Choosing the Perfect Wedding Dress Style for Your Body Type

Choosing the perfect dress can be stressful –every bride wants to be the princess on this special day. Choosing the right dress should be fun!

Wedding dress designers bring out new fashions constantly. Your personality, budget, and theme all factor into the style you will choose. The important thing is to get the dress that looks the best and you are most comfortable in – you have a lot going on that day: before-wedding pictures, the wedding ceremony, after-wedding pictures, reception and so on…comfort is a must!


Princess Wedding Dress - Suitable for Most Brides A_line

Princess Wedding Dress – Suitable for Most Brides

This A-Line wedding dress style works for most brides; it makes the waist look slim and hides the hips. To add volume a hooped petticoat is added.



Ball Gown Wedding Dress – Slenderizes Wide Hips


Ball Gown Wedding Dress – Slenderizes Wide Hips

The name “ball gown wedding dress” is the perfect fairy tale dress:

  • Looks stunning on brides with slim waistlines
  • Slenderizes full hips
  • Works perfectly with a pear shape body

Petite brides may find this style heavy on their small frames.


Sheath Wedding Dress – for slender, well-proportioned womenSheath Wedding Dress – for slender, well-proportioned women

  • Also known as column wedding dresses
  • Form fitting – enhances the perfect figure
  • Suitable for petite brides – adds “height”



Empire Wedding Dress


      Empire Wedding Dress

  • High waistline
  • Works well slim brides with small busts
  • Petite brides will appear taller




Mermaid Wedding Dress – for Slender, Curvy BridesMermaid Wedding Dress – for Slender, Curvy Brides

The mermaid wedding dress is becoming very popular – it is a very close-fitting style up to the knees where the skirt flairs, creating the shape of a trumpet fishtail

  • fantastic for tall, slim brides
  • great for petite brides who wish to look taller


What to look for when choosing a Wedding Dress

  • Comfort– No matter how beautiful the dress, if you are not comfortable, you won’t enjoy your day. Remember how busy your day will be!
  • Another Opinion–Having your maid of honor or best friend to help you in/out of gowns when shopping helps reduce the stress AND give a great second opinion. Take a few pics with your smartphone and look at them in a few days to compare
  • Your instincts– If you love the gown are comfortable in it and love the way it looks on you, then it’s the right one for you!







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