Best Men Casual Jackets For Smart Adventurous Man

Best Men Casual Jackets For Smart Adventurous Man

Best Men Casual Jackets For Smart Adventurous Man

Jackets are different than, say, your denim. Where jeans are concerned, you could conceivably get away with having one favourite pair that you wear over and over.

As long as it meets a few basic requirements – dark wash, slim fit – that pair can go almost anywhere. A jacket, on the other hand, isn’t nearly as versatile.

A leather number full of snaps and zippers will look out of place at the office Christmas party; wearing a blazer while performing with a Ramones tribute band will get you booed off the stage.

What you need is the right men’s jacket at the right time, and here is a guide to help pick the right and Best Men Casual Jackets for a smart adventurous man

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Know Your Men’s Jacket Basics

If you’re looking for formal, look elsewhere. Today is to focus on the casual component of your outerwear wardrobe.

You’ll want several pieces in this particular arsenal since each one will be suited to different occasions and ensembles.

Those differences aside, there are several things you’ll want to look for no matter what kind of jacket you’re purchasing:

Jacket Fit


Casual Jackets - Jacket Fit


Start here. Fit is always your top priority, whether you’re buying a bespoke suit or swim shorts to wear on a tropical getaway.

A jacket is no different. The right one will look and feel as effortless as a second skin; so don’t compromise on finding a fit that suits your frame.

If the jacket is meant to be a second layer, look for something that fits closer to your body. If the jacket is meant to be the top of several layers for winter warmth, choose something slightly bigger (but not bulky).

Best Men Casual Jackets Styles


Casual Jackets - Jacket Styles


The age-old debate of trendy vs. classic is fierce, but the solution is simpler than it appears. Start by considering your needs. If this jacket is a first, stick to something classic that offers the greatest amount of possible wear.

On the other hand, if the jacket in question will be an addition to an already thriving collection; feel free to expand into more niche territory. Also, consider your bank account.

If you can afford to splurge, or if the jacket is so affordable it doesn’t matter, hop on the trend train. If you need to be more economical, opt for something timeless.

Jacket Versatility


Casual Jackets - Jacket Versatility


This one’s a no-brainer. Mull over a jacket’s possibilities before purchasing it. What can you wear with it? Like a Visa card, can it go everywhere you want to be? The question of versatility goes hand-in-hand with the advice above. If you’re able to indulge, versatility is less important.

If your accountant has advised exercising restraint; versatility becomes key so you get the most bang for your jacket buck.

Men’s Jacket Fabrics For All Your Seasons

Fabric is one part utility, one part style. Part of its function is exactly that: function. It should be as tough, as touchable, as warm, as waterproof, as-whatever, as you need it to be.

But it shouldn’t do any of those things at the expense of style, so the ultimate jacket is one that excels at both. You’re already familiar with the basics – leather, suede, cotton; but there are other materials worth considering based on your needs including cool new linen options.

Canvas is a good option if you’re looking for something low-key; when you need a performance garment you’ll want to venture into high-tech territory. Gore-Tex and Thinsulate are lightweight, waterproof, and warm fabrics suitable for all-weather use.

Best Men Casual Jackets an EXPERT TIP:

Matthew Keighran, Managing Director, HUGO BOSS Australia

“So we have seen a return of the bomber jacket and it’s a close relative to the Letterman.”

  • Bombers work well on most guys. The trick is if you are a bit thicker around the middle; don’t go for a tight rib banding scenario. Ease off a bit and leave that to the skinny kids.  
  • A slightly longer length can also do the trick rather than a style that cuts you clean across the belly.
  • This style looks great as a wardrobe staple in a soft lambskin for footy weather or in cotton and nylon interpretations for a bit of weekend shopping.  
  • There is a bit of colour around at the moment but if you are not so comfortable with green and orange to go for a mid-navy rather than basic black.

As for the mum used to say: “if you have done it once…leave it for the next generation”.

So I guess I am out. I left nouveau mullets and acid wash as well when they resurfaced a few years back. I give Letterman’s one season – I have already seen racks of them on sale in Europe.


20 Best Men Casual Jackets For Smart  Adventurous Man

To see the full collection of best men’s jackets, start below.

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The Leather Biker Jacket


Best Men Casual Jackets 1


The go-to jacket for punks and motorheads is also an option for you; even if you think ‘The Clash’ is what happens when your belt doesn’t match your shoes. You can’t go wrong with this classic. (Alexander McQueen – Available on MR PORTER)


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The Leather Bomber


So the Harley-Davidson look isn’t for you, but you still want leather in your life. Enter the bomber, the other classic (and classier) option for leather lovers. (Available on MR PORTER)


Best Men Casual Jackets 2


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The Lightweight Jacket

Flattering on almost every build, minimally designed for maximum versatility; and travel-friendly because it’s practically weightless; Perfect for the man on the go. (Available on MR PORTER)


Best Men Casual Jackets 3


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The Varsity Jacket

Relive your wayward youth with a varsity jacket, an enduring athletic look that’ll have all the ladies thinking you’re the MVP. Vintage or new, the varsity jacket has been on-trend for a few years now. (Available on MATCHES FASHION)


Best Men Casual Jackets 4


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The Cotton Bomber

A lighter alternative to the leather, the cotton bomber is just as stylish but won’t leave you tempted to start calling yourself Maverick and participate in the most homoerotic volleyball game of the 1980s. (Available on ASOS)


Best Men Casual Jackets 5


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The Sport Casual Jacket

You work hard. You need a jacket that will work hard for you. A sporty style like this is lightweight and made from advanced fabrics that get the job done. Be on the lookout for cool details like concealed smartphone pockets. (Available on MATCHES FASHION)


Best Men Casual Jackets 6


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The Cashmere Jacket

Do we really need to sell you on cashmere? Anything that makes you softer and more touchable should be high on your to-buy list. Girlfriends and future-girlfriends will love it. (Available on MR PORTER)


Best Men Casual Jackets 7


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The Down Jacket

Ok, fine, it can’t ALL be soft and touchable. Sometimes it just has to be warm, and for those occasions, you need a high-performance down jacket; that’s warm enough for the wild but stylish enough for the streets. (Available on MATCHES FASHION)


Best Men Casual Jackets 8


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The Wool Biker Jacket

Not quite rocker, or dandy, the wool biker jacket exists somewhere in between; delicately maintaining the balance between high fashion and street style. Try it in an unexpected colour. (Available on SSENSE)


Best Men Casual Jackets 9



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The Suede Bomber

Need another reason to love the bomber? Try its versatility. Wear it in winter with knitwear underneath, then continue wearing it into spring and beyond over thinner tees and shirts. (Available on SSENSE)


Best Men Casual Jackets 10




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The Roadmaster


Take a direct descendent of the original motorcycle jackets. Make it longer, slimmer, and more streamlined. Add in water-resistant waxed cotton. The result is this masterpiece of hybrid fashion. (Available on END CLOTHING)


Best Men Casual Jackets 11


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The Denim Jacket


The denim jacket lost its cool for a while, but we’re pleased to report its back and better than ever. Wear it as an outer layer or a mid-layer, even over a button-down if you want to be the coolest guy in the office. (Available on ASOS)


Best Men Casual Jackets 12


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The Shearling Jacket

Sport the wrong shearling jacket, and you’ll look like a stuffed animal. Sport the right one, and you’ll look warm and stylish. Expect admirers to want to pet you, which may or may not be a bad thing. (Available on MR PORTER)


Best Men Casual Jackets 13


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The Quilted Jacket

How do you wear this without looking like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man? First, make sure the fit is streamlined to avoid bulkiness. Second, resist the urge to pair it with a sailor hat and stomp on a city.


Best Men Casual Jackets 14




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The Harrington Jacket

A favourite of several subcultures; as well as Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra and Steve McQueen, the Harrington; is a lightweight waist-length jacket traditionally made with a Fraser tartan or check-patterned lining. (Available on ASOS)


Best Men Casual Jackets 15


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The Performance Jacket

When it comes to outdoor activities of any kind (or just looking like the kind of man’s man who could do them); high-performance outerwear is a must. Look for technical fabrics, breathability, clever functional details and durability. (Available on MR PORTER)


Best Men Casual Jackets 16


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The Safari Jacket

The safari jacket is another option for rugged types. Yes, it really was originally worn by adventurers and military men. No, you do not have to be either one to rock the look now. But it wouldn’t hurt to take a selfie with an elephant while wearing one.


Best Men Casual Jackets 17




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The Field Parka

Update a mod classic with contemporary colour. The warm blanket lining and mountain parka-inspired exterior; look like they belong in your cabin (that you built yourself, obviously); but the shade is perfect for your urban abode. (Available on END CLOTHING)


Best Men Casual Jackets 18


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Best Men Casual Jackets – The Hooded Leather Jacket

Imagine trying to wear a hoodie under your leather jacket. Now imagine a world where that doesn’t have to happen. Now take a moment to reflect on the fact that this IS that world. We’re living in magical times, gentlemen. (Available on MR PORTER)


Best Men Casual Jackets 19


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The Classic Cafe Racer Jacket

If you ride a classic Cafe Racer – or just want women to think you do; you need a leather jacket to match the look of your sleek little bike. The answer, clearly, is a Classic Cafe Racer Jacket.

Best Men Casual Jackets 20



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