Celebrating one of the Most Important Days in Your Life – Your Wedding

Planning your is fun. Every bride-to-be wants her day to be perfect in every way.  Inviting people to come to your wedding and join you in celebrating this joyous occasion is exciting!

Creating Excitement

Your wedding invitations will create excitement for your friends and family.  They will envision you, stunning in your wedding gown as you walk down the aisle.  The exciting part for you is when all the people you have invited start replying – they want to be a part of your special day! Weddings are fun!

Your Invitations

Your InvitationsYour invitation is very personal – whether you are having a large wedding, sending out 100 printed invitations or a small wedding, and sending out 25 handmade invitations, it is an expression of you and your fiancé.  Handmade invitations used to be personalised with the recipient’s name – you may choose to do this with yours. Imagine how your guests will feel receiving such a unique invitation.

Invitations today are available with hundreds of standard sayings to choose from; the message typically requests the honour of your guest’s attendance to witness your marriage. However, if you choose to be unique, you can design your cards from scratch and customize a message you and your fiancé wish to have printed.  Be sure to include all the important information for your guests.


If the couple is young and it is their first marriage, and if both sets of parents are to attend, some people include their names such as:

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jones and Mr. and Mrs. David Smith request the honour of your presence at the wedding of (join in celebrating the union of) their daughter Ms. Elisa Jones and their son, David Smith, II”

If the couple is paying for their own wedding, then only the couple’s names should be on the invitation.

Date, Time, Location

Every invitation should have the date, time and location printed, in that order. Although many people have smartphones with GPS and will have no trouble finding the place, some people include a small map or directions.


If there is a reception that follows the wedding ceremony, it may be included on the wedding invitation if everyone is invited. If you wish to be selective in inviting certain guests to the reception, then a separate reception invitation card with an RSVP request can be included in the envelope with the wedding invitation.


Whatever your wedding theme, whether a big formal church wedding with a couple of hundred in attendance or a backyard get-together informal affair, your invitation should convey this, so that your guests can dress appropriately

This is your BIG day!  Have fun designing your invitations! Your wedding day will be perfect!




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