Choosing the Perfect Timepiece

Choosing the Perfect Timepiece

Choosing the Perfect Timepiece

For those who like wearing watches, choosing the right timepiece is important. Above all else, the watch should complement your personal style as well as suit the occasion; this applies to both men and women. Consider owning 2-3 watches; a sporty or casual watch for daily wear; an elegant watch for evenings and a dress watch for more formal affairs.

5 Quick Tips for choosing the right timepiece

  1. Choose a watch that suits your lifestyle –
    • Should be suitable for use in home and work environment
    • One watch would be enough for use if you work in a casual environment
  2. Choose according to your personality type
  3. Sports watches are less expensive than casual or formal watches.
    • They serve more of a functional purpose
    • Sports watches come with features such as stopwatch, diving depths, a compass, and temperature reading, and even pitching speed readers.
  4. Stainless steel bands are stronger than the leather strap and are rust and water-resistant
  5. Gold or gold-plated watches are classy and look elegant

When shopping for a timepiece, consider the following:

  • How will you be using it – casual, executive, athletic, formal
  • Know your budget – buy a quality piece so that it lasts
  • What are your personal preferences – leather, metal, gold, stainless, bejeweled
  • Is this an investment? buying quality will offer the opportunity for many years of enjoyment; as well as passing it down to future generations
  • Is this the only timepiece or will you have others for special occasions? TAG Heuer offers many styles that cross over very nicely

Choosing a Man’s WatchChoosing the perfect timepiece for Man 

Below are some quick references to help you select the perfect watch for men. taking the points above into consideration:

  • Dress/Classic watches
    – Gold material
    – Plain and thin case
  • Designer watches
    – designed by someone with a world-wide reputation
  • Sports watches
    • Large bezels with prominent markings
      – Water-resistant to some degree
      – Thick, luminous hands and markings

Do you know the rules on how to match these different styles with your clothing?

There are 5 watch matching rules you can use to ensure your watch and clothing always look great together!

Watch Movement Types:

  • Mechanical chronographer (manual and automatic)
    -needs winding, either manually or automatically (wrist motion)
  • Quartz chronographer
    -no necessity for winding
  • -need battery replacements
  • Automatic quartz or kinetic 
    – quartz watch movements are self-winding

    • no batteries required
  • Lithium-iodine (LID) batteries 
    – special titanium lithium-ion secondary battery; that charged by silicon solar cell, could run from 30 days to 3,175 days (8.7 years)
  • Eco-drive movement Thermo
    – Citizen Eco-Drive Thermo watches introduced in 1999 and uses the temperature difference; between the wearer’s arm and the surrounding environment as a power source

Research the brands you are most interested in – learn some facts about the watch manufacturer’s reputation.

  • Ask friends, relatives, and co-workers about brands they have chosen
  • Go to manufacturer’s website and post questions/read the FAQs
Buy from reputable retailers
  • If you plan to buy online, shop authorized retailers
  • Choose a few models and go to a local retailer to see in person before buying online
  • Buyer beware – if the price seems too good to be true, it is probably counterfeit
Buy the Right Size
  • If you are of large stature then chose watches with large faces
  • But If you are small of stature choose more compact watch models
The Watch Band

Choosing a Ladies’ WatchChoosing a Ladies’ Watch

Ladies’ watches must have a “WOW!” factor!

Women like uniqueness –  from their outfits to their accessories – that’s what makes every woman look at her style. Fine watches are no exception.

4 useful tips for choosing the perfect timepiece for Ladies

  1. Watch Movement Types:


Quartz Movement

  • More practical, reliable
    • costs less
    • requires less maintenance

Mechanical movement

  • Involves careful engineering
  • Can become an heirloom
  • More difficult to maintain
  1. Type and Style
  • Sporty –functional timepieces
  • Jewelry watches – decorative bands and casing
  • Fashion trendy watches – new materials, colorful, fun
  • Dress watches – precious stones, valuable metals
  1. Choosing the right material
  • The traditional gold jewelry watch- In high demand
    • Various shades: classical yellow gold, rose gold, pink gold, platinum
  • Stainless steel-more masculine and solid look
    • Ceramic- practical to wear, doesn’t scratch. a polished and spectacular look
  1. Bracelet or strap
  • Bracelets provide a classy and formal look of a luxury watch
  • In the other hand, Leather straps are up-to-date and incredibly stylish- come in various colors
  • Rubber straps – long-lasting, easily cleaned

How to Buy New Watches on the Internet

Most reputable watchmakers will recommend that you avoid buying new watches on the Internet

Manufacturers tend to offer very limited information on their watches on their websites. This tends to steer people to um-knowledgeable; authorized dealers whether at the mall or online.

How to Buy New Watches on the Internet – The top 5 reasons for buying through an authorized dealer

  • It is the safest way to acquire quality fine watches
  • There are No problems obtaining warranty service directly
  • No risk of counterfeits
  • Prices should be negotiable to 10-20% off MSRP
  • Authorized dealers including a 1-2 year warranty

Although buying online through the gray market can be risky; many people have had great experiences. If you have researched the watch you want to buy; have performed all due diligence and happen to find an honest online authorized dealer; you will meet with success. Ask questions – Learn as much as possible

Avoid buying directly on the internet. Reputable, authorized dealers can be reached through the Internet for information and will only accept telephone/fax orders. They will ship the product directly to you.

Internet auctions and ‘for sale’ boards

Online auctions and “for sale” sites fun and increasing in popularity. One can find great bargains! but use extreme caution when buying watches from one of these sits.

Warning signs – How to Buy New Watches on the Internet

Beware of the seller knows little about the merchandise.

  • If the seller cannot provide a verifiable source or origin; you will have difficulty holding them accountable for the authenticity of the watch
  • the seller says won’t guarantee the authenticity of the watch
  • Is the online photo authentic or lifted from another site
  • Oddities or inconsistencies in the description
  • Is the seller private individual selling just one or two watches or retailer
    • Check for other sales of similar watches from the same individual.
  • Are other bidders real people and “shills”?
    • Once known as “buy-bidders”, their whole purpose is to run the bidding up

How to Buy New Watches on the Internet

For sale, forums are public forums and attract watch experts. They are knowledgeable and will jump in on any suspicious activity or wrongful information.

Choosing the Perfect Timepiece – top brand watches as a must-have!

Michael Kors – The styling that goes into each of Michael Kors’s watches is as distinctive as the brand name itself.  From silver-toned / embossed leather men’s wristwatch to ruggedly styled; pavè gunmetal-tone timepieces embedded with mother of pearl; from slim runway gold-tone and leather ladies wristwatch to the Darci pavé gold-tone and acetate watch model; each watch perfectly unique. These masterpieces have style! Panache!  They dare you to wear them.

5 Must Have Top Brand Watches - Michael Kors


Recognized for its iconic Museum® dial and modern aesthetic; Movado has earned more than 100 patents and 200 international awards for watch design and time technology. Many Movado timepieces in the permanent collections of museums worldwide.   This long, rich heritage of artistry and innovation in design and a close; enduring association with the arts continue to define the Movado brand identity.  Always in motion, Movado creates modern watches of exceptional craftsmanship and design distinction.

5 Must Have Top Brand Watches - Bellina MotionBellina Motion

This modern sports watch for women infuses Swiss made elegance into the wearable technology category. Its date indicator sundial also tracks steps and sleep activity toward daily goals.


5 Must Have Top Brand Watches - Movado Bold Motion  Movado Bold Motion

Movado BOLD Motion Smartwatch with Bluetooth® connectivity; engineered by HP, Android and iOS compatible, 44 mm stainless steel case; with black ion-plated bezel, round black dial with teal LED indicators; haptic phone call, appointment, email, text message, social media alerts; charging cable for smart module; stainless steel link bracelet, push-button deployment clasp.

5 Must Have Top Brand Watches - Movado Bold WatchMovado Bold Watch

This Bold style by Movado features a gold plated stainless steel bracelet and case with a gold dial. The classic lines and stylings of this watch will make sure this watch stays in your collection forever.


5 Must Have Top Brand Watches - Movado Women Rose Gold-Tone Edge WatchMovado Women’s Rose Gold-Tone Edge Watch

Accent your look with a touch of shimmer! Crafted with a concave; sandblasted aluminum dial with a raised polished tonal dot; this watch finished with a stainless steel link bracelet for added elegance.


Seiko Watches

SEIKO leads the world in energy-efficient watchmaking in all its forms, mechanical, quartz, solar, Kinetic and Spring Drive. The secret of fine watchmaking lies not only in precision time measurement. But also in extending the duration of that precision over as long a period as possible. A great watch should have the maximum possible power reserve; or should convert the maximum amount of energy; from light or movement into the power to run the mechanism.

SEIKO Solar is a quartz watch that takes its energy from light, and stores it in a self-recharging battery; which never needs to be changed. By eliminating the need for battery change in a quartz watch; SEIKO Solar makes an obvious and important contribution to the cause of a healthier planet. SEIKO was an early pioneer in solar watch technology; with its first Solar watch being launched in 1977.

5 Must Have Top Brand Watches - Seiko Women 50 Meter Two Tone Solar Diamond Bezel Dress WatchSeiko Women’s 50 Meter Two Tone Solar Diamond Bezel Dress Watch

Shimmering and chic, 18 diamonds grace the bezel of this gorgeous timepiece. Crafted with a mother-of-pearl dial and durable hard-lex crystal define the dazzling accessory. Solar-powered by all types of light, the solar cell has high-performance electricity generation; an energy-efficient movement with a long power reserve and a quick start. No battery change required!


5 Must Have Top Brand Watches - Seiko Men 100 Meter Stainless Steel Solar Dress Sport ChronographSeiko Men’s 100 Meter Stainless Steel Solar Dress Sport Chronograph

With an energy-efficient movement, this men’s 100 Meter Stainless Steel Solar Chronograph makes the ultimate functional statement. This coveted piece boasts a blue dial and durable hard-lex crystal for the perfect finishing touches.

Bulova Watches

Firmly rooted in New York, Bulova continues with brilliant innovations in mechanics and style that began in 1875. With an expansive men’s and women’s casual-to-luxury lineup, there are many affordable styles to choose from. Sync up with the Precisionist’s atomic clock or choose among other amazing styles; that prove a watch is more than just a piece that tells time.

5 Must Have Top Brand Watches - Bulova Watches

Lucien Piccard

Founded in Switzerland in 1923; Lucien Piccard built its sterling reputation by being one of the first watchmakers to incorporate gemstones; and diamonds into its designs. Since then the company has outfitted celebrities and luminaries in its timeless precision watches; made of 14- and 18-karat gold or stainless steel.

5 Must-Have Top Brand Watches The Dufonte series of women’s watches capture the essence of Lucien Piccard’s creativity with designs featuring Swarovski elements, rhombus-shaped faces, and two-tone bands; men’s watches range from the dramatic Alpha black dial to the sporty Diver, which comes with a rubber strap. Lucien Piccard prides itself on using only conflict-free diamonds in its watches and jewelry.

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