Things To Know About Adding Color to Boring Kitchen

10 Things You May Not Know About Adding Color to Boring Kitchen

If you go through the rooms in your home and consider which one you spend the most time in, undoubtedly it would be your kitchen. So it comes as no surprise to find that anyone looking to improve their kitchen may want to find a special room add-on (extensions) that can help meet your new requirements. While your bedroom could be considered, most of the time you are sleeping and therefore you can’t take full advantage of its rich ambiance for hours at a time. Your kitchen, on the other hand, is a space that inspires you to create delicious meals for you and your family and should evoke colorful inspiration.

You spent a long time picking out the best appliances for your kitchen by looking at reviews like this Armchair Empire one on kitchen faucets. So why shouldn’t the color scheme have the same amount of time be put into it? You shouldn’t settle for a boring color that doesn’t show off your kitchen. But how do you go about choosing colors for your kitchen and which ones will help create a welcoming aesthetic for your guests? Here are 10 things you may not know about adding color to your boring kitchen.

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1. Choosing kitchen colors should be an extension of you

Whether you are a seasoned chef or just a novice who wants to improve your culinary skills, there is something inspiring about your kitchen. Not only do you cook and prepare food there but for many homes, it’s the hub of family conversation, holiday get-togethers, and entertaining guests. What colors excite you? Do you love bright pops of orange, red, and yellow? Do you prefer a traditional styling of natural wood grains and neutrals colors instead? Let your personality guide your selections.

Adding Color - Choosing kitchen colors should be an extension of you

Choose colors in your kitchen that represent your personal style

2. Adding color to your kitchen doesn’t have to be permanent

For many homeowners, the reality of choosing colors for their kitchen becomes daunting when they think of having to live with the color palette for years into the future. While you certainly want to love the colors you choose remember there are always options to paint, change flooring, countertop, and cabinetry hues over the years. Therefore go for what inspires you now and worry about new trends in kitchen color and designs in the future, you can always hire a company specializing in Kitchen Remodeling Kansas City when you decide the colors chosen aren’t your style anymore!

3. You don’t have to match your kitchen with the rest of your home

Depending on your floor plan layout, your kitchen colors don’t have to carry the same color scheme as the rest of your home. With that said there should still be continuity in the main theme of colors that run through your home. If you have a southwestern home that is inspired by desert hues of muted colors, it would be wise to keep this theme in your kitchen. Create a mood in your kitchen that is welcoming and not shocking with color when entering and exiting the space.

Adding Color - You don’t have to match your kitchen with the rest of your home

Kitchen color cabinets don’t have to be all the same colors & styles

4. Colored cabinets can be mixed and matched in your kitchen

The days of having all your kitchen cabinets be the exact same color, style, door front, etc… are gone! In today’s modern kitchens you will see an eclectic mix of using 1-3 different color cabinetry in the kitchen. This is most effective with blocks of cabinets, an island worktop from Topsco, and then a wall of cabinets that differ in color. Seek the advice of a kitchen design professional for help in choosing colors and cabinetry styles that work well together. Also, think about what color you want your kitchen splashbacks to be; cheap glass splashbacks for kitchens are available from Willoughby Glass.

5. The right kitchen color will be enhanced by the right lighting

While you are excited about the rich cobalt blue cabinet color you just chose for your kitchen if the lighting doesn’t cast a gorgeous glow, your kitchen will feel like a dark dungeon. One of the most important factors of choosing great colors is to find multiple sources of lighting to enhance the kitchen – not just for aesthetics but also for ambiance variety and safety of cooking. Consider choosing recessed ambient lights, pendant lighting, and under-cabinet lighting for countertop luminance as well.

Adding Color - The right kitchen color will be enhanced by the right lighting

Use rich and reflective colors in flooring when using neutral colors

6. A neutral color palette doesn’t have to be boring

There is often a misconception that neutral colors such as tans, browns, grays, and off-white colors in the kitchen can appear sterile, safe, and unwelcoming. On the contrary – neutral colors paired up with rich wood floors, metallic kitchen backsplashes, and eye-catching lighting fixtures can change your mind. Similarly, an all-white kitchen design can have the same appeal when paired with rich finishes.

Adding Color - A neutral color palette doesn’t have to be boring

Neutral colors don’t have to be boring

7. Natural wood colors can create drama too

When choosing colors for your drab kitchen, remember color doesn’t have to be a paint color chosen from your local paint store. Natural wood and wood stains can offer gorgeous color variations in your kitchen and tend to be timeless in their appeal. From natural wood flooring, butcher block countertops to a variety of wood stains – try looking into natural wood stains as a way to bring organic color into your kitchen.

Adding Color - Natural wood colors can create drama too

Natural wood stain colors have a timeless appeal

8. You can Add Color to your Boring Kitchen subtly with kitchen accent tile

While you may love the color; it doesn’t mean your entire kitchen has to be transformed from floor to ceiling with it. The subtle accent color in the form of backsplashes, tile surrounds at your wall ovens; or even flooring can bring in just enough color to create a statement. Look to eye-catching colors in greens, blues, reds, and yellow glass tile; for reflectance or use metallic tile for an eye-catching pop to your kitchen.

You can add color subtly with kitchen accent tile

Colorful accent tiles, chairs, and kitchen counter decor can add whimsical color

9. Add whimsical colors to your boring kitchen

If you have an eclectic personality then adding color with primary colors could be the answer to your kitchen drabness. Bar stools, tiles, textiles, and kitchen counter decor; can be great ways to add pops of color in a fun and whimsical ways. After all, if you can’t have fun in the kitchen – what’s the sense of cooking?!

10. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box

We all get caught up in what designer kitchen has this rule; what interior design magazine shows this trend; but it’s perfectly fine to go outside of the box. If your growing family loves to write on the walls; why not use colorful chalkboard paint on your refrigerator front door; or on an adjacent wall in a cool and decorative way? When using color in your kitchen it’s all up to you to bring inspiration; creativity to the most beloved room in the house!


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