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11 Best Gucci Bags Worth the Investment

11 Gucci Bags That Bring a Little Slice of Italy to Every Outfit

Timeless. Classic. Iconic. These are immediate words that come to mind when referencing the long history of Gucci’s handbags. From the signature logo to beloved styles like the Jackie 1961 Bag, there has been a constant revival of the brand’s popular styles over the last several years. Most recently, in celebration of Gucci’s 100th Anniversary this year, Gucci introduced the Gucci Beloved campaign, which is a reference to the House’s past and the way it defines it’s now. Each Gucci Beloved piece includes Jackie 1961, Horsebit 1955, Dionysus, and GG Marmont; designed by Alessandro Michele with a contemporary approach to archival elements. These motifs and styles, so inherent and distinctly Gucci, become renewed in pieces that are created to be worn again and again, transcending seasons and trends. 

Gucci bags exude elegance and sophistication as beloved fashion pieces while also being incredibly versatile. Whether you are styling an everyday look, stepping out to a party, or attending an important work meeting, a Gucci bag will instantly level up your outfit and confidence. Ahead, we’re sharing the 11 best editor-approved Gucci bags to invest in now—and have forever.

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1-Jackie 1961 Small Shoulder Bag

The Jackie bag was reintroduced for Fall Winter 2020, presenting a new take on a historical Gucci bag. The iconic shape is enhanced with a detachable shoulder strap, allowing the bag to be worn as a top handle, shoulder bag, or crossbody for a more contemporary feel. 

 Jackie 1961 Small Shoulder

Jackie 1961 Small Shoulder Bag


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2-GG Marmont Quilted Leather Shoulder Bag

For a more everyday feel, Gucci’s ‘GG Marmont’ bag is perfectly sized to hold all of your essentials comfortably while still being super chic. Made in Italy from quilted black leather and embellished with the instantly recognizable ‘GG’ metal logo, you simply cannot go wrong with this timeless style.

GG Marmont Quilted Leather Shoulder

Gg Marmont Quilted Leather Shoulder Bag




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3-1955 Horsebit-Detailed Leather-Trimmed Printed Coated-Canvas Shoulder Bag

The 1955 style was reimagined a few seasons ago and has already caught the eye of celebrities like Sienna Miller and Adwoa Aboah. Designed with the House’s signature monogrammed coated canvas in the iconic saddle silhouette’ this shoulder bag fuses vintage Gucci with a fresh, modern perspective. 

 1955 Horsebit-Detailed Leather-Trimmed Printed Coated-Canvas Shoulder

1955 Horsebit-Detailed Leather-Trimmed Printed Coated-Canvas Shoulder Bag


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4-Dionysus Small Shoulder Bag

As a part of the aforementioned Beloved line, the Dionysus bag is designed in a vibrant color palette that resembles precious gems—and we’re calling it now: this sapphire-toned blue leather is going to be the ‘it’ color of the season.

 Dionysus Small Shoulder

Dionysus Small Shoulder Bag


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5-1955 Horsebit Textured Tote Bag

Perfect for the summer holiday and travels ahead, this Gucci 1955 Horsebit Textured Tote will complete any of your beach outfits this season. Complemented with the band’s signature Horsebit detail in Gucci’s red color; this tote will make a statement on the beach and flawlessly carry all of your beach essentials.

1955 Horsebit Textured Tote

1955 Horsebit Textured Tote Bag


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6- Ophidia Chain Strap Cross Body Bag

Introducing the latest version of Gucci’s Ophidia bag; Designed with a long chain crossbody strap, the signature green and red web band, and double G logo; this bag possesses all of the Italian brand’s signature details.

 Ophidia Chain Strap Cross Body

Ophidia Chain Strap Cross Body Bag



7-Padlock GG Supreme Shoulder Bag

Though this bag has a sliding chain strap that can be worn multiple ways, opt to wear this as a top-handle style for a more sophisticated feel. The favorite part about this bag? Its neutral colorway goes with practically any ensemble, elevating your look.

 Padlock GG Supreme Shoulder Bag

Padlock Gg Supreme Shoulder Bag


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8-Horsebit 1955 Mini Bag

This petite version of the Gucci Horsebit 1955 is a part of the vintage-inspired line. It features the renowned green and red guitar strap as an interchangeable option, adding a bit of extra Gucci flair to the monochromatic beige leather look. Pair this bag with your go-to high-waisted denim and T-shirt for an effortlessly chic outfit.

 Gucci Horsebit 1955 Mini Bag

Horsebit 1955 Mini Bag


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9-GG Marmont Belt Bag

Belt bags have been having a major moment over the last few seasons, and we do not see that slowing down anytime soon. Helming the trend is Gucci’s Marmont belt bag, with its Italian-made herringbone quilted leather and sleek oval shape. Whether you are headed to the gym or a night out with friends, the bag will see you through in style. 

 Gucci GG Marmont Belt Bag

GG Marmont Belt Bag



10-1955 Horsebit Drawstring Leather Bucket Bag

An ode to the label’s signature equestrian-inspired style, Gucci’s black, and ivory 1955 Horsebit bucket bag instantly became a house signature. The beauty of Gucci handbags is their ability to marry the past with the present through modern silhouettes paired with vintage detailing, seen on this bag. Style it with your favorite cotton dress for the ultimate Amalfi Coast-inspired summer look.

 Gucci 1955 Horsebit Drawstring Leather Bucket Bag

1955 Horsebit Drawstring Leather Bucket Bag




11- Gucci Sylvie 1969 Small Patent-Leather Shoulder Bag

For those craving a pop of color this season, Gucci’s Sylvie 1969 bag in emerald green patent leather is the bag for you. The small shape is a scaled-down version of the House’s original 1969 model, yet it still maintains the beloved structured boxy silhouette for a preppy twist.

 Gucci Sylvie 1969 Small Patent-Leather Shoulder Bag

Sylvie 1969 Small Patent-Leather Shoulder Bag


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How to Spot Replica Gucci Handbags

Gucci Brand is one of the industry’s leading brands, renowned for its quality and world-class craftsmanship. Their attention to detail is extremely meticulous, and their choice of materials is highly selective. Although the market is flooded with replica Gucci handbags, the ability to identify real from replica lies in these details.

Replica Gucci handbags are undoubtedly one of the hardest brands to identify. They don’t have the extensive authenticity features that many of the other top designer brands provide, and their styles are relatively simple and elegant.

How to Spot Fake Gucci Handbags

Consider four key areas when authenticating a Gucci purse: price, materials, craftsmanship, and seller.

  • When buying a Gucci bag, be ready to spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars for the real thing. Most new Gucci handbags start in the five hundred and go well into the thousands of dollars.
  • Browse the internet and find a number of reliable sources to establish a price range for the specific bag you’re researching. There shouldn’t be a large price difference. Any bags that are priced observably lower than your established price range are most like replica Gucci handbags. The quality materials and hours of highly skilled labor that go into every piece prevent it from dropping below a minimum price. Anything being offered below your price range was made with inferior materials and labor.
  • Gucci purses are always made of high-quality leather and fabrics. When examining a purse, pay close attention to the color. Gucci knock-offs have been known to look faded when compared to the rich leathers of the authentic versions.
  • Take a hard look at the logo. Replica Gucci handbags often have what looks like a “C” or “E” logo that looks very similar to the Gucci “G” logo. A good place to check is in the lining. Replicators often give the bag’s interior less attention and are a good place to spot their sloppiness.

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  • One of the most popular Gucci handbags is the dual G or “GG” logo bag. There are a few variations of the logo, so research your model thoroughly so you know what should be and what shouldn’t. Many imitators attempt to replicate the “GG”, but often just don’t have the correct logo design. Nevertheless, there are some savvy replica manufacturers that are catching on, so analyze the real “GG” logo and make sure it matches the one on the bag you want to buy.
  • Do your research. Check out the Gucci website that has some great zoom-ins with images of the item’s finer details. The study features the threads, colors, cut, and any prominent accents. Knowing what the bag has, what it looks like, and where it belongs is a perfect reference point for you when you’re authenticating a purse you want to buy elsewhere. Other approved sites include Nieman Marcus, Nordstrom, Bloomingdale, and Macy’s.

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  • Most, but not all, authentic Gucci handbags have their logos exclusively on the interior lining. The level of detail in the pattern is so exquisite, that this is a feature even the best replica Gucci handbags fall short on. Get vivid, up-close pictures of this lining from the seller so you can make a good evaluation.
  • If the logo is on leather, regardless of whether it’s inside or out, it should be engraved and not simply printed.
  • Gucci prides itself on precision workmanship. Their stitching is flawless, always exactly aligned with the seams, straight, evenly spaced; tight, and has a high stitch count per inch. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a single stitch out of line; the length of the stitches is consistent all over the bag and the stitch color always matches the rest of the purse.

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  • All authentic Gucci handbags have perfectly cut leather. This is especially noticeable around more detailed features such as the inside zipper pockets, joints, and buckles.
  • Gucci hardware usually consists of brass and nickel. It should give off a nice luster rather than a brilliant shine. Replica Gucci handbags have cheap metals or even plastic parts that give off a polished, shiny reflection. These artificial parts are light and breakable. When you hold a solid brass buckle, you’ll feel both the weight and strength. Brass and nickel are quite heavy for their size because of their high density. It’s this high density that makes them almost unbreakable.

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  • The lining is usually made from fine satin that gives off a nice shine. Remember to examine the logo on the lining. Watch for the perfect “G”. Many replica Gucci handbags fall short here.
  • Gucci purses have a date card (Controllato); something the bag receives once it passed the quality control test. Look for correct font and placement. Gucci uses the same font on all of its date cards. Authentic date cards have the GUCCI name spelled out in capitals centered at the top with the word “Controllato” directly beneath it. Under that, the numbers 1234567890 should be displayed. Unfortunately, many forgers have caught on to Gucci’s authenticity features and have begun to copy them quite efficiently. Don’t rely exclusively on such things as date cards or serial numbers. Many replica Gucci handbags come with perfect date cards, serial tags, and even dust bags.

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  • Serial tags are located inside, just below the interior pocket, usually on a square leather patch. If your bag doesn’t have an inside pocket, don’t freak out! Not all Gucci purses have those pockets. It should have an encircled R with the words “GUCCI” and “Made in Italy”. Beneath that, it’ll have a 4 – 6 digit serial number (we haven’t come across any serial numbers beginning with either a 0 or a 1 yet) stamped into the leather.
  • Gucci purses and handbags are all handmade in Italy.
  • When purchasing Gucci handbags online, purchase from a reputable dealer.
  • If you see that a seller or retailer using stock photos (cut and paste pictures from the Gucci website); insist the seller provides you with pictures of the actual item for sale. Request large, clear pictures that include the interior lining logo, up-close stitching, and hardware. Ask for several of each and watch out for blurry pictures.