16 Best Lingerie Brands In The World

16 Best Lingerie Brands In The World

16 Best Lingerie Brands In The World

Never underestimate the power of new and sexy lingerie. And, before you even think about how it doesn’t suit your personality – STOP! It does not matter, and these are called ‘intimates’ for a reason. They are supposed to pamper you and you alone; so instead of overthinking about what anyone would think, start thinking about what to buy next. Lingerie is one of those things that we are clueless about – where do we get the best ones? Once in a while, you need to indulge and invest in them. Then, there’s no stopping you! If you are ready, let’s look at some of the best lingerie brands.

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16 Best Lingerie Brands List

1. Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret is no secret to most of us. It is known for not just undergarments but its accessories, bags, athleisure, cosmetics, and all things glamorous and fancy. But, it is best known for its lingerie and the exhaustive variants. From everyday use to fancy options; matching sets to athleisure; satin and lace; you name it, it has them all, and for all body types. Barring everything else, Victoria’s Secret seems to be the favorite brand of women all over the world.

Victoria’s Secret Lingerie

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PINK is the little sister of Victoria’s Secret, launched as its sub-brand, targeting a different target group, i.e., college kids. It was a smart move by VS to tap into the biggest chunk of shoppers and influencers who keep up with the latest fashion trends. PINK’s designs are visibly vibrant, young, and refreshing, which works great for the younger audience. The brand has scored high and has been very popular since its inception. From sweatpants, tank tops, and lingerie to T-shirts and sweet-smelling cosmetics; PINK is irresistible to not just youngsters but just about everybody.



3. Maison Close

If you want to seduce your lover, look no further than Maison Close. This French lingerie brand is renowned for its sexy designs and is made for the modern woman. These pieces feature soft lace, sculptural shaping, and timeless luxury.

Maison Close

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4. GapBody

The first thing that comes to our mind when we say GAP is affordable and stylish clothing at competitive prices. It is one of the very few brands that are popular with women at all levels. If you have used GAP before and love its breathable and elegant designs, check out its intimates line and you’d probably never go back to using other brands. Loungewear, nightwear, and lingerie, it cannot get better than this, considering the GAP’s price point.



5. Commando

Feel like you’re wearing nothing at all when you’re in Commando. This seamless underwear is super comfortable, and it isn’t seen through your clothing, no matter what you’re wearing. Don’t sacrifice style in this lingerie – the designs are flirty and feminine, making you feel sexy and discreet at the same time.



6. Bare Necessities

Bare Necessities stays true to its name and has been offering the finest apparel known to both men and women since it launched about 25 years ago. From Spanx, panties, and bras to nightwear and shapewear; it knows it all and caters to the needs of the women of all shapes and sizes. The quality of the product is great, the material doesn’t wear out easily, and most importantly, is comfortable on the skin. And, the brand offers fitting advice both online and in stores, so you know what to look for based on your preference.

Bare Necessities

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7. Calvin Klein

If simple, elegant, and practical are your requirements for lingerie, then yes, you guessed it right – Calvin Klein it is! Be it everyday essentials, swimwear, lingerie, satin or other customized options like ‘ CK Stretched’ and ‘CK Sculpted’, Calvin Klein never disappoints you.

Calvin Klein

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8. Triumph

Triumph is probably the oldest lingerie manufacturing brand in the world. The Triumph International started in Germany in 1866 and spread its wings to parts of Europe in the early 1900s. It then entered the Americas and Asia-Pacific markets. From being the pioneers in the lingerie industry to continually innovating to match the fashion and comfort needs of women, Triumph has been at the top of the game forever. From swimwear, underwear, corsets, bralette, matching sets to just everyday essentials, Triumph is your go-to for everything.



9. Marks And Spencer

M&S has been selling lingerie for over 90 years now and has continued to hold the most significant market share in the lingerie segment. It is one of the very first lingerie brands to offer a measuring and customized solution to women and offer them intimates; that match the aesthetics and silhouette of every body type. Taking inspiration from changing times, from Marilyn Monroe to today’s Kim Kardashian; M&S has continuously evolved. If one phrase describes them, it is value for money.

Marks And Spencer

10. Jockey

Jockey a name that has been synonymous with innerwear across all ages, races, and countries consistently for over 140 years. This brand has been delivering quality and comfort for both men and women and knows about intimates better than anybody else does in the market. It operates all over the world and has a chunk of loyal customers everywhere. From underwear, bras, boxers, and sleepwear to sweatpants and lingerie, it is THE expert.



  1. Myla

Feel like royalty for a day in Myla. With its roots in London, this lingerie brand finds inspiration from Covent Garden and Primrose Hill. Their designs celebrate the female form with delicate lace, impeccable structuring and soft pop of color. Featuring buttery fabrics and elegant styles, these intimates will feel as if you’re wearing nothing at all.



  1. Kiki de Montparnasse

Whether it’s your honeymoon or you’re just feeling yourself, let Kiki de Montparnasse help you feel extra sexy. From corsets to slips, you can find the perfect lingerie for any occasion. This brand blurs the line between streetwear and sleepwear, combining a sensual style with a high fashion twist. These pieces celebrate every woman and make you feel like a million dollars.

Kiki de Montparnasse


  1. Yasmine Eslami

After working with Vivienne Westwood, Yasmine Eslami learned the art of corsetry and created her own lingerie line. Featuring delicate lace and flirty mesh, these feminine pieces showcase the beauty of simplicity. This Parisian designer knows how to make the wearer feel special, no matter where they are.

Yasmine Eslami


  1. Coco de Mer

Exude elegance and romance in lingerie from Coco de Mer. Crafted from the most beautiful silks and lace, these designs are perfect for everyone. Sensual, seductive and stylish, you can find the ideal piece for any occasion. With garments this stunning, you’ll feel like an ethereal goddess.

Coco de Mer


  1. I.D. Sarrieri

From the seductive to avant-garde, the lingerie from I.D. Sarrieri is stunning in every sense. With form-fitting silhouettes and exquisite lace, these pieces will have you feeling sexier than ever. Choose from bodysuits to sets, and you’ll instantly feel like the hottest person in the room.

I.D. Sarrieri


  1. Bonds

As one of Australia’s most recognized underwear brands, Bonds stays at number one for a reason. The label is known for making beautiful and comfortable intimates; they’re perfect for everyone at any age. Whether you’re wearing casual clothes or you’re staying in for the night, this lingerie is affordable and beautiful.



Best Lingerie Brands In The World

If you have never been a lingerie person, it might seem like a ridiculous idea to spend so much money on them, but trust me, investing in good and quality lingerie is the best thing you can do for yourself. And like I said, it does not need to stop at just basic undergarments. Feel good, missy!