without taking any risk.

Why it is so costly to have custom cake of wedding?

Why it is so costly to have custom cake of wedding?

Customized cake of wedding might cost you more but you can get cakes even in lower prices. You will likely get one cake made with several elements within that price. The price of the frozen and custom cake is entirely different from each other. Custom cakes are made up of best quality elements.

The price of a custom cake depends upon how much custom work is done on the cake and what ingredients are used to make it. New York couples spend about $7 for single portion. Whatever might be the reasons, a custom cake is costlier than any normal cake.

A customized cake is made with the top elements.

Such a cake designer makes the cake freshly which will never be baked or frozen before. This is the reason that they stop taking bookings further. They use fresh and real butter cream which is not snow white in color. In case of fondant cakes (however it has a feeble taste when compared to real butter cream but it is perfect for photograph and immense heat as well as humidity) even real butter cream and jam are provided under it. And this would be the perfect wedding cake.

It’s a matter of long hours that is required to complete a customized cake.

But the designer of such cakes won’t charge much money for each hour of work. It requires countless work hours to complete a wedding cake that involves plenty of gum paste work. Like to design and color one peony requires labor of four hours and to dry it takes about four days. Most of the people prefer to have rose gum paste on their wedding cake. Now to make one rose starting from the petal to the leaf and then coloring it takes three hours. Then you can imagine how much time it will take to make more roses. However it is not possible for the cake designer to charge for each of its hard labor hours. Otherwise the price will rise to $20 or even more for each slice due to the gum paste work, for special things like gold leaves or truffles of chocolate on wedding cake.

Mostly the clients don’t possess any prior idea about the amount of labor required in a project of cake.

Like you might wish to have a cake with the concept of football stadium having benches, artworks, complete delineate of a field with custom goal post of chocolates. Now this would require many days to make. Your expert cake designer will of course be happy to make cakes with your concept. But at the same time they expect that you will remunerate them for their hard work and time. (This may however comprise remunerating them for some other things if you find them doing each and every thing freshly. However we take two vital bookings only each day. That means, we consider further bookings based on what is booked already before).

It might seem to you that a customized cake is much expensive as it requires much labor and effort.

In such case you can simply ask for any simple designs that can reduce the price. There are many things that can really help you. Many times it is seen that couple or clients comes with a particular concept. Now it will be the talent of your cake designer to describe whether it will be possible to implement in reality or not. So it is better that first you get to know whether a concept is applicable or not and that also within your budget, then you get attached with the concept.

The designer of your cake should attend you like a professional and with much respect.

And this should be vice-versa. You might have searched for a customized cake designer purposely. Now it is then suggested that don’t ask them for any discounts or reduce the prices. Since, they have already described you in detail how much laborious work it requires to make such cake. There are people who select happily the less trained as well as less experience artists to design the cake.

However, if you have selected an expert designer for your cake, then make that you recompense them properly.

You can ask them to make your wedding cake with simple design if the price seems more than your pocket. check the base price of any experts’ customized cake before appointing them for the purpose. You will get the idea whether the expert is possible within the budget or not. select them according to it. Hence there will be no question of asking for discounts or reduction in prices.

You might want that your cake of wedding will be just extraordinary out of all.

Then experts of customized cake designs will be a perfect choice. They have a huge experience in this and it is always great to deal with real expert artists and professionals. You can experience the fanciful feelings on your wedding day having a cake with special concept and biting it first as a newly married couple. If you wish for something like this then just appoint designer of custom cake.

However it is not only you who want to delight dealing with expert designers, but same thing occurs for them also.

An expert cake designer even charms to choose such clients who are joyful to work with. They want to work with those clients who will influence them in their collective process of creation. They actually want you to encounter something bewildering which will just make you to share it with every known individual of yours. A customized wedding cake will be definitely worth of price if you have it from any expert or professional designers of cake.

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