Boys Jacket Buying Guide – What To Know

Boys Jacket Buying Guide – What To Know

Boys Jacket Buying Guide

It is important for parents to be able to find a jacket that is appropriate for the weather, that fits right, and that stays within their budget. Many parents fear shopping for jackets because they can be expensive and there are so many options to choose from. Within all of the options, parents should ensure that the jacket or jackets selected are warm, comfortable, and utilitarian. Parents should remember that extra pockets are perfect for boys to carry home the treasures they find outside.

Boys Jacket Buying Guide! Finding jackets for boys does not have to be complicated or expensive though. By simply understanding how to find the right sizes, the types of jackets that are available, the various materials to choose from, ways to save money, and where to shop for them, parents can find and purchase their boy ‘ s jacket quickly and with confidence.

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Boys Jacket Buying Guide – Sizing Boys Jackets


Jackets need to be snug enough to keep the body warm, but loose enough to allow movement and a small amount of airflow. A jacket that is too big will not protect against the elements, and a jacket that is too small will restrict movements and possibly cause the body to overheat. Boys are typically very active, so they need jackets that will be able to accommodate their lifestyle. Jackets are sized by the height of the child. Unfortunately, children vary in weight so it can be tricky finding jackets based on height alone. Use the chart below to best gauge a boy’s size.

Height (Inches)39-4142-4445-4748-5051-5354-5657-59

A boy may be a size smaller or larger based on his weight. One way to help confirm a size is to look at the size of the jacket that the boy last wore as a basis to gauge the appropriate new size.

Boys Jacket Buying Guide – Types of Boys Jackets


What kind of jacket a boy needs will depend on the season and weather. In most cases, children need two jackets; one jacket for the cool months and one for the cold months. A lighter jacket will not keep a boy warm in the cold season and a heavy jacket will be far too hot to wear if it is only cool outside. How warm a jacket is will depend on the material and how it’s made. Some jackets have several layers for warmth, while others have a single breathable layer. There are many types of jackets to select from within these two categories and they all meet different needs.

The chart below discusses the various types of boys’ jackets.

Boys’ JacketDescription
Down JacketExtremely warm; thick with a lot of insulation so they are best used in the cold months
Fleece JacketWarm and light; works well in the fall months when it is cool out, but not too cold; often larger coats are lined with fleece on the inside because it is soft, comfortable, and warm
Jean JacketOn their own are semi-warm; unless lined with another fabric, they do not provide very much protection from the cold; they should only be worn when it is cool, not cold, outside
Lined JacketA type of two-in-one jacket; features an inside lining that zips out; appropriate for all seasons because they can be light or heavy
ParkaLong, thickly insulated, and warm; usually has an attached hood; designed to be worn in the colder months
RaincoatThin and waterproof; designed to keep boys dry but usually do not protect against the cold
Synthetic JacketUsually made with synthetic materials such as Gore-Tex, nylon, and polyester; lightweight, breathable, and often times waterproof
Waterproof JacketGood for rainy and snowy months; waterproof jackets keep boys dry

As parents shop, they may notice that manufacturers refer to jackets as having either a hard or soft shell. Soft shell means that the jacket is stretchy and breathable. These are usually mostly waterproof, but not 100 percent. Hard shell jackets have stiffer materials that are completely waterproof and less breathable. These are worn in harsher weather conditions.

Five Tips for Saving Money When Buying Boys Jackets


Buying jackets for boys does not have to break the bank because there are multiple ways that parents can save money. In many cases, purchasing brand new jackets can get expensive, especially if they are name brand. If parents have a tight budget, or multiple children, it may be necessary to find ways to lower expenses. These are five tips to help parents save money when shopping for boys’ jackets.


Tip 1. Buy a Size Too Big


Boys grow fast, which means that parents may have to buy two new jackets each season. Because of this, the yearly cost of new clothing can add up quickly. To make new jacket last little longer, parents can buy one that is one size too large for their boy. As long as the jacket still keeps out the cold air, the larger size will not be an issue.


Tip 2. Buy Removable Hoods


Since cold weather usually requires hats, gloves, and boots, parents can save a little extra money by purchasing a jacket with a removable hood. This way, they do not have to buy an extra hat for the winter, and the hood can be removed when the weather starts to warm up.


Tip 3. Buy Lined Jackets


Instead of purchasing a lightweight jacket and a heavy jacket for the different seasons, parents can save money by getting one lined jacket that splits into two different ones. This eliminates having to buy two new jackets each year.


Tip 4. Shopped for Used Jackets


Buying used clothing is a good way for parents to save money. Used items are always far less expensive, and if they are in good condition, they may last just as long as new jackets would. When shopping for used clothing items, parents should thoroughly check the jacket for wear and tear. Check the pockets, zippers, and fabric. If the jacket has been well maintained, then it could be a good deal.


Tip 5. Shop for Off Brands


Brand name clothing is always more expensive. The less popular brands can be made with high quality materials just like the brand name products can. All parents need to do when shopping is read the product reviews. If the off brand product has high ratings, then it is a good option to consider.

Where to Shop for Boys’ Jackets

Boys’ jackets can be found online, at clothing stores, malls, outlets, and department stores. Clothing stores tend to carry only name brand products, while department stores usually have the lower quality jackets for sale. High quality, off brand jackets is usually harder to find in local stores. Sometimes it is much easier to shop at places that have all of the products together. This allows parents to look through all of the options before deciding what to do.

Boys Jacket Buying Guide

For those who live in an area with a colder climate, or who are visiting a cold area, purchasing jackets for boys is necessary. Parents can purchase plain jackets or ones with extra features such as pockets and zippers that will keep boys happy when they are outside playing with the objects they’ve found. Plain jackets can even be spiced up with a goofy hat or funky gloves if boys are not satisfied with their appearance.

Regardless of what jackets parents are looking for, there are nearly limitless options available.

This guide has helped in the selection process by showing parents how to find the right coat size for their boy, by educating them on the different types of jackets that are available, by discussing ways in which parents can save money, and by showing parents where and how to shop for boys jackets in a way that is easy and cost effective.

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