Tips for Buying Gold Jewelry – Jewelry Guide

Tips for Buying Gold Jewelry – Jewelry Guide

Tips for Buying Gold Jewelry

Buying Gold Jewelry

One of the first tips when buying gold jewelry is to check to see if you are allergic to gold, or any metals that are commonly mixed with gold to make it harder. The second thing to keep in mind is to be sure you are purchasing from a reputable dealer. You can also have it professionally checked to ensure it is real gold. Compare pricing for the particular type of gold jewelry you are looking to purchase and what the average cost is to ensure you are getting the best deal.

Here we have listed some of the most common things to look for when buying gold jewelry: Tips for Buying Gold Jewelry

First, decide on the color of gold jewelry you prefer before shopping for gold jewelry.

Though yellow gold is very popular, you can also find gold jewelry in white, rose and even designer colors such as brown, green and blue.

Learn and understand what the karat amounts in gold jewelry mean and how they affect durability and pricing.

Gold is measured in karats. Most jewelry is made in 10, 14 and 18, with 24 karat gold being pure. However, gold in its purest form is soft, so it is commonly mixed with base metals such as copper, silver, nickel or zinc to make jewelry.

familiarization yourself with karat markings. Most pieces of gold jewelry are stamped with the specific karat quality, called a hallmark, and is usually found on the inside part of each piece.

Higher karat weights are more expensive, and also softer.

Consider the weight of gold and how that affects the cost and durability before purchasing gold jewelry. Gold jewelry is usually weighed in grams. The higher the gram weight, the more expensive the piece.

Keep in mind that higher karat quality makes the pieces more vulnerable to damage with regular wear. Pieces such as rings and bracelets that are likely to be bumped and scratched are sturdier when purchased in 14 or 10 karat gold.

Visit different shops to find pieces you may want to buy. Though jewelry stores are the most common places to shop for gold jewelry, nice pieces can also be found in pawn shops and by shopping online.

Ask the jewelry or salesperson about return policies and certificates of authenticity when purchasing gold jewelry.

This will protect you as the consumer should you need to return your jewelry.

In addition, having a certificate of authenticity ensures that you are purchasing a quality piece of solid gold jewelry. It should also indicate the value of the piece.

More Tips for Buying Gold Jewelry

  • Gold jewelry may also be plated or filled. Keep in mind that this is a coating of gold over base metal, and is not solid gold jewelry. Solid gold refers to any piece that is of a specific karat weight.
  • When shopping for gold rings, do not purchase pieces that have very thin bands. Wear and tear can cause breakage on delicate pieces worn on the hand.
  • Jeweler’s scales are available to check the weight of gold pieces. If you are shopping for gold jewelry at pawn or thrift shops, consider purchasing a jeweler’s scale to take along with you to help you to determine the gold weight and the appropriate prices.

Tips for Buying Gold Jewelry – Warnings

It is not required by law for gold jewelry to have a karat quality stamp or hallmark. If your selection not stamped; ask the salesperson or jewelry to guarantee that it is solid gold. Do not purchase the piece if you have concerns about its authenticity.