Benefits of Turmeric for the Natural Beauty Obsessed – Beauty

Benefits of Turmeric for the Natural Beauty Obsessed – Beauty

Benefits of Turmeric for the Natural Beauty Obsessed

It’s used while bathing the bride and the groom before their weddings. When mixed with a little yogurt or besan, it can propel you to Angelina Jolie-esque beauty.

It is by far one of the most easily available Indian spices that provide multiple beauty benefits. Yes, we are talking about the quintessential turmeric. Benefits of Turmeric for the Natural Beauty

It’s a spice that is crucial to Indian beauty and makes for a great ingredient in Ayurveda. There are lots of turmeric supplements that let you can take to reap the benefits of them. If you’re not sure where to go then there is a 15% discount on Future You supplements that you might be interested in using.

Benefits of Turmeric for the Natural Beauty

We give you 6 beauty benefits this wonder spice comes with. Just buy a jar and let it do the job.

  1. It’s great for cuts and burns:So you’ve had a bad cut and it’s right on the face. All you need to do is apply a bit of turmeric to the wounded spot and bingo, job done!


  1. It’s good to combat acne:With its antiseptic and anti-bacterial benefits, it’s no surprise that turmeric can reduce and combat acne. Make a turmeric and sandalwood paste and apply it for acne. Turmeric can also be used by itself – with a little water to take care of acne scars.


  1. It has anti-ageing properties:Mix a bit of turmeric into besan and milk and apply it evenly. Wash off in 15 minutes. Turmeric comes with anti-ageing properties – it keeps the skin fresh and removes ageing signs.


  1. It is a great exfoliator: Turmeric, as we know, takes care of dirt embedded in the skin. Use a bit of besan and yogurt and apply on skin and exfoliate your skin with it. It can make your skin glow in minutes. Especially if you have an important party or event to go to.

Benefits of Turmeric for the Natural Beauty

  1. It helps with facial hair:Turmeric can combat facial hair over a few months. So if you regularly use it on your face, it can reduce hair growth and lighten facial hair. Who needs a pumice stone?


  1. It removes pigmentation:Turmeric also plays a big role in lightening up the skin and providing help in removing pigmentation and tan. It also helps even out skin tone.


  1. Takes care of stretch marks:We already talked about how turmeric has the ability to lighten marks. And that’s why this active agent also helps fade out stretch marks. Simply add rose water to turmeric to get the job done.


  1. Gives you a good pedicure: Cracked heels, dry feet and sensitive skin – all of them benefit from turmeric. All you need to do is add coconut oil and rub them on your heels well. Your feet will be soft and looked after in minutes.


  1. It works on both dry and oily skin: Not many beauty products can boast of that but turmeric can take care both oily and dry skin. Mix sandalwood paste, turmeric and orange juice to make a DIY mask to combat oily skin and help oil control. Mix egg white, olive oil, rose water and turmeric to take care of dry skin.


  1. It can be used as a night cream:Mix it with yogurt or milk and make a healthy mask before going to bed and by morning, your skin will glow. Do it once a week and you’re set.


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