Choosing the Right Accents for your Home Décor

Choosing the Right Accents for your Home Décor

Choosing the Right Accents for your Home Décor

When it comes to defining the style of a room, home decor accessories can have quite a large impact. Use a few key accessories and keep the space uncluttered. Here are a few helpful tips to help you choose home décor accessories. Wall Decor can range from paintings, pictures, plaques, shelving, and signs to bring attention to the area and pull the direction of a room.

Choosing the Right Accents for your Home Décor – Wallpaper

  • Wallpaper and wallpaper borders hide imperfections and quickly create a new look for a room.
  • Wallpaper is available in hundreds of thousands of colors, material, and designs
    • Stain-resistant or washable wallpaper works well in kitchens, hallways, and children’s rooms
    • Moisture Resistant Wallpaper is an excellent choice for use in high moisture areas such as the bathroom, some also like to use glass shower doors for their bathrooms for the style they bring.
    • Pre-Pasted Wallpaper: Just add water to apply pre-pasted wallpaper to your walls.
    • Self-adhesive wallpaper requires no supplies for preparation. Remove the wallpaper backing and apply it to your wall like a sticker.
    • Perfect when ready for a change, removable wallpaper, also referred to as strippable wallpaper comes off the wall effortlessly. It’s a good choice for people who like to change
  • Textured wallpaper hides ugly wall imperfections. When purchasing wallpaper, look at its pattern
  • Horizontal patterns make a room seem wider
  • Vertical patterns make the ceiling in a room seem higher
  • Drop patterns repeat diagonally across the wallpaper strip and require the additional paper to match up, which is a good choice for a room that is not perfectly squared.

Maximize Space with MirrorsMaximize Space with Mirrors

  • Mirrors are a magical design accessory and can transform a room, making it appear brighter, lighter, and glamorous.
  • can be placed in nearly any room of the house
  • also can multiply the space in a room, adding depth and dimension by optically expanding the view.
  • Varying the shapes, sizes, tints, and frames of mirrors in your home will add interest.
  • They can come beveled (meaning they do not need a frame), frosted, bronzed, etched, antiqued, or tinted in a variety of ways.
  • Bronze-tinted mirrors tend to make people’s reflections look softer and more appealing.
  • A mirror framed with moldings should complement the rest of the accessories in the room.
  • Before hanging a mirror, evaluate what it will reflect. While a mirror in the hallway may open up space, it may not be the best location choice if placed across from a bathroom door.

Pick up Perfect Picture FramesPick up Perfect Picture Frames

  • Aesthetically pleasing picture frames add an artistic element to a wall, mantel, or table
  • Picture frames and mats can also drastically change the perceived value of a piece of art.
  • Consider the function and style of a room when choosing picture frames.
  • Acrylic prints would be a good alternative if you don’t feel frames would fit the style of your room.

Frame Colors and Styles

  • Museum-type gold frames add sophistication and formality to a room. Colorful frames add a touch of whimsy and playfulness. Distressed wood frames provide a cottage or rustic look. Sleek silver or lacquered frames decorate modern and contemporary settings.

Ideas for a Frame

  • Prints, pictures, and posters are not the only things that can be framed.
  • Try framing an old map, an old board game, or collage.
  • Also, use shadowboxes to display a collection of items from a special occasion.
  • The glass for a frame or shadowbox should have a non-glare glass insert with sun protection.
  • Visitors will have a better view of the work of art and while the quality of the picture is being preserved over time.

Hang a Frame Perfectly

  • When hanging a frame, the pros suggest using two picture hooks as opposed to a nail.
  • Place it on the wall at eye level (for an average-height person).
  • If you have a large wall area, consider larger-scaled frames, or group several prints together to make a bigger impact.

Accentuate with RugsAccentuate with Rugs

  • An area rug can act as the focal point of a room, tie a room together with its color scheme, or create cozy conversational spaces.
  • When looking at rug materials, consider how much foot traffic an area receives to better determine the durability and design preferred.

Rug Material

  • Inexpensive synthetic fibers such as acrylic, polypropylene/olefin, and nylon can withstand heavy foot traffic
  • Though pricier than synthetic rugs, durable wool rugs feel softer, hold color well, and you can easily clean them.
  • Cotton rugs feel softer than wool rugs but are less durable.
  • Jute, the softest of all-natural fibers, may fade or darken in color over time. It may also disintegrate with prolonged exposure to moisture.
  • Natural-fiber sisal rugs are more durable than jute rugs, but not as soft. They are static-free, colorfast, and good for high-traffic areas.

Determine Rug Size

  • To determine what size rug is needed, measure the length and width of the area the rug is to be placed.
  • For an entire room, leave an equal amount of floor space exposed as a border.
  • If the rug will go under a table, measure the top of your table and add four inches to the measurements to ensure table legs will fit.
  • Most dining room tables require at least an eight-foot-wide area rug
  • 4-foot x 6 foot and 6-foot x 9-foot rugs are generally a good size for coffee tables
  • 8 foot x 11 foot works well for most rooms as the main carpet source.
  • Do not forget to purchase a rug pad. Rug pads reduce wear and tear on the rug, help absorb sound, make vacuuming easier, and protect flooring from scratches If they do get scratched, There can be huge differences in pricing between floor sanding companies based on what floor sanding options they offer. Consider the options carefully.

Choosing the Right Accents for your Home Décor – Slipcover a Sofa, Chairs, and More

  • Slipcovers quickly and easily makeover a room, hiding unattractive, mismatched, or well-worn upholstery, at a low price.
  • Use slipcovers on everything from inherited wing chairs and ottomans to plain folding chairs.
  • They can also protect delicate or expensive upholstery from kids, pets, and house guests.
  • Slipcovers come in an endless array of fabrics
  • They are washable, easy to maintain, and can be used to dress up any room.
  • Keep slipcovers from drooping and slouching and give them a more tailored look by using a tucking tool. Tucking tools insert a plastic channel deep into the furniture corners to hold the fabric in place.

Light the Way With LampsLight the Way With Lamps

  • Lamps act as a decorative accessory, serve a purpose, and create a striking effect. There are thousands upon thousands of sizes and styles available
  • Create a dramatic lighting illusion to any space by adding lamps at various heights throughout the room.
  • Floor Lamps: Tall floor lamps provide adjustable light without taking up table space.
  • Table Lamps: Table lamps measure between 25 inches and 32 inches high.
  • Use table lamps to light your living room, bedrooms, dining room, and family room.
  • The base and lampshade should be in proportion to each other and the rest of the furniture in the room.
  • The shade should be at eye level when you are seated, and the bulb should be out of sight.
  • Desk Lamps: Desk lamps are typically 12 inches to 20 inches high and are used to light a specific work area.
  • Light the Way With LampsAccent Lamps: Use accent lamps measuring less than 20 inches tall to provide extra lighting in bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways, and entrances.
  • When choosing a lampshade, think about how much light is desired from the lamp.
    • A transparent shade adds the maximum amount of light to a room. An opaque shade focuses light downward for task lightings, such as reading, writing, cooking, or grooming.

Let Candles Set the Mood

  • Candles can drastically alter the look and feel of a room, creating a subtle and warm glow.
  • Unscented tapers add an elegant touch to the dining room while scented mood candles bring the benefits of aromatherapy to a bedroom or bathroom.
  • Beeswax candles and candles made with multiple blocks of colored wax make a decorative statement.

Choose Decorative Candle Holders

  • Candleholders make a big, decorative statement and embody the overall decor of a room.
  • They come in every shape, size, and material imaginable.
  • Purchase distressed wood pillar candle holders to complement a cottage style home, wrought-iron candlesticks to match a Southwestern home, and brass wall sconces to coordinate the style of a traditional home.
  • For a more formal look, try adding some silver candlesticks to a dining room table or maybe a candle chandelier dripping with crystals.
  • Candelabras will add an air of drama to any room, and hurricane lamps create a casual, homey feel.
  • During the holiday seasons, adorn candle holders with fruits, nuts, and berries to make the season come to life.

Finishing Touches to Complete a Room

  • Despite the size, home decor items can have a large impact on any room. Consider decorative figures and accents such as antiques, sculptures and wooden carvings. These can be displayed on a side table or curio cabinet for added appeal.
  • Try a basket for added texture and organization. Baskets can range in size, style, and color.
  • A splash of color from a vase can add warmth to a room. Vases can be displayed with tall grasses, large flowers or left empty to add a finishing touch.
  • Clocks can make the perfect addition to any room and display sophistication, design, and quality. From wall clocks and mantel clocks to desk clocks and grandfather clocks, these timepieces are always a decorative classic. Traditional or anniversary clocks add interest to an end table, desk or mantel. Wall clocks may be displayed in a central location or propped on an easel in the kitchen add a little charm. While grandfather clocks in the entryway can be a nice way to welcome guests.

Choosing the Right Accents

Home decor items can go a long way with a little imagination. Whether buyers are looking for inspiration or already have a particular idea in mind, home decor items can add a personal touch and aesthetic appeal to any area. Adding a personal touch to your new theme is simple with just the right amount of accessorizing. Happy Shopping!