12 Colorful Gender Neutral Nursery Palettes

Colorful Gender-Neutral Nursery Palettes

Whether you’re expecting a delivery room surprise or hoping to create a versatile space for babies yet to come, a flexible color scheme is a must. That said, choosing a gender-neutral palette can be a tricky proposition, especially for those of us with a love of color.

Neutrals, not your thing? Don’t worry. “Gender-neutral” and “bold and colorful” don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Try making a dramatic statement with bold accents set against a neutral background, or go full Technicolor with a bright, gender-neutral paring. You can even add drama to a neutral space with a moody, muted hue like dark green or navy.

Need a little inspiration? We’ve got you covered! Be ready for whatever the stork may bring with these sensible yet swoon-worthy color ideas for gender-neutral nurseries.

Colorful Gender-Neutral Nursery Palettes

1-Black, White and Bold

Black, White and Bold

Offering plenty of visual stimulation without the need for color, black and white nurseries are an excellent choice for a gender-neutral space. Want to add a little more drama? Try introducing a single, gender-neutral accent hue such as green or yellow.

This stunning, Nordic-inspired space, boats an eye-catching mix of graphic and geometric patterns, punctuated by bold Kelly Green accents.

2-Teal Power Colorful Gender-Neutral Nursery

Teal Power

Craving some color? Combing bold energy with the calming powers of blue, teal is a gender-neutral wonder hue!

In this soothing nursery space, a splash of bright and cheery teal set against light neutrals and natural textures is more than enough to quench a color-thirst without overpowering the space.

3-Earthy Orange Colorful Gender-Neutral Nursery

Earthy Orange

Rich and earthy terracotta orange anchors this bright, gender-neutral space, pairing nicely with natural wood accents and clean white furnishings to create a desert-inspired Boho look.

4-Mint and Navy Colorful Gender-Neutral Nursery

Mint and Navy

Think pastels are just for girls? Think again! This shared nursery space pairs a fresh, minty green with rich navy accents, striking a perfect gender-neutral balance.

5-Aqua and Yellow Colorful Gender-Neutral Nursery

Aqua and Yellow

Looking for a fresh take on a gender-neutral favorite? This bright and modern nursery, pairs bold, citrus-yellow accents with a cool and calming shade of aqua, creating a balanced look that’s sunny without being overly bright.

6-Grey, Aqua, and Coral Colorful Gender-Neutral Nursery

Grey, Aqua, and Coral

Bold coral and fresh aqua pack a one-two punch in this gorgeous baby room. The energetic color combo brought to life by a dramatic patterned accent wall, pairs beautifully with the room’s neutral grey walls, creating a cheery palette with a gender-neutral appeal.

7-Red, White, and Blue Colorful Gender-Neutral Nursery

Red, White, and Blue Colorful Gender-Neutral Nursery Palettes

Paired with clean white furniture and set against bold red accents, this frosty aqua nursery, offers a stylish, gender-neutral take on the traditional blue and red boy’s room.

8-Gold and Grey Colorful Gender-Neutral Nursery

Gold and Grey Colorful Gender-Neutral Nursery Palettes

This beautiful gender-neutral nursery punctuates an all-white space with subtle silver-grey dotted wallpaper and rich mustard-gold accessories, giving the room a modern, sophisticated feel.

9-Neutral Navy

Neutral Navy Colorful Gender-Neutral Nursery Palettes

A bold accent wall in a neutral, grey-washed navy adds weight to this simple gender-neutral nursery, anchoring focus through colorful contrast.

10-Soothing Sage

Soothing Sage Colorful Gender-Neutral Nursery Palettes

Searching for a soothing hue? Try a pale moss or a muted sage. Rich and versatile, these soft greens go with everything, offering a more colorful alternative to grey or greige.

Calming sage walls and rich greenery give this sun-drenched gender-neutral nursery space an earthy, Boho vibe.

11-Hunter Green Colorful Gender-Neutral Nursery

Hunter Green Colorful Gender-Neutral Nursery Palettes

A deep shade of green makes a colorful statement in this simple, Boho-inspired nursery. The hand-woven Aztec rug offers the perfect counterweight, balancing the bold accent wall with its dramatic black and white pattern.

12-Rainbow Bright

Rainbow Bright Colorful Gender-Neutral Nursery Palettes

Bright, primary-colored accessories set against a crisp white backdrop offer another refreshing; the color-drenched alternative to the all-neutral nursery, resulting in a space that’s perfect for either gender and easy to update as your little one matures.

Inspired by a dreamy South African babymoon; this bold and colorful twin nursery­ introduces a rainbow of stunning color without using so much as a drop of paint.

Beautiful Blue Nursery Ideas for Boys and Girls

If you’re struggling to settle on the perfect nursery color, you can’t go wrong with a soothing shade of blue.

Like a calm sea or cloudless sky, the color blue tends to give us a sense that all is right with the world. Psychologists have found that exposure to this calming hue can reduce feelings of anxiety and aggression, making it a natural salve for nervous newborns and tantrum-prone toddlers. A blue nursery may even help your little one fall asleep faster, physically reducing their blood pressure and heart rate and preparing their tiny body for rest.

Need another reason to get on the blue bandwagon? How about 20? Whether you prefer bold and modern or simple and sweet, this inspiring round-up of beautiful blue nurseries is practically guaranteed to put you on team blue.

1-Coastal Blues

Coastal Blues

Full of coastal charm, this stunning yet understated baby room uses blue patterned elements, such as the wallpaper print accent wall and rough-woven striped rug, to capture the color and movement of the ocean.

2-Moody Blue Accents

Moody Blue Accents

A dramatic wall treatment in a deep shade of navy sets a moody tone in this Boho-inspired contemporary nursery. Rich green plant life, gold accents, and mustard yellow accessories pop against the room’s muted backdrop, creating a subtle balance that keeps things feeling cheery.

3-Waves of Blue Gender-Neutral Nursery Palettes

Waves of Blue

A simple and easy-to-recreate Ombre-effect wall treatment produces a soft, lapping wave of soothing aqua in this refreshing coastal-inspired nursery.

4-Starry Night Gender-Neutral Nursery Palettes

Starry Night

With its navy night, sky, bold yellow accents, and eye-catching moon lamp; this space-themed nursery is out-of-this-world adorable.

5-Sunny Day Gender-Neutral Nursery Palettes

Sunny Day

Fresh aqua walls paired with sunny yellow accents give this bright and airy nursery space a cheerful summer-day vibe.

6-Cobalt Beauty Gender-Neutral Nursery Palettes

Cobalt Beauty

Love color? Don’t be afraid to go bold! This stunning nursery balances a rich cobalt blue with clean white accents for a look that feels bright and refreshing despite the pigment-rich hue. By painting the ceiling in the same deep shade, the designer also creates an illusion of space, preventing the dark walls from closing in and feeling too oppressive.

7-Half and Half Gender-Neutral Nursery Palettes

Half and Half

If you’re ready to rock a bold hue but are working with a small space, consider splitting things 50-50. A half-wall treatment in a weighty shade, such as the one featured in this bright contemporary space, can actually have a space-enhancing effect; anchoring the room while allowing the upper wall and ceiling to create the illusion of a dome.

8-Barely Blue Gender-Neutral Nursery Palettes

Barely Blue

Prefer something a little more understated? A subtle tint of barely-there blue provides a soothing backdrop in this minimalist nursery, softening the harsh effects of an all-white space while maintaining a low-key appeal.

9-Fresh Florals

Fresh Florals

If you think blue doesn’t have a feminine side, think again! With its large-scale floral print, soft textures, and pastel accents, this beautiful blue, and pink nursery is all girl!

10-Periwinkle Perfection

Periwinkle Perfection Colorful Gender-Neutral Nursery Palettes

A subtle hint of violet transforms a soft blue into a charming shade of periwinkle in this sweet, vintage nursery room. Kept light and airy and paired with soothing pastels like pale peach and muted sage, this spring-inspired favorite is a lovely option for a little girl’s room.

11-Blue Skies

Blue Skies Colorful Gender-Neutral Nursery Palettes

Featuring a realistic sky mural complimented by layer upon layer of soft cloud-inspired texture, this soothing blue and pink nursery room invites you and your little one to cozy up and watch the sky drift by.

12-Aqua and Red

Aqua and Red Colorful Gender-Neutral Nursery Palettes

Craving something sweet? With its candy-apple accents and cotton candy walls, this unusual blue and red nursery are certain to satisfy!

13-Teal Cute

Teal Cute Colorful Gender-Neutral Nursery Palettes

A splash of bold teal brings a vibrant yet soothing energy to this simple gender-neutral nursery space. Often overlooked, teal is a near-perfect nursery neutral, combining the calming influences of blue with the energizing effects of green. It’s a great choice if you want to amp up the drama in your design without overpowering your space.

14-Clean Slate

Clean Slate Colorful Gender-Neutral Nursery Palettes

A medium shade of gray-infused blue creates drama in this clean contemporary space. Masculine and somewhat industrial, it’s the perfect accent hue for your little man.

15-Indigo and Orange

Indigo and Orange Colorful Gender-Neutral Nursery Palettes

Blue and orange have long been a popular color pairing for boys’ rooms. In this cute contemporary space, a deep indigo blue meets an energetic orange, giving the traditional palette a tad more punch.

16-Navy and Pink

Navy and Pink Colorful Gender-Neutral Nursery Palettes

Looking for a more feminine take on a bold color pairing? This rich navy space uses bright pink accents to create vivid contrast, giving the already dramatic wall color a natural energy boost.


Peak-a-blue Colorful Gender-Neutral Nursery Palettes

When paired with a few mood-setting accessories; a touch of blue is all it takes to transform an all-white space into a soothing ocean scene. This minimalistic coastal nursery offers an excellent example of the power of suggestion; creating an understated theme using only a scattering of blue accents and one or two well-placed nautical accessories.

18-Mint and Navy

Mint and Navy Colorful Gender-Neutral Nursery Palettes

People don’t often pair greens with blues, but this underutilized color duo actually makes for a charming nursery palette. In this versatile nursery space, navy accents and clean mint walls make for a refreshing gender-neutral combo. You could also try setting a soft sage against a periwinkle or a gray-infused blue or boosting a rich navy or cobalt blue with a pop of sherbet-inspired lime.

19-Powder Fresh

Powder Fresh Colorful Gender-Neutral Nursery Palettes

Powder blue gets a fresh update in this beautiful woodland nursery. Set against silver-gray walls and paired with soft pink and blue accessories; the room’s soothing blue accent wall offers a subtle nod to nursery tradition while boasting a chic tribal theme and a clean, contemporary look.

20-Inky Print

Inky Print Colorful Gender-Neutral Nursery Palettes

A show-stopping wallpaper print featuring whimsical drawings of woodland flowers and animals; adds a playful touch to this bright and charming nursery. Striking yellow accents set off the inky indigo print, while plenty of clean white panelings allow the room’s boldly colored and patterned elements to really shine.

Green Nurseries for Room Inspiration

Looking for the perfect nursery color? Look outside! Whether you’re designing a gender-neutral nursery or simply craving a fresh, natural shade for your little one’s space, green is an increasingly popular choice. It has recently burst onto the nursery scene in shades across the spectrum.

Studies have long shown that exposure to this rich and versatile color can reduce anxiety and promote a baby’s sense of health and well-being. But green’s calming superpowers are not limited to pastel shades of mint and sage. Darker shades of green have an almost magical ability to soothe the soul, combining the nurturing power of Mother Nature with the moody drama of a pigment-heavy color. Even deep shades of hunter and jade can make a delicious statement while remaining deceptively neutral, especially in more muted shades. The grayer the tone, the more neutral the color.

So move over navy—there’s a new power neutral in town, and it’s driving the locals green with envy. Need a little inspiration? These beautiful green nurseries shown in a variety of shades and styles should do the trick.

1-Dino-mite Green

Dino-mite Green

A black and white floral-inspired wallpaper print dotted with green dinosaurs brings a touch of childhood whimsy to this dramatic olive-hued nursery. The simplicity of the space stands in clever contrast to the richness of the wall treatments, allowing the walls to pull focus while maintaining a comfortable sense of balance.

2-Green on Blue

Green on Blue

An electric shade of kelly green creates a lovely contrast against the pale blue walls in this soft and serene nursery space.

3-Sage and Peach Paradise

Sage and Peach Paradise

Soft, peachy accents fill this soothing sage-green nursery with girlish charm. This gorgeous neutral coats the room from top to bottom, somehow pulling even the trim into its luxurious grasp without over-powering the space. Gorgeous!

4-Minty Fresh

Minty Fresh

Never underestimate the power of fresh and minty color. This barely-there hue of pastel green brings a soft hum of energy to this otherwise all-white nursery space.

5-Strikingly Modern

Strikingly Modern

A show-stopping feature wall in a dark muted green compliments the clean lines and natural textures of this cozy, yet sophisticated nursery. The black and white rug, with its dramatic striped pattern, helps to ground the bold green hue in this otherwise bright and airy space.

6-Muted Teal

Muted Teal

Bold shades of burnt citrus and rich teal pop against muted teal walls and a bevy of natural tones and textures in this charmingly appointed nursery space.

7-Natural Hues

Natural Hues

Natural textures are an excellent complement to nature’s most predominant hue. This adorable safari-themed nursery with boho touches pairs a muted green with natural wood tones and rich, natural fibers for a look that’s inspired by nature.

8-Hint of Green

Hint of Green

Dark hues, even in decidedly neutral colors like green or navy, can be intimidating. Want to add a little drama to your nursery without overpowering your space? Try taking the one-third approach.

This beautiful nursery features an inexpensive and easy-to-recreate faux board and batten wall treatment crowned with a dark and moody green accent hue.

9-Tropi-Cool Nursery

Tropi-Cool Nursery

Rich, tropical greens and sunny yellows give this gender-neutral nursery room a bright and cheery feel. Natural woods and organic textures complete the space, enhancing the theme.

10-Weighty Neutral

Weighty Neutral Colorful Gender-Neutral Nursery Palettes

Looking for a simpler approach? This toddler’s nursery uses a weighty green hue to ground the space with color while preserving its airy, neutral charm.

11-Punchy Green Accents

Punchy Green Accents Colorful Gender-Neutral Nursery Palettes

Bold Kelly green accents add a whole new dimension to this graphic black and white nursery space. It punches up the drama while maintaining a modern, gender-neutral aesthetic.

12-Black, White, and Bold

Black, White, and Bold Colorful Gender-Neutral Nursery Palettes

Love bold color? You’ll love this striking color-filled nursery. Fresh white furniture and accessories balance rich forest-green walls while clean, modern lines and metallic gold accents add an undeniable touch of sophistication.

13-Cactus & Bloom Nursery

Cactus & Bloom Nursery Colorful Gender-Neutral Nursery Palettes

A whimsical cactus-print mural introduces shades of vibrant green, complimented with bloom-inspired pink accents, in this sweet baby girl nursery.

14-Summer Daze

Summer Daze Colorful Gender-Neutral Nursery Palettes

We adore the bold yellow bed frames, plush green accent rug, and colorful rainbow motif in this bright and airy toddler nursery. This room brings sunshine and long play-filled summer afternoons to mind.

15-Gold, Green, and Glam

Gold, Green, and Glam Colorful Gender-Neutral Nursery Palettes

This beautiful baby girl’s room couldn’t be more glam if it tried. Multiple shades of green, ranging from mint to olive, offer a refreshing alternative to the traditional all-pink nursery palette while lux gold accessories, peachy-pink accents, and a dramatic floral accent wall keep the space feeling chic and feminine.

16-Fresh and Fabulous

Fresh and Fabulous Colorful Gender-Neutral Nursery Palettes

Soft mint walls meet bold color in this fresh and funky navy blue and hot pink nursery space. This is a color-saturated space that doesn’t feel over-the-top.

17-Floral Accents

Floral Accents

A large-scale floral wallpaper mural introduces subtle hues of green and blush into this soft and girly space.

18-Green and Earthy

Green and Earthy Colorful Gender-Neutral Nursery Palettes

A deep and earthy green paired with rich; Southwestern-inspired accents in burnt pink and orange hues creates the perfect backdrop for this cactus-themed nursery space.

19-Botanical Beauty

Botanical Beauty Colorful Gender-Neutral Nursery Palettes

A touch of neutral green goes a long way in this botanically-inspired nursery, creating a subtle sense of depth in this clean, white, minimalist space.

20-Shades of Citrus

Shades of Citrus Colorful Gender-Neutral Nursery Palettes

A boldly patterned wallpaper print featuring flashy shades of green and yellow makes for a swoon-worthy space. The distinctly vintage feel in this charming girls’ room by Lulu and Georgia gets even more flavor thanks to the burnt pink accents and unexpected palette.

21-Jungle Love Gender-Neutral Nursery

Jungle Love

With its lush green wallpaper and rich mustard yellow accents, this jungle-inspired nursery is enough to make a mama swoon! Dark woods ground the dramatic design, which complements the weighty print. The ample white space ensures a bright, well-balanced design.