Amazon Prime Day 2018 – Don’t Miss This Huge Day For Deals!

Amazon Prime Day 2018 – Don’t Miss This Huge Day For Deals!

One thing is certain; the number of people shopping online has significantly increased in the last few years. In fact, statistics show that in the United States, Amazon is the most preferred online shopping in the USA. Knowing its position in the hearts of many Americans, Amazon decided to solidify their place permanently. They did this by introducing the Amazon Prime Day.

I’m quite certain that the Amazon Prime Day is the biggest thing in the shopping world after Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Honestly, deals available on Prime day are nothing short of jaw-dropping.

Thousands of Deals In Prime Day

On Prime Day, Amazon offers thousands of deals to its Amazon Prime members. The deals come in different ways. Some of them are available as all day deals. Then, there are the fantastic deals otherwise called “Lightning Deals”. Lightning deals pop up every now and then and you need to be alert to grab them.

How it began

As we mentioned earlier, Amazon had to do something to cement their position as the number one online shopping center for Americans.

2016 heralded the birth of the Amazon Prime Day which had been held on the 12th of July. The event lasted for only 24 hours but it opened the eyes of many to a lot of possibilities and filled the hearts of others with so much joy and happiness.

Fast forward to the 10th of July 2017, Amazon Prime Day 2017 held for 24 hours. Shoppers had a field day placing the necessary orders. Having mentioned these said dates, I’m darn certain you’re itching to know the date for Amazon Prime Day 2018.

When is Amazon Prime Day 2018?

The date for Amazon Prime Day 2018 is July 16, 2018. Unlike the previous two editions that lasted for just 24 hours, Amazon Prime Day 2018 will last for 36 hours. It will commence at 3 pm ET on July 16and end at 3 am on July 18.

For Prime Day 2018, other countries like Australia will participate in the event.

But that’s not all…Something unique is going down on Prime Day 2018.

In addition to getting the best deals, Amazon is offering users a chance to win several tantalizing prizes which are up for grabs. They include

  1. Up to $50,000 in cash.
  2. A brand new 2019 Lexus ES with Alexa
  3. A smart-home makeover
  4. A trip for two to Seattle.


How do you enter to win?

To enter, you should own an Alexa. You must ask Alexa any of the following questions to get an entry.

  1. Alexa, what’s the news?
  2. Alexa, what are your deals?
  3. Alexa, what is Prime Day?
  4. Alexa, where’s my stuff?
  5. Alexa, how can I create my own skill?
  6. Alexa, what’s the question of the day?
  7. Alexa, tell me about Prime.
  8. Alexa, tell me a life hack.
  9. Alexa, play music.


Who gets to enjoy the goodies on Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day isn’t for everyone. In lieu, it’s for only the few who take the bull by the horns. It’s available on a yearly subscription basis for just $100. Simply put, only Amazon Prime members/subscribers get to shop all the great deals on Amazon Prime Day.

However, free trial members, as well as guests invited as part of an Amazon Household member and Amazon Prime Student subscribers, have a free pass.

Not yet a subscriber for Amazon Prime Day? Only the heavens know what you’re waiting for.

Enough said about Prime Day 2018. The deals are what make the day special. In the lines below, we’ll share with you some of the necessary things that you need to do to get the best deals. Additionally, we’ll list some of the early Prime Day Deals for you.

How Can You Find Deals?

Finding the best deals of the day is very easy. Just download the Amazon app to your device, sign in, and Amazon will send you notifications of deals. Then you can quickly add the deals to cart and purchase as soon as possible before the deals are snapped by millions of people who are doing the same thing.

Alternatively, you can simply visit the Amazon Prime page on your PC and check out the best deals.

Deal #1

The first deal is the Amazon Echo Show which saw a $100 price slashes. It now retails for $129.99 instead of $229.99.

Deal #2

Save money on new products that are set to be launched with Prime Day Launches.

Deal #3

Save 25% off décor and furniture when you get it from Rivet and Stone & Beam.

Deal #4

Save 20% when you purchase Amazon Basic items in the home, kitchen, and travel categories.

Deal #5

Save 30% when you purchase Everyday Essentials from Presto and Solimo.

Deal #6

  1. First-timers on Amazon Music Unlimited get 4 months subscription for only $0.99.
  2. First-timers on Kindle Unlimited get 3 months free subscription to unlimited reading for $0.99.

Deal #7

Save 50% when you use Prime Video.

Deal #8

We expect all Amazon-branded products including the Amazon Kindle, Amazon Fire, Amazon Echo, Echo Dot etc. to be discounted just as the Echo show has been discounted. Add these devices to your watchlist and Amazon will notify you via the Mobile App push notification.


Benefits of Being an Amazon Prime Member

The following are some of the benefits we’ve enjoyed from our Amazon Prime membership. You’ll love these benefits, certainly.

  1. Free two-day shipping on most items except on
    1. Items that are fulfilled by sellers on Amazon Marketplace.
    2. Gift cards that are personalized.
    3. Items which are shipped to international addresses and some addresses in US territories.
  2. Get restaurant food delivered in 1 hour if you live in select cities across the United States. Your minimum order must be $20.
  3. Get unlimited storage for your photos on Prime Photos. Additionally, Amazon gives you 5GB extra for other files and videos.
  4. Enjoy music on Amazon Music Unlimited for $7.99/mo. Amazon Music Unlimited is Amazon’s music streaming service.
  5. Get Prime Now 1 hour delivery on certain food and products you purchase from Whole Foods. It’s available in certain cities.
  6. Watch your favorite videos on Prime Video as Amazon provides you quality videos like you’ll find on Netflix.
  7. Unlimited early access to deals on Amazon Prime day.

Amazon Prime Day 2018 is certainly going to be the biggest in the history of Prime Day. As shoppers get ready to grab their favorite items on Amazon, you too should.

Make Sure To Sign Up For Prime

To take advantage of Prime Day, you’ll need a Prime membership. In fact, you won’t even be able to see the actual deal prices on Amazon’s site without a membership.


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