20 Best Men’s Rain Jackets and Raincoats

20 Best Rain Jackets and Raincoats In 2021

20 Best Men’s Rain Jackets and Raincoats

A sharp-dressed man never lets the weather forecast bother him because he’s always prepared for grey skies and a drizzle with a stylish raincoat. There are various designs and materials to choose from for all looks and occasions. This means you don’t have to dress like an old-timey lighthouse keeper with a yellow Sou’wester, unless, of course, that’s your vibe. Choose a timeless Mackintosh, or a reflective jacket from a brand like Stone Island, or take on the most extreme outdoor weather with Patagonia. No matter your selection, you’ll be staying warm, dry, and comfortable.

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1. Patagonia

It makes sense that the outdoor clothing company, Patagonia, makes excellent raincoats for men. Look for either the Triolet, Torrentshell, or Rainshadow designs. The first is versatile and durable with a triple-layer GORE-TEX rain shell that protects against the harshest conditions and heaviest rain and snow. Then, the Torrentshell is excellent for daily wear, using the H2No® Performance Standard shell. Lastly, the Rainshadow is a flexible design with plenty of stretches for maximum movement. Plus, you can feel good shopping in Patagonia. The brand champions social and environmental sustainability uses recycled fabrics and donates one percent of sales to preserve and restore the environment.

Patagonia Mens Rain Jackets and Raincoats


2. A Cold Wall Mens Rain Jacket

This British label from Samuel Ross is well-versed in keeping dry in the wet. As such, A Cold Wall is an excellent choice of raincoat for men. The streetwear styling features a neutral palette, industrial textiles, and unconventional tailoring. Choose dark shades like black that keep with the melancholic aura of the brand, or opt for something out there, with a bright silver raincoat that is sure to catch eyes as well as raindrops. The addition of extra features like hoods, hidden pockets, and concealed front fastenings add to the practicality without compromising style.

A Cold Wall Mens Rain Jackets and Raincoats


3. Alexander McQueen

Just because the weather is rainy and grey doesn’t mean you need to be. Add a pop of color to your waterproof wardrobe with the men’s raincoats from the English fashion house Alexander McQueen. This vivid green is sure to brighten anyone’s day. Extra sealed pockets, elasticated cuffs, and waistband, and a hood combine elements of a bomber jacket with the classic raincoat silhouette. If the green’s a bit too much, it also comes in black. Other designs also include the iconic tailoring that Alexander was famous for, letting you stay stylish and dry, even on the wettest days.

Alexander McQueen


4. Aspesi Mens Rain Jacket

Add some polished Italian style to your wardrobe with a raincoat from Aspesi. The brand takes an innovative approach to textiles while maintaining a minimalist, sophisticated look. As a result, each piece is timeless. Select from trench-style men’s raincoats or refined silhouettes with hoods for extra protection. You should expect to find details like concealed pockets and closures, wrist straps to keep moisture out, and knee-length cuts to provide sufficient protection. Plus, everything is made in Italy, using the finest components and expert craftsmanship.

Aspesi Mens Rain Jackets and Raincoats


5. Balmain Mens Rain Jacket

Pierre Balmain founded the house of Balmain in 1945. It was one of the first French fashion brands to take on the American market, with Pierre realizing its potential early. Refined gents will undoubtedly appreciate being able to face a rainy in style, thanks to the label’s raincoats for men. Long lines help protect your trousers against splashes of dirty street water, while a monogram black and white print is an excellent way to add interest without being over the top. Additionally, front flap pockets, drawstring cuffs and waist, and a protective hood finish the design with extra functionality.

Balmain Mens Rain Jackets and Raincoats


6. Bottega Veneta

A palette of classic black and charcoal keeps the collection of raincoats for men from Bottega Veneta timelessly stylish. It’s a brilliant shade that works with everything, fitting seamlessly into your existing wardrobe. The Italian fashion brand, based in Milan, is currently under the leadership of award-winning designer Daniel Lee as Creative Director. As such, look for clean lines and a minimalist approach. Other practical elements include drawstring hems, hoods, and cuffs, technical fabrics, and zippered pockets.

Bottega Veneta Mens Rain Jackets and Raincoats


7. Canada Goose

You could be hiking a mountain or heading into the office, and you’ll stay dry and warm with Canada Goose. Founded almost 60 years ago, this Canadian company is a world leader in luxury outerwear and adventure apparel. Like many other outdoor clothing brands, you’ll find technical fabrics that repel water while keeping the warmth in. The collaboration range with Angel Chen uses flexible three-layer Tri-Durance fabric, with multiple pockets, adjustable tunnel hood, and concealed front closure. However, there are plenty more men’s raincoats in the range, giving you lots of design choices.

Canada Goose Mens Rain Jackets and Raincoats


8. Givenchy Mens Rain Jacket

Givenchy, the internationally acclaimed French fashion house, is an excellent place for stylish gents to look for a raincoat. There’s no sacrificing luxury, with waterproof fabrics that still create that bold yet refined look and feel while keeping you dry. You’ll find a combination of sharp tailoring and casual street style that makes these designs perfect for heading to the office or out to lunch on a grey weekend.

Givenchy Mens Rain Jackets and Raincoats


9. Gucci Mens Rain Jacket

There’s a variety of raincoats for men available from Gucci. The range includes oversized jackets, capes, and hooded coats for extra protection. Each features distinct Gucci styling, whether through the jacquard print, patch labels, or bold logos. However, they also reflect Creative Director Alessandro Michele’s take on life and design, with streetwear over the catwalk feels. Gucci is the ideal choice for urban gents seeking to stay dry on drizzly days.



10. Jil Sander Mens Rain Jacket

If your style is minimalist, then a raincoat from Jil Sander is the perfect addition to your winter wardrobe. This German label’s designs are understated and refined yet endlessly practical. Plus, the unisex styles are suitable regardless of your gender. Break away from the dark, melancholy hues that many raincoats come in, and choose a fresh, bright white or pastel pink to elevate your rainy day. Plus, they’re made with cotton, so they remain breathable even during hot, sticky summer storms.

Jil Sander


11. Rains Mens Rain Jacket

Rains’ entire premise is protecting you from its namesake weather event. The Danish brand offers an extensive collection of contemporary rainwear inspired by its Scandinavian heritage but suited for the global citizen. You’ll find minimalist, timeless designs that balance functionality and fashion. Among the collection, discover innovative fabrics, from water-resistant fleece to transparent PU, all keeping up with the latest trends worldwide.



12. Nike

Maintain a sporty aesthetic with a raincoat from Nike. The Nike Flash Run Division is the perfect jacket to keep you dry and warm so that you can keep up your training schedule even on rainy days. It uses waterproof fabric made from at least 50 percent recycled polyester fibers. As such, it’s good for both you and the planet. Enjoy extra protection with the hood and built-in mittens to keep your hands warm.



13. The North Face Rain Jacket

The North Face is made for modern-day explorers, both in the wild and urban centers. Consequently, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to rain protection. Choose from a variety of men’s raincoats for everyday wear or getting active. There are fabrics like the game-changing  FUTURELIGHT™, which feels light as a feather thanks to the nano-spun membrane and a unique laminating process. Alternatively, if you just need a protective layer, the hardshell styles feature breathable mesh interiors, while other designs have ClimateBlock® to resist high winds.

The North Face


14. Arc’teryx Rain Jackets

Arc’teryx is another Canadian company that specializes in technical outdoor clothing and gear. Consequently, it’s a natural choice for men’s raincoats. You’ll enjoy a mix of waterproofness thanks to GORE-TEX and warmth from a down-filled lining that insulates you against the cold and wet. Other styles pack down small, making them ideal for hiking trips, where the weather is uncertain or temperamental. Explore the range of technologies and fabrics available to find the perfect fit for your lifestyle.



15. Mackintosh Rain Jackets

Mackintosh is one of the OG men’s raincoat producers. The brand takes its name from Charles Macintosh, the Scottish chemist that invented the rubberized cotton that defined the company and revolutionized the coating industry. Gents who appreciate the rich heritage and story behind their clothes will love the range available from this legendary label. Opt for classic designs like Oxford, Cambridge, or London. Alternatively, styles such as the Mist cape, Wolfson Hooded Jacket, or Chryston are also excellent for a more modern silhouette.



16. Off-White Rain Jackets

Raincoats don’t need to be conventional or daggy, as the designs from Off-White prove. As usual, Virgil Abloh brings his street-savvy aesthetic to every design, no matter how practical. Enjoy a more industrial feel with polyamide outers, subtle but striking logos, and functional features like elastic cuffs and hoods to keep your head dry.



17. Stone Island Rain Jackets

One of the key advantages of buying a raincoat from Stone Island is the brand’s affinity for using reflective materials. It’s a great way to stay visible in the low light of grey rainy days. In addition to the reflective materials is heavy use of other technical fabrics that provide water resistance and a hypermasculine vibe. Enjoy the extra functionality of features like zipped pockets, rain flaps, elasticized cuffs, and hoods.

Stone Island


18. Stutterheim Rain Jackets

An old raincoat in a barn was the beginning of the Swedish brand Stutterheim. After his grandfather’s passing, founder Alexander Stutterheim discovered his old raincoat and used it as inspiration for the first design, named Arholma, after the archipelago where his grandfather’s farm was located. The range has expanded, yet all maintain that minimalist and utilitarian feel quintessential of Scandinavian design. There’s also an array of colors to choose from, from melancholy black and grey to blues and pastel pinks. You can even show your Pride and support with a rainbow coat.



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19. Y-3 Rain Jackets

Keep it simple with a men’s raincoat from Y-3, the Adidas/Yohji Yamamoto collaboration. The cotton blend is breathable yet protective, keeping you dry on the wettest days. Practical features include zipped side and chest pockets, a hood, and a flattering, straight fit that goes easily over whatever you decide to wear underneath. As a bonus, it’s even machine washable, making keeping it clean easy.



20. Vetements Rain Jackets

Keep more than just your upper half dry with Vetements’ long-line, oversized raincoats for men. The brand is based in Zurich, Switzerland, and was founded by Demna and Guram Gvasalia (the former of who has left to head Balenciaga). They’re known for breaking the rules and pushing the fashion industry’s boundaries, and the raincoats are no exception. Look for designs featuring bold logo prints and streetwear styling.



What is a Raincoat?

A raincoat is an outwear garment designed to be worn over your outfit to keep you dry in inclement weather. They’re often a longer coat and are made with waterproof or water-resistant fabrics. No singular style defines a raincoat; however, many designs have hoods, elasticated cuffs, and covered button or zip closures for extra protection. Choose a lightweight shell jacket for warmer weather, as this will simply protect you without adding excess heat. However, you can get warmer coats with waterproof outers and insulated inners for added warmth for cold climates and snow.

What is a Raincoat

What to Wear with a Raincoat?

Because a raincoat is a piece of outwear designed for protection, it’s meant to cover most of your outfit. As such, you can wear anything you like. If you’re on your way to the office, you can put it over your regular suit or chino/button-up combo. You’ll probably take it off as soon as you get to work anyway. However, if you’re out and about exploring, it can be good to opt for layers so you can more easily regulate your temperature, especially if you’re somewhere cold. Protect your feet with a good pair of boots or waterproof shoes to prevent soggy, cold socks. Finally, if you’re concerned about colors, an easy neutral such as black or navy is a safe bet that will incorporate easily.

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What to Wear with a Raincoat

How To Choose A Good Raincoat?

There are a few things to look for when choosing a good raincoat. First, and perhaps most obviously, check the fabric is waterproof. You’ll also want to look for sealed seams and covered pockets and zippers, where water could otherwise get in. Next, a good hood is always advantageous to protect your head and prevent rain from trickling down your neck and into the jacket. Breathability is another practical feature that can be helpful and ensure you’re comfortable. Finally, style is important for both looks and functionality. Urban use will require a different look and details than a raincoat used for outdoor adventures such as hiking.