8 Top Rated Eye-shadow Palettes

Reviews for 8 Top Rated Eye-shadow Palettes You Must Read Before You Buy

Eyes are the most attractive feature on every girl’s face. Eyes can be accented to make them even prettier. Using eye-shadows and other products like eyeliner and mascara are quite common trends. The accents, mentioned above are used to save your eyes from being as lifeless as those of a doll’s. But getting those bewitching eyes is impossible without the right selection of eye-shadows. There are a lot of points to be considered before you buy some for your eyes.

Things to Remember before Buying Eye-shadows!

  • Make sure the hues you are about to choose are in accordance with the season and time of the day you are mostly going to wear them.
  • Soft and neutral shades are always trendy and can go with any skin tone.
  • It should be richly pigmented.
  • The beauty product must be free from any harmful chemicals. (read the ingredients)
  • It should be top rated and must belong to some well-known and reliable beauty brand.
  • The eye-shadow palette should contain the colors that complement each other.
  • Whether it is in powdered form or in creamy texture, it should promise a superior blendability (check that at the time of purchase).
  • If you are a working lady, go with the neutral shades only!
  • The colors should have a long lasting staying power for hours of wear.

Tip:You can use makeup brushes, sponge or even your finger to apply the hues on your eyes. Just make sure that you blend it seamlessly.

Gals and makeup junkies out there, you don’t have to worry any more. As I have rounded up the most trendy and top rated eye-shadows to choose from. Have a look!

Bobbi Brown Sunkissed Eye Palettes

Bobbi Brown Sunkissed Eye Palettes
Bobbi Brown Sunkissed Eye Palettes

It’s a latest sun kissed series of eye shadows by Bobbi Brown. As far as eye-shades go, Bobbi Brown brings the most alluring combinations in their palettes.

Product’s Detail

  • Available in three combinations, named as sunkissed gold, sunkissed pink and sunkissed nude.
  • Beachy and neutral shades appeal to eyes.
  • The most stunning and complementary colors in all three palettes.
  • Designed especially for summer look.
  • Soft and silky powder formula is easy to apply on the lids.


  • All the quads contain highly pigmented colors.
  • Colors easily glide on the lids and blend superbly.
  • No flaking or falling out.
  • Each color comes with great staying power.


  • Most of the colors are created for summer. So you have to buy another for your winter avatar.
  • Though all these sunkissed palettes are fabulous but we have already seen such bronzy nudes and shimmery pinks in the products by Charlotte Tilbury or Tom Ford quads! In short, there is nothing new or unique.

Why to get into the Nude Mood by BB?

Each palette is created in the most complementary combinations to give you a refreshing feel in summer. As all the hues are easy to blend so you can build your own colors by blending them (if you have got a skilled hand).

Lancôme Maxi Eye Shadow Palettes

Lancôme Maxi Eye Shadow Palettes
Lancôme Maxi Eye Shadow Palettes

Before you buy your winter beauty boxes, welcome the two newly formulated palettes by Lancôme (one with rosy shades and another in the combo of blues and silver). The combo of all the hues is remarkable just like all other eye-shadows by Lancôme including the Jungle Pop 602 (another hot favorite of mine). I have chosen to review Lancôme Maxi as I found it different and suitable for the approaching winter weather.

Product’s Details

  • The palette contains six ultra-fine eye-shades.
  • The hues are an exceptional combination of matte finish with powdery texture.
  • A silver lid on one corner contains a base color to use freely and two vibrantly hued liners.
  • The palette comes with a brush with double ends to use for eye-shadow plus liner.


  • Warming colors, perfect for winter.
  • Perfect size. Easily adjustable in the handbag.
  • Inspired from the golden era of sixties.
  • A multi-use base under the silver lid.
  • Two brilliantly hued liners to experiment with your look from broad day light to evening parties.
  • Blending the color is made easier with an additional silver toned brush with two ends. Both for eye-shadows and liner.


  • A couple of lighter shades may seem too light on the skin. So you have to reapply them.
  • The texture is too powdery. You get your whole kit powdered after using it.
  • A few bluish shades (in the blue palette) give a greener look in photographs.

Why to opt for these Maxi Palettes?

Both Maxi palettes are highly recommended as winter is not too far. I recommend it as it has something for every girl. The girls who like a softer look in winter daytime, purple and pink palette is the best choice. For a bolder and retro look, especially for night parties, the palette with navy and silver offers the perfect balance. Which one of these two do you prefer? Think and decide before you buy.

Urban Decay Alice Through the Looking Glass Eyeshadow Palette

Urban Decay Alice Through the Looking Glass Eyeshadow Palette
Urban Decay Alice Through the Looking Glass Eyeshadow Palette

This limited edition by Urban Decay is created to pay homage to the most famous and loved characters from the movie Alice through the Looking Glass. I have chosen to review it not just because it has got some of the most vibrant and warm hues, but also for the reason that I just adore this movie.

Product Details

  • This colorful palette is elevated with kaleidoscopic artwork. Other than the floral designing, famous quotes from the movie have also been made a part of its packaging.
  • The palette has got 20 attractive shades.
  • All the shades are dramatically arranged in order of characters from left to right.
  • A wide range of colors! It has got the softer (like Alice) colors as well as bolder (like the mad hatter) colors.
  • A brush to get the best blending.


  • All the hues are created with Urban Decay’s Pigment Infusion System.
  • The texture is amazingly velvety that makes the colors easily applicable.
  • Wide colors range!
  • All the colors have long lasting staying power.
  • Brilliantly blendable.
  • The double ended brush makes it a fun to apply.
  • Perfect kit for traveling.


  • Too pricey.
  • A few shades in the palette are not pigmented, hard to blend.

Why Should You Buy it?

First of all, it has got a pretty packaging, something unique and eye catching. And girls who love to play with colors would surely adore it. There are quite a few palettes available in the market, with such a wide range of colors. The palette has got some amazingly buttery and richly pigmented shades. And that is something all the girls wish. And lastly, being a Johnny Depp fan, we all should buy one before it’s too late.

The Rock Nudes Palette by Maybelline

The Rock Nudes Palette by Maybelline
The Rock Nudes Palette by Maybelline

Most of the girls do not want to experiment with their looks and always insist on having rosy, peachy or bronzy shades for them. That is cool for having a femininely romantic look. But the girls who dare to try something new yet trendy, this next top rated eye product is for you. The rock Nudes palettes by Maybelline are the best option to have a bold and wilder look.

Product Details

  • The palette contains 12 heavy metal powdered hues.
  • Matte and shimmery colors
  • Two applicator brushes in the palette to apply and blend.


  • Perfect for having bold and smoky eyes.
  • Easy to apply with awesome blendability.
  • Quite handy and easily adjustable in the clutch.
  • Richly pigmented.
  • Containing the most complementary shades.
  • 12 hours of wear.
  • Available in a reasonable price.


  • Not suitable for every girl. These heavy metal shades require a technique for applying. And you have to be extra cautious in choosing the hues according to your skin tone.
  • Not suitable for day time.

Why I recommend it?

I recommend it as it is highly affordable as compared to the other top rated brands. At the same time, it is best for the girls whowant a bolder look. As carrying a sultry and daring look is not every girl’s cup of tea. So this palette is only for those who demand a hot and glamourous look. Make sure you can easily go with that sizzling avatar it promises!

The Blushed Nudes by Maybelline

The Blushed Nudes by Maybelline
The Blushed Nudes by Maybelline

After that palette with heavy metal colors, we have enlisted this romantically hued palette by Maybelline. Maybelline is a top rated brand with the best prices. Let’s dare to go nude by reviewing it.

Product Details

  • The palette comes with 12 soothing and nude shades.
  • Available in powdered form.
  • Two applicators to apply.
  • Enriched with rose gold pigments.
  • Lustrous shades in matte finish and some in shimmer.


  • Complementary shades of beiges, bronze, taupe and pink.
  • Eye-shadows are elevated with rose gold pigments.
  • Superb contrasting of colors to get the most versatile eye makeup. With it, you can define and highlight your eyes.
  • Created with pigments that are easily blended.
  • After applying, the shadow can last up to 12 hours.
  • Suitable for both daytime and a sensational date night.
  • Not pricey!


  • Low in pigmentation as compared to others.

Why to Buy it?

This one is an adorable collection of the most luminous colors. Well priced and also a perfect choice for everyday use. The working women should especially, try it without giving a second thought.

Yves Saint Laurent Couture Palette 5 Couleurs Afrique

Yves Saint Laurent Couture Palette 5 Couleurs 03 Afrique
Yves Saint Laurent Couture Palette 5 Couleurs 03 Afrique

This one is the most iconic of all the couture palette 5 couleurs collection. Let’s review this handy kit to know all about it.

Product Details

  • The palette comes with five elegant shades.
  • The hues are smooth and creamy in touch.
  • Bronze and rose gold shades.
  • Two lighter shades are there to blend well and highlight the eyes.
  • Packed with applicator.


  • Easy to blend out.
  • Color glides easily on the lids.
  • Natural looking.
  • All shades are highly pigmented.
  • No fall out.
  • Luminously shimmery shadows that do not highlight the fine lines.
  • All the colors are complementing each other.
  • Two lighter shades to be used for highlighting the brow bone or the inner corner of the eyes.
  • A small and handy kit to experiment with different looks.


  • know that these shades last up to 5 to 6 hours’ maximum (quite less as compared to many others products by other brands).
  • The brush given with the palette is not up to the mark.
  • Too pricey.

What makes it a better choice?

This is one of the best palettes for getting a soft and blended look. The combo is good especially for spring and summer. Girls who want to have such combo can give it a try. You would not be disappointed.

Urban Decay Naked Smokey Eye Shadow Palette

Urban Decay Naked Smokey Eye Shadow Palette
Urban Decay Naked Smokey Eye Shadow Palette

Talking of the best eye shadows, the list will always be incomplete without the palettes by Urban Decay. This one is especially created to give you sensationally smokey eyes. If that what you are looking for, let’s continue with our review.

Product Details

  • The palette comes with 12 bold matte and shimmery colors.
  • A good quality double ended brush to apply and blend.
  • Strong plastic magnetic case.


  • All the shades promise a perfect pigmentation.
  • Colors blend seamlessly.
  • Rich and long lasting shades that promise hours of wear.
  • Flattering packaging.
  • Complementary shades elevated with shimmer.
  • This palette comes with more satin and matter finish as compared to the previous ones.
  • Superb quality brush for application.


  • You may experience a bit of fall out.

Why it’s a Better option?

If the typical smokey eye makeup is what you are wishing for, this one is the right choice. The highly pigmented shades with soft and satin finish stay on your eyes for a whole long day (or night).

Naked2 Basics Eyeshadow Makeup Palette

Naked2 Basics Eyeshadow Makeup Palette
Naked2 Basics Eyeshadow Makeup Palette

Each eyewear product by naked always promises the most elegant and classy color combinations! And this one is one of the best for sure.

Product Details

  • The palette comes in six TAUPE-hued matte neutrals.
  • Five out of six are the newest hues by Naked.
  • Featuring Pigment Infusion SystemTM


  • Best for everyday use.
  • Suitable for all skin tones, from light to the darker ones.
  • Highly pigmented colors make it easy to glide.
  • All the colors blend smoothly.
  • Soft and velvety in texture, so no fall out.
  • Long-wearing
  • Small and handy in size that easily adjusts in the purse.


  • Small in size but too much in price.
  • Does not have any brush or applicator, like the other palettes by NAKED.

What’s Special about it?

Before you buy it, let me be clear why I recommend and prefer this one. What I love the most is the velvety texture that glides on the lids so smoothly. There is no falling out issue. Most of us go to studies or are working women, the colors in this palette are the most suitable for using on daily basis. Lastly, whatever skin tone you’ve got, from cool, olive to darker tones, this single palette suits all of them.






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