Best Powder Foundation For Flawless Finish

Best Powder Foundation For Flawless Finish

10 Best Powder Foundation For Flawless Finish

Choosing the right powder foundation is a challenge; but not if you have the right guide to the best powder foundation for a flawless finish. In this text, we’ve listed the top 10 powder foundations that will suit all the skin types! If you want to know how to apply your powder foundation seamlessly, what brushes to use, and which brand to go with, then keep on reading!

The beauty industry has been coming out with so many different products, and sometimes, it’s hard to stay on track. When it comes to your foundation, you need to know that there are 2 different kinds (textures) of it. You can either go with a powder foundation or with a liquid form.

Both of these are great and they have the exact same purpose- covering any discoloration or unwanted redness. However, they should be applied differently and should be adjusted to your skin type.

Who Should Use Powder Foundation?

Women who have oily skin will enjoy this foundation. It works great at mattifying your skin and evening out your skin tone. It is also a great option for sensitive and acne-prone skin since it won’t clog your pores and because it is oil-absorbing.

You can touch up with ease all throughout the day, which makes this foundation even more approachable and easy to use. It is great at reducing shine and hiding away any imperfections.

However, if your skin is dry, you should stick to liquid foundations. Anything that is shine reducing or oil-absorbing will only make your skin look patchy and unhealthy.

Liquid foundations (especially dewy ones) will look the best on your skin; since these will give you an overall natural glow. However, you can still go in with powder foundations as long as they are not full coverage and are sheer. These will not set into your fine lines, or wrinkles, and will look a lot more natural.

Lastly, if your skin type is normal, you can go both ways and enjoy any foundation at any given point. Just make sure you apply the right amount and make sure you use the right tools when applying it.

How To Apply Your Powder Foundation

If you want to enjoy a full coverage moment, use a sponge or the original beauty blender in order to pack it on. Make sure you press deep and good into the powder in order to achieve the best coverage. Bounce it around and evenly dab it into the skin.

If you are a sheer to medium coverage type of a girl, use any type of a fluffy brush and make circular motions around your face. A lot of times, powder foundations come with a synthetic brush or a sponge that you can use when applying the product. If they do not provide you with a brush, you can use any round synthetic (or even a kabuki brush) when applying it.

Which Shade To Purchase?

Unfortunately, powder foundations are not as popular as liquid foundations. This means that they come in a smaller shade range which may not suit everyone. Most of the time, a brand will put out up to 12 shades and call it a day. However, since these foundations are not full coverage, they can adjust to your skin tone really easy.

This makes it easy to blend and hassle-free. When purchasing your proper shade make sure you apply the foundation over your face and blend it down the neck. This way you will be able to tell whether it does or does not match you correctly. Also, make sure you take a photo during the day and night (with a flash). Some of these foundations can look reflective, so make sure you check out your pictures in different settings.

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Best Powder Foundation

If you are someone who is on a lookout for something exactly like this; then you are going to love the top 10 powder foundations listed down below.

1. Jane Iredale Amazing Base Loose Mineral Powder

This is a loose mineral foundation that is oil-free and that feels weightless once applied. Many women love it because it has an SPF 20 and since it provides UVA/UVB sun protection.


10 Best Powder Foundation 1




Coverage Power: Coverage wise, it is sheer to medium coverage, meaning it is buildable. The foundation is water-resistant and can last even up to 40 minutes! If you are on a lookout for something for the summer season, the beach or the pool, you are going to love this one! It is also perfect for women who live in a place where there’s a lot of rain or humidity. The powder looks natural and doesn’t look too matte, nor it clogs the pores.

Shade Range: The foundation can conceal the redness and diffuses fine lines with ease. It also comes in 14 different shades that will suit so many different skin tones. The formula of the powder is finely milled and feels lovely on the skin. The product will look the best once applied with an oval synthetic brush.

2. Dermablend Intense Powder Foundation

Dermablend is a word leading and best-selling brand since it makes the best powders. This one, in particular, is a powder foundation that is oil-free and it has been dermatologically tested and approved.


10 Best Powder Foundation 2




Coverage Power: If you are on a lookout for a medium to full coverage foundation you will love this one. The finish of it is matte and the coverage is buildable. This is the perfect option for oily and combo skin types. It looks the best once applied with a sponge for the ultimate full-coverage moment.

Shade Range: The formula is fragrance-free and is safe for sensitive skin. Some women even wore the foundation for over 12 hours and loved it since it didn’t look cakey. It can hide the redness, uneven skin tone, as well as acne and freckles. When it comes to the shade range, there are 15 different options that you can go for. Every shade has got a unique and different undertone, which makes the search for your perfect shade (and undertone) a lot easier.

3. Elizabeth Arden Pure Finish Mineral Powder Foundation

Elizabeth Arden is a luxury brand that makes many different skincare products, makeup items, and perfumes. This one, in particular, is highly loved by women since it is a mineral powder product.


10 Best Powder Foundation 3


Coverage Power: The product comes in a portable grinder compact and allows you to apply as much as you want. You can build it up and go from sheer to full coverage, as long as you use the right brushes and sponges once applying it. This powder foundation has an SPF 20 sunscreen that will leave you with a healthy natural look. It is a great option for the summer season and for the beach.

Shade Range: The formula is non-drying and feels comfortable on the face, thanks to its micro light powder that blends perfectly. It is also filled with minerals, vitamins A & C, and is enriched with seawater complex. The shade range is a little underwhelming since you can purchase it in only 8 different shades.

4. PÜR 4-In-1 Pressed Makeup

PUR cosmetics is a vegan-friendly brand that is loved by women worldwide. The brand also does not test on animals and is gluten-free. This powder foundation is one of their best sellers since it is so lightweight and easy to blend.


10 Best Powder Foundation 4




Coverage Power: If you want to achieve a lot of coverage know that you can layer it around with this product. Just make sure you properly blend it in by making circular motions with either your sponge or the brush. The foundation has an SPF 15 which is perfect for your everyday wear (as long as you don’t live somewhere where it’s over 20 Celsius every day).

Shade Range: This powder foundation is all in one- a concealer, powder, and a foundation, that feels lightweight and is mess-free. Unfortunately, their shade range is a little low since they only feature 9 different options.

5. Laura Geller New York Powder Foundation

Laura Geller is best known for her stunning blushes, but her powder foundation is pretty awesome as well. Since she makes baked blushes, it did make sense for her to come out with a baked powder foundation.


10 Best Powder Foundation 5





Coverage Power: The texture is really weightless and does not feel heavy on the skin. The powder foundation provides a medium to full coverage and can hide redness, blemishes, and discoloration. If you apply it with a wet sponge you will have a dewy and more impactful finish. If you apply it with a dry brush, it will look a lot more matte.

Shade Range: She came out with 9 different shades that will suit some women. The formula is easy to blend so it can work on many different skin tones. Also, it is suitable for sensitive skin.

6. BareMinerals Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Matte Foundation

BareMinerals is a lovely brand that provides diversity for all women. This is an active mineral foundation that removes shine and leaves the face looking matte, poreless, and seamless!


10 Best Powder Foundation 6





Coverage Power: It has an amazing formula that can reduce large pores and smooth out the skin. The powder has an SPF 15 that many will appreciate, especially during this time of the year. If you are on a lookout for some lighter coverage, make sure you apply the smallest amount of this with your fingers. However, if you want to achieve fuller coverage apply the product with a large kabuki brush. Buff the product by making circular motions and dab it into the skin.

Shade Range: Shine-free coverage is great and a must-have option for women with oily and acne-prone skin. If you are on a lookout for a broad spectrum, know that their shade range goes all the way up to 30!

7. Mary Kay Mineral Powder Foundation

If you are searching for a great foundation that can last you up to 8 hours you will love this one. Mary Kay is the perfect choice for longevity and for coverage.


10 Best Powder Foundation 7

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Coverage Power: The coverage is buildable while it dries completely matte. This is perfect for any skin type, besides dry, since it can cover a lot of imperfections and still leave it looking completely matte. This powder foundation should be applied with a brush for a flawless and even outcome.

Shade Range: Luckily, this powder is transfer-resistant, meaning that it won’t fade away during the day. It controls shine really well, especially around the T zone, and is safe for sensitive skin. When it comes to the color shade range, there are 12 different shades that may suit you. You also get a brush with your purchase which might come in handy.

8. Laura Geller New York Light Baked Foundation

Another product by Laura Geller, only this one is a lot more suitable for dry skin. Women love this powder foundation since it can do wonders on dry, wrinkly, and mature skin.


10 Best Powder Foundation 8




Coverage Power: The powder feels really weightless and creamy on the skin. Once you blend it in you will look flawless and radiant. The coverage is sheer to medium while looking really natural and healthy. You can apply the product all over your face, or you can combine it with your favorite liquid foundation. When applying it goes in either with your hands or with your favorite makeup brush.

Shade Range: This powder foundation will leave you with a beautiful sun-kissed outcome. The finish is warm and has some terracotta undertones, no matter the shade you purchase. The product can self-adjust and leave your skin tone to look even. Shade range wise, there are 6 different colors that you can purchase.

9. Em Michelle Phan Love Me For Me Flawless Finish Powder Compact

This powder foundation can look amazing on every woman. It is lightweight and has some shine, while not being too heavy or cakey looking.


10 Best Powder Foundation 9


Coverage Power: The powder is versatile since you can wear it on its own or over makeup as a blotter. The formula is very silky, smooth, and natural-looking. The results will be the most visible once the product is applied with a sponge applicator. If you get shiny throughout the day, make sure you control it with your sponge. You are probably going to love this product since it can prevent the shine.

Shade Range: Surprisingly, there are only 6 different shades. However, since this powder is very lightweight and has a sheer to medium coverage, it won’t be that noticeable once it’s applied and properly blended into the skin.

10. Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous Pocket Powder Foundation

Covergirl is a well-known makeup brand in America and is one of the best U.S. sellers. Their items are very affordable and are mostly loved by younger women and teens. Their pocket powder foundation has been loved in the last few years and is highly talked about since it is a great shine control product.


10 Best Powder Foundation 10




Coverage Power: This is a great product that can cover up imperfections just as good as any liquid foundation. It has fine oil-absorbing powders that can provide a shine-free outcome. It is also oil-free and it does not clog the pores. You can build up the coverage or wear it as naturally as possible.

Shade Range: The product comes in a lovely pink & white packaging that even features a mirror. Considering the fact that Covergirl is really inexpensive, you do get a lot for the price you are paying. However, shade-wise, you only get 6 different colors.


Pros & Cons of Powder Foundation

Powder foundation is a great makeup item that you can, quite easily, apply all over your face. But as it is with any product, it has some pros and cons. Here are the ups and downs to it:


  • Can look natural
  • Looks great on many different skin types
  • Really easy to apply
  • Controls shine
  • Absorb the oil
  • Looks matte most of the time
  • Can be set with powder (or not if you are in a rush)
  • Long-lasting


  • Not the best option for dry skin
  • Small shade range
  • Can’t look good when mixed with liquidy and glowy products


Set It With Powder

Now, even though this is a powder product, you still need to set it. Don’t be afraid of setting it with some of your favorite options. You can use mattifying, sheer, loose, or any type of powder product on top. The only thing that you should avoid is liquid blushes, bronzers, or highlighters.

Since your face is, overall, pretty dry, powdered, and matte, you cannot apply any shiny product over it. Once you are done with your entire makeup routine give yourself a spray with Mac Fix + or any other setting spray. This way, you will tie the whole look together and your powders will melt into the skin.