Buying from an Authorized Dealer

Whether you prefer go shop online or at the mall, your best option is to make the most informed choice.

The advantages of buying from authorized dealer

  • Authorized dealers are obligated to the manufacturer – if you encounter a problem with a purchase that the dealer has not solved, you have the option of contacting the manufacturer to assist you with your claim
  • Some authorized dealers are adding extended warranties in addition to the manufacturer’s factory warranty
  • Factory warranties are honored by all authorized dealer as well as the manufacturer’s service center.
  • Authorized dealers have the ability to special order accessories
  • You can mail order directly from an authorized dealer-they can resize the wristband before it ships

Some disadvantages when dealing with an authorized dealer

  • Highly variable in knowledge, courtesy and willingness to negotiate
  • Staffed by sales people with only basic sales experience
  • If you do not look well-off. may not take you seriously as a customer
  • Multiple dealers in your area – will need to shop multiple locations to negotiate your best deal or find the item you want
  • No dealers in your area
  • Difficult to locate an authorized dealers
  • Inconvenient hours of operation.
  • Limited inventory
  • Excessively handling of merchandise, causing fading, scratches, etc. No boxes available
  • Limited accessories inventory
  • May not carry all new models

Gauging Internet Reviews and Postings

Most issues are isolated incidents and something went awry for any number of reasons. In spite of the fact that high-end merchandise has more stringent manufacturing guidelines, things can, and do, wrong at times.

Additionally, first-time of luxury and mechanical watch owners may have unreasonable expectations or misunderstandings about the limits of these fine timepieces. Oftentimes, the reviews and bad publicity may come from concerns rather than actually relating to real defects or issues with the watch.

Consider the number of complaints over the number of years- any brand will have some reported problems.  Given the moderately small number of claims, these are typically addressed within the warranty period. These watch manufacturers enjoy an excellent success rate.  .

Unfortunately, some unhappy customers post an anti-company reviews to harass the company–often out of vengeance. Their campaigns rarely pay off. It has also been know that some individuals cannot be pacified and continue their posting long after the issue has been resolved.

Keep in mind that for every unhappy customer, there are thousands of satisfied clients.



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