Benefits Of Yogurt For Skin And Hair

Amazing Beauty Benefits Of Yogurt For Skin And Hair

Yogurt is touted as a remedy for each conceivable stomach affliction. It is additionally a fundamental piece of the cooking styles in several parts of the world. Be that as it may, have you at any point pondered what more it can accomplish for you? Yogurt has various advantages to offer, and not only for your health. To find out about how it can better your skin and hair, read on about Benefits Of Yogurt.

Skin Benefits Of Yogurt


Skin Benefits Of Yogurt - women with yogurt face mask


1. Moisturizes Skin

In the event that your skin needs an increase in moisture, you can have a go at using a yogurt face mask to rejuvenate your skin.


What You Need

  • 4 tablespoons yogurt
  • 1 tablespoon cocoa
  • And 1 teaspoon honey


What You Have To Do

  1. Add every one of the ingredients to a bowl, and blend till the consistency is pretty much even.
  2. Apply the mask to your face and neck, and keep it on for 30 minutes.
  3. Rinse with cold water and pat your skin dry.


Why This Works

At the point when yogurt is applied topically, it expands the moisture substance of the treated area. This makes the skin more elastic and improves brightness.



Homemade yogurt can do wonders for your skin. The lactic acid present in it is a natural cleanser, exfoliating agent, as well as moisturizer. Set up a smooth face pack by blending in 2 tsp yogurt, ¼ tsp turmeric powder, and ½ tsp gram flour. Cleanse your face, apply this pack and wash the following 15 minutes with tap water. This face pack naturally cleanses the skin and tightens it with the goal that it looks youthful and fresh.

2. Reduces Wrinkles And Fine Lines

As time goes on, your skin starts to show signs of aging. Using a yogurt scrub on a weekly basis will combat the wrinkles and fine lines.

What You Need

  • 2 tablespoons yogurt
  • 1 tablespoon oats

What You Have To Do

  1. Add the oats to the yogurt, and wait for it to get mushy. Stir to get an even consistency.
  2. Apply it all over your face and neck, and massage using gentle, circular motions.
  3. Keep the scrub on for 15 minutes, and then rinse with cold water.

Why This Works

Yogurt has lactic acid, which functions admirably as an exfoliator. It removes the highest layer of dead cells, revealing brighter and more youthful skin.


3. Fights Acne

It is considered to be an effective home remedy for fighting acne. Using plain yogurt on a regular basis can help you get rid of pimples.

What You Need

  • 1 tablespoon yogurt
  • cotton balls

What You Have To Do

  1. Dip the cotton balls in the yogurt and apply it to the affected areas. Once you use a cotton ball on acne, dispose of it. Don’t use it for application over another area. This may cause your acne to spread.
  2. Keep it overnight and wash your face with cold water in the morning.


Why This Works

The high amounts of zinc and lactic acid present in it make it a potent cure for acne.

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4. Fades Blemishes And Pigmentation

Acne and pimples can leave behind scars that take a long time to fade. Using a combination of yogurt and lemon juice can help to get rid of them faster.

What You Need

  • 1 tablespoon yogurt
  • ½ teaspoon lemon juice

What You Have To Do

  1. Combine the yogurt and the lemon juice in a bowl.
  2. Apply the mixture to the affected areas. Avoid getting it in your eyes, for it might sting.
  3. Keep it on for 15 minutes and rinse with cold water.

Why This Works

Because of its lactic acid content, yogurt helps fade blemishes and corrects uneven pigmentation. Lactic acid removes the highest layer of skin, which promotes the growth of new skin cells. This effectively reduces the appearance of pigmentation.

5. Reduces Dark Circles

A sleepless night and good old genetics are the reasons behind dark circles. Using yogurt can help reduce them.

What You Need

  • 1 teaspoon yogurt
  • cotton balls

What You Have To Do

  1. Dip the cotton balls in the yogurt.
  2. Gently dab it under your eyes.
  3. Keep it on for 10 minutes and rinse.

Why This Works

Yogurt helps reduce dark circles because it has anti-inflammatory properties, which reduces puffiness. The lactic acid in it also reduces persistent dark circles.

6. Treats Skin Infections

Skin infections such as ringworm or athletes’ foot plague a number of people. If you are looking for an all-natural remedy, then you can give yogurt a try.

What You Need

  • 1 teaspoon yogurt
  • gauze

What You Have To Do

  1. Apply the yogurt over the infected area and warp it with the gauze.
  2. Repeat this procedure twice a day until the infection goes away.

Why This Works

Yogurt has probiotics that help get rid of skin infections caused by pathogens such as yeast.

7. Soothes Sunburns

Sunburns are brought about by the UV rays of the sun. It harms the skin, bringing about redness and at times, rankles. Using it topically can help mend the sunburned areas.


Why This Works

Applying yogurt to sunburned areas cools it down. This is because it is rich in zinc and has anti-inflammatory properties.

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Hair Benefits Of Yogurt

Hair Benefits Of Yogurt

8. Conditions Hair

If you are tired of the chemicals found in store-bought conditioners and are looking for a natural alternative, yogurt can help condition your hair and make it more manageable.

What You Need

  • 4 tablespoons yogurt
  • 2 tablespoons aloe vera gel
  • And 2 tablespoons coconut oil

What You Have To Do

  1. Combine all the ingredients in a bowl.
  2. Apply the hair pack to your strands, and let it stay for an hour.
  3. Rinse thoroughly using a mild shampoo.

Why This Works

Because yogurt has moisturizing properties, it helps repair dry and damaged hair. It leaves your hair conditioned and makes it more manageable.

9. Reduces Hair Fall

Hair fall occurs for various reasons. One of which is the hair follicles not getting appropriate sustenance. Using yogurt, which is brimming with nutrients that are useful for your hair, can help stop hair fall.


What You Need

  • ½ cup yogurt
  • 3 tablespoons ground fenugreek seeds

What You Have To Do

  1. Combine the yogurt and the fenugreek seeds together.
  2. Using a brush, apply it to your strands.
  3. Keep for an hour, and then rinse with a mild shampoo.

Why This Works

Due to the presence of vitamin B5 and D, yogurt helps nourish the hair follicles. This helps to prevent hair loss.

10. Treats Dandruff

Dandruff is a common problem, but it can be avoided with the topical use of yogurt.

  • What You Need
  • ½ cup yogurt

What You Have To Do

  1. Massage the yogurt into your scalp.
  2. Let it rest for 20 minutes, and rinse with a mild shampoo

Why This Works

One of the main causes of dandruff is a fungus. A fungal infection can make the scalp produce flaky skin. Yogurt, which is a natural anti-fungal, helps removes all signs of dandruff.

Different Ways Yogurt Can Be Used In Your Beauty Regimen

1. Yogurt makes a brilliant moisturizer for dry hands.

2. Using yogurt on your nails can make them look increasingly polished.

3. Cracked heels can profit by a yogurt massage.

4. Massaging your teeth with yogurt can help whiten them.

5. You can add yogurt to any hair/face pack to exploit its advantages.

Tips For Cooking/Usage

It isn’t only an important component of your meal however is similarly useful for your health. Milk yogurt has a few medical advantages that will enable you to carry on with a more advantageous life in the event that you make it a piece of your everyday diet! The beneficial thing about this is you don’t need to spend a mess of cash getting it. Indeed, it is effectively accessible in stores at moderate costs. Notwithstanding, you could at present save money on that cash and get it ready at home. Trust me, it is anything but difficult to get ready and doesn’t require a lot of effort!


  • The ingredients required to prepare milk yogurt are enlisted below:
  • One cup of milk
  • One tablespoon of sugar for the bacteria to feed upon
  • A pinch of salt
  • A few tablespoons of yogurt.

Method Of Preparation

Here are the steps you need to follow to make fresh and edible milk yogurt at home.

  1. You will start your preparation by heating the milk. Get hold of two extensive pots and fit one inside the other. This will enable you to make a twofold heater, which really keeps the milk from getting singed. Make sure to mix two or multiple times. Don’t hesitate to utilize any sort of milk you lean toward.
  2. Once the milk has been heated, you should cool it off to 43 degrees Celsius. This will help in bringing down the temperature. On the off chance that you are using the fridge to cool it off, it would be ideal if you make sure to mix it a couple of times once more.
  3. Next, you should warm the starter. When we use the term starter, we are fundamentally talking about the bacteria which are required to set up the milk.
  4. After that, you should include a large portion of some nonfat dry milk that will help in expanding the normal substance of the yogurt. This will make the yogurt thick.
  5. Now, add the starter to the milk. You could include the yogurt that is as of now there or the bacteria that has been dried.
  6. It’s an ideal opportunity to empty all the milk into a compartment. You should cover it well with a saran wrap.

Continue Method Of Preparation

  1. Now, you should keep the bacteria warm with the goal that it incubates. The temperature must be near 100 degrees F. The more you will empower the development of microbes, the better the flavor and taste of the bacteria will be.
  2. Take the thermometer to ensure that the temperature is the equivalent all through. Next, you need to put it under the sun. A fine spot would be your window ledge where the rays of the sun will almost certainly achieve the yogurt.
  3. Now, you should use the yogurt producer. Spot the compartments of milk that have been cooled alongside the starter inside the yogurt creator. Ensure that there is sufficient space between every one of them.
  4. Now, supply a decent plastic over in the warmth. This will help in keeping up the temperature inside the compartments and energize development in the bacteria.
  5. Check and see whether the yogurt has turned out to be firm. When you see a consistency all through the yogurt; you can without much of a stretch evacuate every one of the compartments.
  6. Now, wiggle the compartments tenderly. In the event that the yogurt has been prepared, it won’t demonstrate any movement. After this, you need to put the holders in the refrigerator. Sit tight for 12 hours before you can use it.


Amazing Beauty Benefits Of Yogurt For Skin and Hair

And your homemade yogurt is ready! Savor it as it is or mix it with rice for some mouth-watering ‘curd-rice’ – the choice is yours!

Yogurt can basically make all of your skin and hair problems go away.