Children’s Toys Around the World

Children’s Toys Around the World

Children’s Toys Around the World

Toys are fun -It doesn’t matter what village, town, city or country you visit, kids play with toys. Young children don’t care who the toy was designed for; girls play with “boy’s” toys such as trucks, fire engines, power tools. They go on to become firefighters, chemists, bio-tech engineers and much more. Boys may play with toy kitchen sets as small children, fix breakfast for their “baby’—they grow up to become respectable executive chefs, nurses, caregivers, etc. They might also find that they enjoy the toys from their childhood and collect them throughout years, similar to these 80s toys.

So what does this all have to do with toys you may ask? Let’s take a look!

Toy designers all around the world are developing toys to help children develop to a higher level of performance earlier and earlier. The toys they are designing, while being colorfully attractive, help infants and toddlers start learning sooner. From early childhood on, these toys are designed to stimulate their growing minds and develop cognitive thinking.

Let’s examine some toys in various countries:

Children’s Toys Around the World

Toys in the U.K

Children’s Toys Around the World - Toys in the U.KAmazon, In the U.K for example, offers toys that :

  • teach-colors &shapes
  • develops eye/hand coordination
  • help develop large motor skill
  • teaches approval & reward value system
  • and much more…

Children’s Toys Around the World - Toys in the U.K.2 Toys such as this teach:

  • counting
  • spatial relations

Others teach a combination of skills, such as:

  • Children’s Toys Around the World - Toys in the U.K.3time
  • math
  • spelling
  • colors

Probably the most important aspect of any toy should be FUN! Stimulating young minds through toys is wonderful; kinds should be kids and should enjoy their childhood. Remember, children learn by example, so providing the right kinds of toys that entertain and stimulate the imagination will help them develop into well-rounded individuals, with lots of self-confidence and a natural tendency to face challenges head on.

Here are some more ideas on toys that teach, entertain and are lots of FUN to play with:

Children’s Toys Around the World - Toys in the U.K.4Teach your child to be organized and pick up their toys and store them.

Organized living leads to organized thinking.

Children’s Toys Around the World - Toys in the U.K.5For the little chefs in your house, a mini-kitchen set up will inspire them to “cook” and “prepare” meals, same as Mommy and Daddy…

Children’s Toys Around the World - Toys in the U.K.6

What kid doesn’t like to play in the dirt…let them play! It’s only dirt and that washes off!

Maybe someday your little entrepreneur will be a shipping magnate, shipping cargo all over the world…

Children’s Toys Around the World - Toys in the U.K.7

…or a Rock Star, travelling the world and playing to sold-out audiences

Children’s Toys Around the World - Toys in the U.K.9They may be the one to build the world’s tallest, safest building…

Children’s Toys Around the World - Toys in the U.K.8…or maybe your child will be the next Louis Pasteur and find the cure for some of the world’s 1000’s of diseases…

Children’s Toys Around the World - Toys in the U.K.10Be savvy in the toys you buy for your children or give as gifts. Safe, quality toys will allow your child to engage, experiment and develop a solid sense of self and well-being. At all costs, avoid some of the inappropriate toys that represent actions and themes that may be age-inappropriate or that send the wrong message. There are plenty of good, quality toys to choose from—choose wisely! Delight your kids with a selection of unique toys, from creative construction toys to classic toys to educational toys, and especially to kid’s toys that encourage good-old-fashioned play.

Toys from Spain

Children’s Toys Around the World - Toys from Spain 1Fat Brain Toys, one of Spain’s leading educational toy online retailers, is constantly introducing new toys to its line.

Now your children can “Hit the road” for an exciting adventure with a the camper, that is ready to travel the whole country from coast to coast.

This toy camper comes equipped a kitchen area where there’s a realistic sink and stove to whip up some tasty meals. It even has a fold-out table and chairs set for the family to enjoy a great meal under a retractable awning that provides the family with plenty of shade!

Let your kid’s imagination go!”This is the best vacation yet Mom & Dad!

Children’s Toys Around the World - Toys from Spain 2Check out this Plasma Bike made in Spain!

“A Balance Bike like no other!

Holds up to 55lbs—just a fun, encouraging and progressive start to bicycle riding. Its unique design encourages balance, coordination and motor skill development while offering a fun ride.

Children as young as 18 months can enjoy the freedom of riding without the added complication of training wheels or anxiety of having to hold their balance too long, too early.

Unlike most balance bikes, wide wheels assist children in keeping Plasma Bike upright in a stopped or stationary position, giving children added confidence and promoting self-esteem. The wide wheels and limited steering range enhance balancing capabilities and provide a smoother transition to a conventional 2-wheel ride.

Children’s Toys Around the World - Toys from Spain 3

The Toy Planet Catalogue prides itself in showing kids in non-traditional roles to help parents understand the importance of not “labelling” toys as gender-specific. All toys can be fun and entertaining for both boys and girls.

Children’s Toys Around the World - Toys from Spain 4Girls love firefighting as much as boys. They love watching car chases, crashes and things that go BOOM!

Children’s Toys Around the World - Toys from Spain 5Let her play with firetrucks and save the world and let him pretend to do the laundry!

Children’s Toys Around the World - Toys from Spain 6Being Harry Potter for a day can be as much fun as anything else….let them dress up in the costumes of their favorite characters! Dress up along with them!

This innovative approach to children’s toys imitate today’s realities. Encourage your children to explore, express themselves and find themselves as they come up in today’s challenging world.

Toys from France

Children’s Toys Around the World - Toys from France 1France prides itself on the beautifully detailed toys it offers for your child’s enjoyment. The use of bright primary colors combined with the safety features for little tykes makes France’s toys much sought after.

Children’s Toys Around the World - Toys from France 2Pick from toys by the designer Janod, a xylophone for children or a children’s Vilac guitar. If you are looking for a children’s toy from France, French Blossom has a lovely selection of soft and plush toys, handmade in France by designers such as Les Petites Maries plus decorative characters from fun French designers.

Children’s Toys Around the World - Toys from France 3Develop your little musician with these colorful toy instruments made in France.

Children’s Toys Around the World - Toys from France 4If you’re little one is more adventurous, these French crafted wooden toys will delight your child for hours on end.

Children’s Toys Around the World - Toys from France 6Children’s Toys Around the World - Toys from France 5Or maybe it’s Tea Time! This beautifully crafted Tea Set by Nathalie Lete will delight even the most playful child with its artistic crafting, reminiscent of your Granny’s tea set.

Children’s Toys Around the World - Toys from France 7The retro, 1930’s inspired design of the ‘Fire Truck’ and Blue Roadster pedal car is certain to be a favorite with all children. With wooden ladders on each side, fire hose and a bell on the front, the bright red fire truck from Baghera is a great working vehicle for children to imagine they are young fire-fighters.

Children’s Toys Around the World - Toys from France 8Each metal pedal car is handmade in France and takes many hours of careful labor to ensure the highest levels of craftsmanship and exquisite detailing are obtained. These cars are quintessentially stylish, chic, retro and above all a lot of fun. – They are so beautiful there is a great chance they will be passed down through families as heirlooms.

Children’s Toys Around the World - Toys from France 9Children’s Toys Around the World - Toys from France 10These cute little soother toy animal blankets help make all boo-boos better. Your little one will feel better almost instantly with Blossom Bunny or Bashful the Monkey close by. Ideal for small hands to hold, this toy will be hard to put down and is certain to receive lots of cuddles from little ones…

Toys from Germany

Great toys are made in EVERY country; today’s parents like to know where products they’re purchasing are manufactured. Following is a listing of toys from Fat Brain Toys that are manufactured in Germany.

Children’s Toys Around the World - Toys from Germany 1

If it’s a fire fighter’s life your little ones talk about, going on a wild safari on the plains of Africa or launching into space to meet up with the space station, your kids will enjoy hour after hour of fun and entertainment with these quality toys made in Germany.

Children’s Toys Around the World - Toys from Germany 2This toy provides hours of rescue missions for your little Coastie. Keeping the coastline safe with the Playmobil Coast Guard Station turns playtime into the ultimate sea-rescue adventure.

The three coastguardsmen and the boat driver scan the horizon with their binoculars and computers, searching for any signs of trouble.Walk the catwalk pathway for a better view – And don’t forget to switch on the big light so ships at sea don’t accidentally run ashore.

Suddenly, one of the phones starts ringing. Quick! – Climb down the ladder and load the boat with all the supplies you need – First aid kit, rescue rings, fire extinguisher, walkie-talkies, and more. Then, turn the crank to lower the boat down the ramp and straight into the water – It’s time to launch into real rescue action! Follow the boat’s GPS computer as the powerful twin engines send the crew speeding fast through the waves.

Children’s Toys Around the World - Toys from Germany 3Toss one of the rescue rings while one of the crew members straps on the SCUBA gear and swims to the rescue –
Once everyone’s back in the boat, race back to the station, use the hook winch to pull the boat back into the garage, and set up the special medical equipment as quickly as possible.

If your child is constantly asking “why”, maybe it’s time for this detective kit. With this toy, your little Sherlock Holmes or Nancy Drew will:

  • Strengthens observation skills, problem-solving
  • Encourages kids to look into motivation, opportunity, and ability of others
  • Learn the basics of forensics and criminology
  • Solve the crime!
  • Learn to observe people closely to give an accurate profile
  • Learn to take and analyze fingerprints
  • Learn to observe crime scenes
  • Set up your office and set up a lab to analyze findings
  • Secure the crime scene!
  • Learn to analyze footprints and tire prints, and create plaster casts
  • Detect counterfeit money
  • Learn to write and decipher codes, write in invisible ink, and use symbols
  • And much more….

Children’s Toys Around the World - Toys from Germany 4For older children, consider Ubongo! Let the shape-flipping excitement begin!

Flip, place, connect, arrange, flip again, connect – Once you’ve successfully filled the space on your game board, yell “Ubongo!!” and collect your gems.

The first to finish grabs a random gem from the bag, plus a blue gem. The second grabs a random gem plus a brown one. The third and fourth simply grab random ones. Ready for round two?

Keep on playing, arranging, and collecting round after round. The different colors of gems are each worth different points. The player with the most valuable gem collection at the end of the game wins!

Fast-paced, easy to learn, and brilliantly brain-busting, Ubongo is a thrilling challenge the whole family will enjoy.


  • Fast-paced game of arranging shapes into a designated space
  • Encourages quick thinking, logic, spatial reasoning skills, critical thinking
  • Geometry becomes a challenging thrill for the whole family

Toys from Japan

Japan is home to some of the most famous toys in the world, like Furby or the Tamagotchi. Japan has always been known for its forward and innovative thinking when it comes to designing toys and games for all ages, utilizing the most up-to-date software and technologies available. Japanese toys are considered some of the most high-tech games in the world. Take a look at some of the newest releases since Star Wars: The Force Awakens was released.

Children’s Toys Around the World - Toys from Japan 1The Star Wars Phenomenon continues. This icon 3D BB-8 is really is a Rubik’s Cube, complete with moving and rotating parts.There is also an R2-D2 version of the Rubik’s Cube.

Children’s Toys Around the World - Toys from Japan 2The Star Wars Infrared Control Chara-Falcon are mini flying toys available in Millennium Falcon, X-wing Starfighter, or TIE fighter versions

Traditional Toys of Japan

Japan has many traditional children’s games and toys dating back hundreds of years. Many originate from the Edo period, when Japan had relatively little contact with the outside world. The toys’ simplicity and ease of use, and gorgeous designs have made them popular into the present day.

Kendama (Cup-and-ball Game)

Children’s Toys Around the World - Traditional Toys of JapanThis game will sharpen eye/hand coordination and requires a lot of skill. Children and adults have enjoyed this game for many generations. Kendama is one of the 20th century’s quintessential traditional Japanese games. Even today, Kendama can be found everywhere and national Kendama tournaments are common. “Ken” refers to the shape, a wooden handle resembling a sword hilt. There is a spike on the top, and cups on either side and on the bottom. “Dama” is the ball, which is attached to the handle with a string and has a hole in it fitting the spike. The goal is to swing the ball in the air and make it land on the top spike or inside any of the cups. It’s said there are over 1,000 Kendama techniques!

Daruma Otoshi (The Falling Daruma)

Children’s Toys Around the World - Traditional Toys of Japan 2Daruma Otoshi (“The Falling Buddha”) is another of many traditional Japanese toys made of wood, in this case a Daruma doll based on Bodhidharma, the founder of Zen Buddhism. In Daruma Otoshi, the Daruma doll is a tall cylinder with five separate stacked pieces in different primary colors, with the head placed at the very top. Using a small hammer, the goal is to start at the bottom and knock away each section without disturbing the rest of the stack—until only the head remains! If the Daruma falls down before then, the game is over. How would you stack up?

Tako (Japanese Handmade Paper Kites)

Children’s Toys Around the World - Traditional Toys of Japan 3Tako are old-style kites traditionally made with Japanese handmade paper and bamboo.

Although Japanese kites date back to the Nara period (649-794 AD), different regions became known for different designs during the Edo period.

Tokyo kites were rectangular and painted in a woodblock print style, while Nagasaki is still known for its diamond fighter kites.

Nagoya has kites based on insect shapes like horseflies, cicadas, and bees, each with a hummer that buzzes in the wind! Hamamatsu makes hexagonal kites which are used in a Boys’ Day (May 5th) kite festival. Teams compete to keep in the air and cut down the other team’s kite lines.