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Your Ultimate Guide to Best Jeans For Men

Best Jeans for Men – a Guide to Men’s Denim

A quality pair of jeans is one of those significant closet unquestionable requirements for each modern man: classic, effortless, endlessly cool. Crossing all social and monetary partitions and a definitive go-to on classic Friday, it pays to give a little thought to these dedicated folks. To manage you as you continued looking for the following extreme pair; we’ve assembled a denim guide, complete with styles, types, and care how-tos.

What Style of Jeans Should I Wear?

Unfortunately, the tremendous prevalence of denim doesn’t make it any simpler to locate the ideal pair; in fact, the jam-packed scene can make it somewhat hard to see the wood for the trees. First of all, getting fit and cut is basic to help perceive what is best suited to your body type. Ideally comfortable without impinging on style and silhouette; denim ought to dependably form to your body and show hints of individual style. Here is a run-down on the main cuts to consider.

Slim Leg Jeans

Slim-Fit-Jeans - Guide to Men’s Denim

Possibly the most versatile fit, the slim leg jeans is flattering on heavier thighs; as the tapered ankle works to elongate and slim the silhouette. It’s also recommended to err on the side of a true fit when buying slim leg jeans; a cozy belt fit being foremost to ensure long haul comfort when you begin to encounter some stretch in the texture.

Skinny Fit Jeans

Skinny-Jeans - Guide to Men’s Denim

Narrowly-cut and close-fitting with a healthy amount of stretch, skinny-fit jeans are best suited to lithe model types with slim legs and height. No matter your build, skinny-fit jeans should never be completely skin tight – we are going for a rockstar look here, not body paint.

Straight Leg Jeans

Straight-Leg-Jeans-3 - Guide to Men’s Denim

Essentially the OG of denim, the straight leg is a traditional, All-American classic. Most often cut straight from hips down the legs with little tapering, straight leg jeans look best on athletic guys — a generous shoulder-to-hip ratio working to counteract the bagginess of the cut. In a casual setting, slim gents can also pull off the straight leg, albeit in more of a casual, bohemian sense.

Tapered Jeans

Tapper-Cut-Jeans - Guide to Men’s Denim

For a softer take on the straight leg cut; tapered jeans do just what the name suggests: skirting the line between a slim leg and straight leg jeans. A slight taper is what you’re after here, skimming the leg and fitting; especially around the thighs and calves. More flattering than the skinny fit, but more sculpted than the straight leg; tapered leg jeans achieve a ‘footballer’ aesthetic with a comfortable seat and streamlined calves and ankles.

Best-Fitting Jeans For Shorter Men

Best Fitting Jeans for Shorter Men

If you’re below average height, the perfect pair of jeans will make your frame appear taller than it is. However, thanks to brands’ generic one-shape-fits-all attitude, a shortening effect can just as easily occur.

Luckily for your wallet, you needn’t go down the bespoke route to secure a decent fit. There are a few things that you can do as a vertically challenged man to get more height on the high street.

If short legs are the issue, avoid low-rise denim at all costs. Stick to mid-rise styles, as these add balance to the top and bottom half of the body.

It seems like common sense that relaxed- or loose-fit jeans would make you look bigger; but in reality, they do the opposite – drowning yourself in the fabric is a sure-fire way to look like you’ve borrowed them from someone else’s wardrobe.

Pick a straight-leg design to help elongate the body’s frame, thereby giving the illusion of height.

Aside from fit, invest in a simple denim color that works across your wider wardrobe and steer clear of anything with too much detail. Choose a wash in a uniform shade (i.e. no contrast fading) and not too low waisted.

If you are determined to wear ripped jeans, pick lighter-colored denim, so there’s not too much contrast between the rips and the denim color. Ensure the back pockets aren’t too low either as this will make your legs look shorter.

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Best-Fitting Jeans For Taller Men

Best Fitting Jeans for Tall Skinny Guys

The definition of ‘tall’ varies from country to country, but typically, anyone over six-foot is thought to fall into this category. That also means it covers a wide range of sizes; everyone from male supermodels to NBA and rugby players will need tall denim; giving retailers a lot of scopes to get it wrong.

For taller guys, the high street’s current lean towards high-waisted jeans can be a minefield. A high rise will elongate the length of your legs and make you look out of proportion; so stick to mid- or low-rise denim. Bear in mind that even if the rise is right, tall men need to pay specific attention to the drop (the distance between the waist and the crotch). There should be enough room in the crotch to keep the jeans from pinching, or there could be some seriously unwanted chafing going on.

Despite the industry practice of scaling; there are no set sizing guidelines that all brands adhere to when it comes to denim. Some labels adjust their leg measurement depending on waist size (i.e. the higher the waist size, the longer the inseam); while others offer ‘long’ and ‘regular’ sizing that is inconsistent. It pays to try before you buy.

The ideal cut for this body is a straight or slim leg, but there are a few styles you should steer well clear of. Tall guys should be trying to add width, so skinny or spray-on jeans are best avoided. They create a narrow silhouette, which accentuates your height. Similarly, tapered fits will create an imbalance in the upper body and give the illusion you’re going to topple over.

As for the style of jeans, taller men should go easy on textures and patterns; and instead, stick to solid washes. Simple, dark jeans made from lighter-weight denim are more flattering on boxier shapes. But avoid all-black outfits, or you risk looking like Slender Man.

Dark or washed denim is probably best. And it goes without saying that stripes are a no-no. But you weren’t going to wear pinstripe jeans anyway, right?

As with suit trousers, nailing the break on jeans when tall is imperative. An ever-so-slightly higher break works best, especially for guys who want to introduce a statement sock (or go sockless). Excess material puddling over your sneakers is not only a style faux pas; but will draw the eye down, emphasizing your height further. Cuffing or pin rolling your jeans is another styling trick to consider; which helps break up your vertical line and add some bulk to your legs; two things that will make your body appear in proportion.

Best-Fitting Jeans For Larger Men

Best Jeans for Large Men

Denim is often seen as the enemy for larger guys, especially when all the shops seem to be stocking are skinny jeans best suited to members of One Direction. However, jeans can, in fact, be a secret weapon in this body type’s arsenal; smoothing any problem areas and adding length – providing they fit properly.

As this suggests, the first thing to do is to make sure the jeans are not too tight. Discrepancies in size from store to store, even in inch-by-inch measurements; mean it’s essential for bigger men to try jeans on before handing over cash. If you’re ordering online, try ‘bracketing’ purchases by buying the size you think you are; as well as one up and one down.

Stretch denim is great material here. A bigger gent’s body has much more movement so the stretch fabric will help to accommodate this, particularly around the thigh.

Once waistband size is sorted, next look for a style that features a flattering color. The old adage of darker colors are slimming is very true here. Dark indigo wash denim will work nicely.

In terms of fit, anything marked ‘slim’ or ‘skinny’ should be avoided like the plague; the last thing you want is to spend 15 minutes each morning wrestling with your jeans, only to end up with a muffin top. If a man carries weight around his middle then slim-cut jeans will not be helpful. The goal to balance out the middle and go slightly wider on the leg of the jean. That being said there is nothing wrong with a little tapering to follow and smooth out the lines of the body.

As any sartorially-savvy gent will no doubt agree, style is in the details (or lack thereof). And that goes double when picking out jeans.

Keeping that in mind, a recurring suggestion from stylists, when asked about tips for larger men, was to keep pockets empty. Stuffing them with everything except the kitchen sink; increases how large your waist appears by making them out of shape and saggy. Clean lines and a neat fit are the keys to looking good here.

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Best-Fitting Jeans For Skinny Men

Best Jeans for Skinny Men

While you might not necessarily hit the magic five-foot-nine, medium/large formula; a thinner frame does give room to play with contemporary styles; especially jeans that add visual bulk such as patchwork, embroidery, or bleaching.

When looking for the most flattering rise, you can get away with whatever style you like. But to build up your stature, opt for a lower rise. The cut is roomy without drawing attention to undefined or smaller legs.

Choosing the right fabric is an easy way to give the illusion of a more solid structure without resorting to baggy denim. As a general rule, anything that looks slightly rough to the touch will give the illusion of increased mass.

The thickness of Selvedge denim is great for skinny legs, particularly in a lighter shade; which swerves the slimming effect caused by dark colors.

As for the shape, avoid buying extremes. Super-slim cuts will only highlight a lack of bulk; so stay away from any styles labeled ‘stretch’, ‘spray’, or contain high amounts of elastane. Similarly, an oversized or relaxed fit creates a messy silhouette; and will leave you looking like you raided your big brother’s wardrobe.

Thin men share the same goal as men of all other body types; that is to balance proportions. To do this with the leg length, aim for a small, neat break. Make sure the sneakers are low-tops; and if you want a little more detail, turn the jeans up. And don’t be afraid to take your jeans to a tailor. You do it with your trousers, and you probably wear your jeans a lot more; so it makes sense and can make such a difference.

Muscular Men Best-Fitting Jeans

Best Jeans for Muscular Men

Got that upside-down triangle shape body thing going on? More power to you. You’ve obviously been putting the man-hours in at the gym. Yet while being able to categorize your body type as ‘muscular’ on dating sites does come with its advantages; it can make choosing a well-fitting pair of jeans a right royal pain in the masterfully-toned glutes.

Thankfully, achieving a good fit doesn’t have to mean losing any of your painstakingly acquired muscle mass. Not if you know how to dress for your body shape. For muscular guys, stay away from both bootcut and skinny jeans. Neither [will] do you any favors.

This issue arises because skinny jeans (and especially god-awful muscle fits) accentuate the legs too much; throwing things out of whack with the rest of the body. On a muscular guy, this tends to make them look uncomfortable due to the tightness of the jeans around the thighs. It can make it look as though the jeans are too small.

Bootcut jeans are at the opposite end of the spectrum. They sap all of the definitions from the legs. The aim should be to complement the shape of the body, not hide it entirely. Experts suggest going for tapered fits instead. This cut is flattering to all areas of the leg due to its roomy thigh and narrow calves and leg openings.

Aside from tapered, straight-leg jeans can work nicely for stacked guys too. The looser fit will help to balance out the legs with the torso while also avoiding the fabric clinging in any problem areas.

Always have a dark wash and light wash, as these are quick and easy to pair with anything. For alternative colors, it depends on the person’s style. But unless your fashion heroes appeared on Love Island, go easy on white and off-white.

Types of Denim

In addition to cut, one must consider the type of denim suited to you. From waxed styles to heavier Selvedge and eye-catching acid wash; there are many different ways denim can be treated and a discerning gent will have more than one type in his repertoire. From high-fashion looks to denim that can take you from work to the bar; fabric and rinse are real considerations depending on your lifestyle and existing wardrobe.


Selvedge Jeans

Received by the style tip-top as a credible and high bore option; in contrast to classic stonewashed denim; Selvedge or crude denim is heavier, firmer, and darker in tone than ordinary denim. Highlighting an exceptional edge at the sewing that keeps the texture from disentangling amid production; current Selvedge denim has still created the manner in which it was in the mid-1800: woven on a customary transport loom. Hence, it is viewed as higher quality denim to standard stonewash, as the product of an exclusive and storied manufacture process. With an engaging fresh tasteful when new, when worn-in Selvedge denim takes on a hero quality the majority of its own.

Stonewashed Jeans For Men


A closet staple for every modern gent, stonewashed denim immediately comes to mind when you think of jeans. Stone washing produces a blurred, worn appearance. This is practiced by washing the jeans with pumice in a pivoting drum; or by using chemicals to make the look without the usage of a turning drum. The magnificence of the stonewashed look, and no doubt the reason for its ubiquity is its simplistic style.

Acid Wash

Acid-Wash Denim

The acid wash jeans have a mottled appearance; which is accomplished by synthetically fading the denim with chlorine or ‘acid’ drenched pumice; dying pieces of the fabric to white. With a ’90s punk stylish, acid-washed denim is a bold choice; particularly in darker tones showing up for summer months.

Waxed Jeans For Men


The waxed jeans are denim covered with paint, beeswax, or a wax coating to make a sparkling completion. This procedure gives an unobtrusive dark sheen to the texture which offers a smooth, carefree vibe making a luxury leather feel without the weight or distress of leather pants.

Denim Styling Tips

We think we represent most men when we state that denim (particularly jeans) will be the most flexible bit of clothing that we will ever possess in our whole lives. They can for all intents and purposes be used anyplace; at home, amid work, walking the dog; the conceivable outcomes are huge. That being stated, it is important to remember that there are a time and place for everything, including fashion. For instance, while wearing excessively baggy jeans can be proper for a lawn BBQ; it’s for all intents and purposes taboo for dates or a night out with companions. A comparative thought even applies to double denim – albeit wearing the mix with a similar shading and fabric may be alright for a seven-year-old; it’s undeniably a big no-no when you’re older.

The occasion is the Key


One of the best characteristics of jeans is the fact that there are so many styles to choose from. However, it’s all on the occasion. You need to pick jeans that will suit the kind of physical endurance you are going to pursue throughout the day. A formal event should reveal a more refined side of you, and your jeans should help complement that. Black and dark denim is highly recommended. Pair this with some nice dress shoes and you’ve got yourself a winning combination.

But on the other hand, if the occasion is something casual like grocery shopping or walking in the park, then it’s the other way around with comfortable straight jeans being the preferred. Make sure it has deep pockets for essentials such as wallets, phones, and keys, and always test out how well you can move in them. It’s nice to accompany it with a different colored belt because not only will it show how versatile the jeans are with color combinations, but it ensures that they won’t accidentally drop down in public which is always a plus!

Double Denim

Double Denim

The monochrome look is slowly fading, and the easiest way to pull off the double denim look is by having two different color schemes that contrast each other. A common combination is a black jacket and blue washed out jeans or vice versa. Contrasting denim is now even easier to do since pastel-colored jeans are becoming an increasingly popular trend in the market.

In order to execute this properly, it is vital that whatever you wear underneath gives out a pop of color. White is always a safe choice, but a grey, emerald, or cerulean shirt or t-shirt would be a much better option. Other colors to consider could be yellow, orange, purple and limeade just to name a few. This can even be applied to the color of your shoes and other accessories (e.g.: gloves, scarves, etc.) for further color scheme balance.

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The Best Jeans Brands for Men

Sometimes, it is where you shop that makes the world of difference. Invest in good denim, because it will last and you will get much wear out of it. These brands are failsafe options for your next denim purchase.


Best Jeans Brands For Men APC

APC is known for its minimalist women’s and men’s apparel. The collection includes denim, in addition to footwear and accessories. The upmarket French brand features clothing with clean lines and simple patterns. Moreover, APC’s garments tend to incorporate characteristics of military pieces into their designs. The label’s jeans are popular among denim lovers; with one of their most renowned designs being its raw-denim Selvedge jeans.



Acne Studios

Best Jeans Brands For Men Acne Studios

Acne Studios is a Stockholm-based fashion house that covers men’s and women’s ready-to-wear as well as shoes, accessories, and denim. The collections emphasize high-quality tailoring and custom-developed fabrics. Acne Studios is best known for its artsy, outside-the-box clothing in the fashion industry.



AG Jeans

Best Jeans Brands For Men AG Jeans

Premium denim jeans and designer clothing define AG Jeans’ collections. Since its launch in 2000; the premium luxury denim brand has proven time and time again its commitment to creating sophisticated collections for fashion lovers all around the world.



Best Jeans Brands For Men Albam

Best Jeans Brands For Men Albam

Albam is a modern menswear brand that focuses on wardrobe essentials. Defined by functionality and quality craftsmanship, the independent London brand is the label of choice for the fashionable modern man. In short, each collection boasts timeless wardrobe favorites which are as versatile as they are stylish.



Best Jeans Brands For Men All Saints

Best Jeans Brands For Men All Saints

Specializing in apparel, denim, footwear, and accessories, All Saints is a popular British fashion retailer with stores all across the globe. Their jeans are well-known for their authentic material and high-quality craftsmanship.




Best Jeans Brands For Men AMIRI

Amiri’s designs take inspiration from the California lifestyle; its garments bringing a luxurious touch to a laid-back, rocker aesthetic. The label sells everything from denim and sweaters to key chains and hats.




Best Jeans Brands For Men Balenciaga

Denim garments at Balenciaga bring a touch of sophisticated aesthetic to laid-back classics. The collection’s urban wear uses elegant material to create a palette of deep, inky hues. The label’s minimalist detailing and expert craftsmanship complete the aesthetic.




Best Jeans Brands For Men Balmain

Balmain men’s denim combines expert tailoring with a fresh new edge. The label features a range of different denim styles including distressed detailing and other embellishments. The expertly crafted jeans from Balmain are certainly a must-have in any man’s wardrobe.




Best Jeans Brands For Men Belstaff

Luxury fashion house Belstaff is renowned for its iconic outerwear and high-quality; designer garments with shoes and accessories to match. The contemporary luxury brand explores a rugged elegance, with superior fabrications and refined silhouettes.




Best Jeans Brands For Men Berluti

Menswear label Berluti originated with bespoke footwear but today offers a full range featuring ready-to-wear and accessories that combine classic craft with a modern aesthetic. Berluti designs combine boldness and imagination, making their garments a must-have in every man’s wardrobe.



Brunello Cucinelli

Brunello Cucinelli

Brunello Cucinelli uses luxurious materials and a classic color palette to create high-quality garments. Their ethical and philosophical approach to fashion makes this eponymous Italian label stand out. While best known for their knitwear, the brand also stocks outerwear and denim, as well as footwear and accessories.



Calvin Klein

Best Jeans Brands For Men Calvin Klein

The youthful, innovative range of denim at Calvin Klein features jeans made for everyday life. In addition to denim, the collection also includes tailored clothing, sportswear, underwear, fragrance, swimwear, jewelry, and watches.




Best Jeans Brands For Men Canali

Canali has long been established as a leader in tailored formalwear. Now it has expanded to feature more casual garments like denim and knitwear. The label has everything you need from sharp formalwear to laid-back stylish weekend wear. In addition, the fashion house preserves the original values of craftsmanship and quality.




Best Jeans Brands For Men Diesel

Diesel denim blends a palette of cool shades with bold graphic touches and distressed hints to create an understated yet refined aesthetic. While best-known for its denim apparel, the label also features leather jackets, watches, and eyewear.




Best Jeans Brands For Men DSquared2

Dsquared2 offers contemporary, luxury fashion with a relaxed streetwear edge. Since its launch in 1995, the label has established a presence in the fashion world for its rebellious elegance and Italian tailoring. Their menswear is made up of distressed denim, outerwear, and accessories, in short, perfect for those who aren’t afraid to show off their bold and confident style.




Best Jeans Brands For Men Dunhill

Dunhill is a luxury fashion label that specializes in ready-to-wear; custom and bespoke menswear as well as leather apparel, and accessories. Understated elegance marks the menswear collection which features clothing that is masculine and practical.



Dolce & Gabbana

Best Jeans Brands For Men Dolce-Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana began their fashion journey in 1986, producing their first “Real Women.” One year later, they expanded into knitwear, and by 1989 also launched beachwear and lingerie lines. Finally, the first Dolce & Gabbana men’s collection appeared in 1990. As with all of Dolce & Gabbana’s apparel, their men’s denim collection displays a unique, contemporary charm. The luxury fashion house designs their denim to complement the masculine figure. They also sell fragrances and underwear.




Best Jeans Brands For Men

The home of Japanese denim, Edwin utilizes exclusive fabric to create unique, high-quality denim designs. Founded in 1969, the label mainly focused on the manufacture of jeans. The company has since expanded to include jackets, sweats, basic tees, and more.




Best Jeans Brands For Men Frame

The frame is a label that combines the quality of manufacturing in Los Angeles with a sleek, European aesthetic. Denim and fine craftsmanship make this label well-known. In addition, a truly British heritage enriches its classic style. To sum up, Frame creates basics that effortlessly complement every other piece in your wardrobe, from the perfect pair of jeans to classic linen tees.



G-Star Raw

G-Star Raw

G-Star RAW is a Dutch designer clothing brand, founded in 1989, which specializes in urban clothing. That is to say menswear by G-Star Raw boasts the brand’s innovative flair and radical reinvention of denim. Their fuss-free approach to fashion sees them playing with new materials, styles, and cuts meanwhile remaining true to their heritage.





The first Gucci store was founded in 1921 in Florence as a luxury brand of fashion and leather goods. It is one of the oldest Italian fashion labels in operation today. Gucci men’s denim is above all known for its modern approach to fashion. The label is a leader in the fashion world for their quality and attention to detail; their apparel representing the pinnacle of fine craftsmanship.



Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss

Experience sophisticated designs and classic cuts with Hugo Boss’ range of denim for men. Their high-quality, flattering styles ensure longevity. Above all, their apparel proves that weekend casual dressing can be just as sophisticated as it is comfortable.



Isabel Marant

Isabel Marant

Isabel Marant’s denim for men celebrates the easygoing Parisian style. They use refined fabrics to create their distinct designs. Originally a line of knitwear and jerseys, the brand has since expanded to include shoes, denim, and other apparel.





Established in 2000, Ksubi is a denim-focused label delivering effortlessly cool garments with an edge. Ksubi features gorgeously crafted slim-fit denim styles in both light and dark washes. Above all, the brand has built a global presence. Ksubi has been spotted on many stylish celebrities, from A$AP Rocky to Kylie Jenner.





Established back in 1853, Levi’s is one of the world’s largest clothing companies and a recognized leader in denim. In short, your wardrobe isn’t complete without a pair of classic Levi’s jeans!



Nudie Jeans

Nudie Jeans

Founded in 2001, Nudie Jeans specializes in raw and prewashed denim. In other words, an upbeat, youthful edge marks the label’s success. The fashion house also includes sleek and stylish basics and outerwear, as well as accessories.



Best Jeans Brands For Men Off-White


Off-White is an Italian luxury fashion label, founded in 2012. The brand specializes in men’s and women’s high-end streetwear. The collection features sleek hoodies, sporty shoes, and, of course, denim. Playful details and youthful flair finish off each garment.



Officine Generale

Officine Generale

Officine Generale mixes tailoring and workwear for a smart yet casual aesthetic. The label uses only the finest fabrics to create clothing for everyday life that’s bold and full of personality. The shirts and denim, in particular, are must-haves in your wardrobe.



Best Jeans Brands For Men NEUW


NEUW is an independent denim brand. The label is certainly committed to providing its wearers with the highest quality denim. To sum up, they offer only the best-fitting jeans in premium fabrics with unique details.



Polo Ralph Lauren

Polo Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren has always been known as a high-quality American apparel label. It started out by making rags into ties and has since evolved into a globally recognized luxury fashion house. Ralph Lauren offers designer men’s, women’s, and kids’ clothing. The label combines sharp tailoring with a chic and sleek aesthetic. Meanwhile, all of Ralph Lauren’s denim is branded with its hallmark logo.



Best Jeans Brands For Men Prada


Prada denim combines unique styling with impeccable craftsmanship. The label has been a global influencer in the fashion industry for over 100 years. Prada is known for producing incredible pieces, with modern silhouettes and luxury clothing defining its collections. The Italian fashion house also includes handbags, travel accessories, fragrances, ready-to-wear, and other fashion accessories.



PS by Paul Smith

PS by Paul Smith

When Paul Smith opened his first boutique in Nottingham in 1970; it was the only menswear location outside of London to stock contemporary labels such as Margaret Howell and Kenzo. Developing with the rapid success of his store and its distinct position in the market, he added his own designs into the mix. In 1976, he revealed his first official collection in Paris at the Men’s Fashion Week, establishing himself as a globally recognized designer. Today, PS by Paul Smith is a youthful men’s label that features brightly colored basics and laid-back, sporty designs as well as a wide range of denim. The brand uses highly skilled tailoring to create carefully crafted, stylish garments.



Best Jeans Brands For Men Raf Simons

Raf Simons

Launched in 1995, Raf Simons blends elegant tailoring with a touch of youthful energy. The classic meets cutting-edge label specializes in denim, but also includes sneakers, bags, and jewelry. Whether you’re searching for everyday apparel or formalwear, Raf Simons certainly has something for you.



Best Jeans Brands For Men Rag & Bone

Rag & Bone

Established in New York in 2002, Rag & Bone distinguished itself with a modern yet understated aesthetic. Specializing in urban apparel, the collection is dedicated to quality tailoring and expert craftsmanship. Further, the brand offers everyday denim and tees imbued with the flagship’s smart-casual aesthetic. In other words, your go-to weekend wardrobe is officially sorted!



Best Jeans Brands For Men Tom Ford

Tom Ford

Tom Ford established back in 2005, launching both its menswear fashion and accessories collection in 2008. The label has dressed many of Hollywood’s leading actors including Tom Hanks, Brad Pitt, Bradley Cooper, and Johnny Depp. Today, Tom Ford combines premium materials with Italian craftsmanship to create a range of sophisticated eveningwear. The brand specializes in tailored clothing and luxurious cashmere as well as accessories. To sum up, their denim range includes a variety of colors and fits.



Best Jeans Brands For Men Valentino


Founded in 1960, Valentino quickly became famous for its haute couture; attracting attention from around the world. Meanwhile today, Valentino’s range is defined by high-quality Italian craftsmanship suitable for all kinds of wearers. Whether you’re looking for a stonewash straight leg or a pair of skinnies, there’s something for everyone in their denim collection. You can also expect sleek shoes and eye-catching accessories from the high-end fashion house.



Best Jeans Brands For Men Versace


For the past 40 years, Versace has been recognized as one of the most luxurious fashion labels; selling clothing and accessories worn by some of the most fashion-forward influencers around the world. Gianni Versace was one of the first designers to link the fashion industry to the music industry, resulting in vast success for the label. The brand remains one of the most sought-after in the world today. Versace’s denim collection, however, shows a more casual and accessible side to the label. A sharp, sophisticated style mixed with a youthful attitude marks the line’s aesthetic. In addition to jeans, the collection features knitwear and leather, bringing a fresh new edge to casual streetwear.



Best Jeans Brands For Men Visvim


Founded in 2000, Visvim creates every garment with a strong focus on craftsmanship and impeccable materials. The Japanese brand is known for its timeless clothing that blends a Western ruggedness with Japanese vintage. Visvim has a number of stores across East Asia. In addition, over one hundred retailers around the world stock their collections. The past, present, and future heavily influence each garment. In short, their high-quality denim and footwear make this line a standout.



How to Clean Your Jeans

  • The frequency with which you wash your jeans directly impacts the amount of indigo that leaches out of them and how much they lose their shape over time. With raw denim especially, wear often and wash sparingly.
  • If it has been a few weeks of constant wear, or you’ve had a significant stain, turn your jeans inside out and wash with jeans of a similar shade to stop pigment bleeding.
  • If using a machine, wash on cold (or lukewarm if especially dirty), with a quality detergent.
  • Alternatively, you can wash your jeans in the bath. Leave them to soak, inside-out, in a few inches of cold water for 45 minutes.
  • Tumble dry your denim only if you want to shrink them. Instead, hang them out to air dry – ideally upside down in the sun.

How to Shrink Jeans

  • Run your jeans through the normal cycle on cold, without detergent or fabric softener.
  • Put your jeans through the spin cycle for at least ten minutes after the main wash.
  • Transfer to the dryer, and let tumble dry on a low heat until jeans are dry, ideally in 30-minute bursts to avoid over-shrinking.
  • An arguably less-risky approach to shrinking denim is to do so in the bath. Put on your new jeans and sit in a tub of hot water (as hot as you can stand), until water has cooled.
  • Once water is tepid, hop out and leave your jeans on until dry. This is best to do in the summertime, an hour or two in the backyard should do the trick.
  • This technique is fool-proof, as you are effectively shrinking your jeans to your own form – a canny way to avoid over-shrinking the waistband, which can be difficult to reverse.