Best Sports Shoes For Men – Which One To Pick

Best Sports Shoes For Men – Which One To Pick

Your Guide To Best Sports Shoes For Men

With gyms sprouting up all over the place and the morning jog becoming a standard part of people’s week; sports shoes are becoming a more important part of our footwear collection. Unfortunately, there’s no one size fits all for sports shoes; what kind of style you pick depends on factors such as the sport you’re doing; the kind of support your feet need, and a dash of personal taste as well. With so many options to choose from it can be hard to know which ones to pick; as well as what price range to go for. Are cheap sports trainers a good idea? Why are basketball trainers different to running ones? Do stripes on your shoes make you run faster? All okay most of; these questions will be answered in this handy guide, so read on for everything you need to know about best sports shoes for men to keep you healthy and stylish while you’re working out.

Your Guide To Best Sports Footwear for Men

When you’re investing in sportswear, your shoes are probably one of the most important things to get right. Ill-fitting shoes can cause back, knee, hip and leg pain, alongside blisters and problems such as ingrown toenails. That’s a lot of trouble caused simply by shoes that just don’t fit right. However, if you take care of fit; as well as the kind of qualities your sports footwear needs in order to be effective; you should be exercising in a pain-free way for years to come. Keep these points in mind the next time you’re picking out a new pair.

  • There’s no ‘break-in’ period for trainers, unlike brogues and certain boots; so if they’re not comfortable the moment you put them on, they’re not right.
  • Your heel should never be able to slip out of your shoe. Your shoes need to fully support and contain your feet.
  • When you first put your shoes on, try and wiggle your feet. If you can’t, try a size up.

Running Shoes

If you’re the type to go on a morning jog, you like to go for a sprint on the running machines; you’ll probably want to invest in a good pair of running shoes to get the best from your work out. Peter Sheppard running shoes typically have more padding on the sole to help absorb shock; ensuring you don’t end up with heel pain or inflamed tendons.

When you’re choosing trainers, make sure you get a pair that has the right amount of cushioning; to make sure you have a comfortable and supportive run. There’s no need to go mundane, and you can brighten up your sports gear with a boost of colour; to help add in some brightness to your morning jog. Something like the Nike Air Zoom Structure 22 will provide plenty of support and comfort allowing you to run with confidence. Need more persuading? Read this review to learn more about this great pair of running shoes.

Best Sports Shoes For Men - Running Shoes

Although these shoes are obviously great for, well, running; they can also be worn in casual, every day looks, with their colour, shape and varied designs; adding personality and a statement look to your outfit. Try a neutral look by pairing them with some joggers and a long line T-shirt; with the unique shape of the T-shirt keeping the outfit a little more interesting; without drawing attention away from the trainers.

Best Sports Shoes For Men - Running Shoes look 1

If this seems a little too simplistic for you, you can still create a neutral, versatile look with some bold trainers; without making the rest of your outfit too plain. Try matching your trainers with some slim fit jeans and throw on a simple graphic T-shirt over the top. You can keep the graphic design in black and white to avoid any colour clashing, or find one in a colour that matches with your shoes.

Best Sports Shoes For Men - Running Shoes look 2

Basketball Shoes

Basketball shoes were designed to be easy to move in, with the thick rubber sole helping with grip and support. You want to have the combination of flexibility and heel support to keep you comfortable, but as you’re not constantly running for hours on end you can afford to go a little thinner with your designs.

The great thing about basketball shoes is that, despite their athletic appearance; they can easily be worn in a whole range of looks without it seeming like you’re wearing your work out footwear. Match them with jeans as well as joggers for a mix up of looks, from casual, versatile styles to more alternative, stand out outfits.

Best Sports Shoes For Men - Basketball Shoes

For a classic skater look, grab yourself a leather jacket, a bold logo T-shirt and some black skinnies. This is a timeless outfit that has a unique, alternative edge to it; and can easily be thrown on in the morning for a basic autumn outfit.

Best Sports Shoes For Men - Basketball Shoes look 1

A pair of white Converses can be a great summer staple, and the high-top look goes surprisingly well with a neat pair of shorts. Try grabbing yourself a pair of slim fit denim shorts and matching them with a loose fit T-shirt – finishing off with a pair of sunglasses to bring the look together.

Best Sports Shoes For Men - Basketball Shoes look 2

Boxing Shoes for Men

Boxing shoes aren’t the most conventional sports shoes around; that’s mainly because they can’t easily be incorporated into everyday wear. Their unique high-top, fitted and thin design makes them perfect for dodging and ducking around the ring; but not great if you’re planning on dressing up a pair of jeans.

However, if you’re trying to pick something for the boxing ring; you’ll find yourself performing better if you’re in a pair of shoes that have been specially designed for the sport. Light-weight and easy to move in, boxing shoes keep you light on your feet; but with enough grip that you stay supported.

Best Sports Shoes For Men - Boxing Shoes

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Best Brands for Sports Shoes For Men

Sometimes you just have to go with brands rather than styles; picking the ones that have built up a reputation for quality and character in their designs. If you’re going for these brands; there’s always a pressure to go for the latest, most recent date versions; but with a lot of these classic designs, you’re dealing with a timeless look that can be worn regardless of the trends.

Adidas Sports Shoes – Best Sports Shoes For Men

Adidas have been known for their quality sportswear since the 1950s; taking their brand across the world and acting as a key part of sports technology development. Adidas cater to pretty much every sport; so whether you’re into boxing, tennis or football they’ll have the right shoes for you; perfectly developed to provide the characteristics you need for the activity. With every kind of style to choose from, from neutral black and white designs to bold colourful looks; you can easily pick a pair that works with your personality and style; while they give your feet the right support.

Best Sports Shoes For Men - Adidas Sports Shoes

Shop Adidas

Adidas sports shoes maintain a balanced mix of style and practicality; so you can easily pick a pair that suits your style as well as your sporting needs. Generally, if you’re investing in a quality pair of Adidas shoes you might want to show them off a little; so try pairing them with some cropped jeans, a simple T-shirt and a casual jacket for a relaxed, yet balanced look.

Best Sports Shoes For Men - Adidas Sports Shoes look

Nike Hiking Shoes – Best Sports Shoes For Men

Nike tends to be best known for their sports trainers; with their slim fit but sturdy designs seen across the world on everyone from professional athletes to the everyday guy. However, they’ve branched out further than just track and field sports; and have taken on the rugged mountainsides with their range of hiking shoes. Thick-soled, with enough grip to help stay on the side of a steep cliff side; and with the best support to keep your feet and ankles protected from any slips and slides; these are the best hiking boots to keep you walking through the wildness in peace.

Best Sports Shoes For Men - Nike Hiking Shoes


Although these are difficult to style in a day to day outfit; hiking boots can be worn in the city as well as the mountains; they just require a little more styling. You’re going to want to keep the outfit fairly casual; as to let’s be honest, you’re not going to create a smart casual outfit with hiking boots. Try pairing a straight leg pair of chinos with a casual grey jumper, keeping the look rugged and casual.

Best Sports Shoes For Men - Nike Hiking Shoes look

Men’s Nike Tennis Shoes – Best Sports Footwear For Men

Whether you’re a casual weekend player or part of a team; if you’re dashing around the court with a tennis racket; you’re probably going to need the right shoes to stay on the go. Thick-soled trainers are great when you’re running or hiking; but when you need the right balance between mobility and grip, you’ll probably want something a little lighter and more flexible. Keep your look traditional by going for the classic white, or go for a unique colourful look to break the mould.

Best Sports Shoes For Men - Men’s Nike Tennis Shoes


With their light-weight look and easy, comfortable style; tennis shoes for men incorporated into an everyday look without much trouble. One summer-friendly option is to grab a pair of slim fit chinos and match them with a simple oxford shirt; gaining a light, smart casual look that’s great for any occasion.

Best Sports Shoes For Men - Men’s Nike Tennis Shoes look

Your Quick Guide To Best Sports Shoes for Men

  • Make sure that whatever style shoe you go for; you’re picking one that fits your feet perfectly. There’s no breaking in trainers, so when you put them on for the first time they need to be comfortable.
  • When you’re choosing your shoes, make sure you’re keeping your sport in mind. If you need running shoes, choose trainers that have a thick sole to cushion your feet. If you need tennis shoes, go for something lightweight and with a good grip.
  • Certain brands will be more reliable than others, so if you’re looking to invest in a quality pair of sports shoes, go for well-established brands like Nike, Adidas and Asics.

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Guide To the Best Sports Shoes for Men

Sports shoes for men don’t just cover the well-known trainers we’ve all come to recognize but relate to everything from hiking boots to tennis shoes. Different styles have different properties that make them appropriate for each activity; if you’re not providing the right support to your feet you can end up with injuries to your back and legs as well as your feet. Invest in the right pair of shoes and make sure that if you’re wearing them regularly; that you get a new pair every 6-8 months to ensure they’re in the best condition. Other than that you’re free to get as neutral or experimental with the look of your sports shoes, going for colourful designs or simple, versatile styles. The choice is yours.


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