Why a Good Layout is Important – Interior Design

Why a Good Layout is Important – Interior Design

Why a Good Layout is Important – A Beginner’s Guide to Interior Design

Each room/space functions differently and involves different activities. Here we look at the basics of room layout focusing on the function of the room and the activities that take place there in order to meet the needs of the homeowner and other occupants. We have divided this article into 4 sections:

  • Kitchen
  • Living Room
  • Dining Room
  • Bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • Home Office

Guide to Interior Design – The Kitchen

The kitchenThe kitchen is one of the most used rooms in a house and is often used as an entertainment center as well. Designing a well-laid out kitchen, that can serve multi-purposes, takes some thought and careful planning.

You start with the work triangle. The kitchen work triangle is one of the most researched and applied ergonomic principles around and is the centerpiece of most kitchen layouts. The three points in the triangle are the refrigerator, the sink, and the oven.

The idea of the kitchen work triangle to position these three work points the most efficient distance apart with minimal traffic through the work zone between them.

If you place them too far apart, you waste many steps while preparing food; if they are too close you create cramped kitchen work-space. Study the layout of your kitchen, including outlets, water supplies, etc., then start designing your kitchen. Www.Smartdraw.com, as well as other sites, offers free software that can help you with design and furniture/fixture placement. Do not forget to take into account islands, counter-tops, and work-space, as well as cabinet location.

Guide to Interior Design – Living Room Layout

Living Room LayoutThe living room is a high-traffic area and requires it be laid out to accommodate the persons living there. Deciding such things as if the television is your focal point or the fireplace will make all the difference in where they are located. The layout is very personal and should be inviting and cozy. It should be a haven for relaxation as well as entertainment. If you have a feeling that you won’t be able to do this all on your own, it may be within your best interest to get help from professionals such as interior designers Melbourne (if you live in this area of Australia), as they’ll be able to give you some assistance in creating the home of your dreams. You can find interior designers no matter where you live. To maintain this whatever you and your interior designer create together, keeping your living room clean is important. My friend told me that they took advantage of professional carpet cleaning Santa Margarita services to keep their carpets like new in their beautiful living room.

Other suggested focal points are…

  • a window with interesting/scenic views
  • a sound system for music lovers
  • large doorways into other interesting spaces/outdoor spaces
  • a piece of art like a painting or sculpture
  • a coffee table to sit around and chat

You may also want to consider creating activity-specific ‘mini spaces’ within the living room/space. These may be things like…

  • a group of chairs around a coffee table to create a discussion space
  • two armchairs either side of a fireplace for a couple to relax and chat
  • a single armchair beside a lamp where one could relax and read a book
  • a sofa in front of the TV where a group can sit and watch a movie
  • a collection of bean bags on a large floor rug where kids could play

Guide to Interior Design – Dining Room Layout

A Beginner’s Guide to Interior DesignFormal dining rooms are no longer only used for Thanksgiving and Christmas. More and more people are throwing dinner parties for friends and family – the open-room concept has become a very popular trend, allowing a good flow between the kitchen, dining room, and living room.

Done correctly, the open area concept lends itself to easy socializing. One must take the time to study how to create the illusion of divided spaces without walls.

In an open plan kitchen-dining or living-dining space, keep the following in mind:

  • Areas can be created using such things as carpet and furniture.
  • Be sure you have adequate ventilation to keep cooling smells from drifting throughout the house
  • You can minimize noise using floor coverings
  • Partitioning also helps create separate areas
  • Maximize the use of space for storage
  • Create pathways by positioning furniture in such a way as to creates obvious paths from one space to the other

Whatever shape table you do choose, be sure to check that there is enough space to pull out the chairs and to move around it comfortably. If space is very limited, consider a corner table or a small table that fits into a bay window or other recess.

Guide to Interior Design – Bedroom Layout

Bedroom LayoutThe bedroom is your personal sanctuary and should be inviting and cozy as well. When planning your bedroom, start with the bed and add in the other pieces, such as bedside tables, floor lamps, mirrors, shelving, desk & chair, occasional chair and any other pieces you have.

If you do not have built-in or walk-in closets, then you will have to plan for wardrobes and storage units. Be sure that you have plenty of room to open all the drawers and doors.

Bathroom Layout

Bathroom LayoutThe current trend with bathrooms has been toward larger, more luxurious bathrooms where we can relax, pamper, and feel revitalized. This is why people have been going to pages like shower faucets – Anzzi to find the highest quality products in their bathrooms. The first part of creating a distinctive bathroom is to find a focal point for your bathroom as you would with a living room. Freestanding tubs from antique claw foot tubs to new bathtubs in sculptural shapes provide great focal points as do large ornate mirrors over the sink.

If you have space, define different zones in your layout. You can create defined areas for bathing, dressing, grooming, or lounging. To take off the cold edge that the ceramic tiles, fixtures, and fittings can create, furnish your bathroom for relaxation by dressing the windows and filling the bathroom with candles and unique trinkets.

Home Office Layout

Home Office LayoutWhether you need a full-time office to run your business or an efficient corner to pay bills, answer emails and layout the family schedules, the Home Office design will help you boost your creativity and productivity. A dedicated space makes life so much easier.

If you are working from home consider converting a loft, garage, or basement room but; on a smaller scale, you might give up a spare bedroom, or create some space within the bedroom, hall, or landing.

Locating the office in a dedicated room, such as a spare bedroom or attic; gives you the luxury of privacy and being able to shut the door on your work. A good tip is to position the desk so that direct sunlight does not fall on to the computer screen; as that will be an immediate annoyance. Space-saving solutions such as corner and hideaway desks make it perfectly possible to do your job in a far smaller space. Whatever your budget, the one thing you should not skimp on is a good office chair; as you will likely be spending a great deal of time at your desk.

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