Choosing the Right Beach Watch

Choosing the Right Beach Watch

Choosing the Right Beach Watch

It is summer and you are off to enjoy the sandy beaches and you say to yourself, “Which watch should I bring?” Since you’re exposing your watch to the elements, you need a timepiece that can keep up with your awesome vacation like if you were doing some whale watching california for instance. Now, depending on what you value the most, you need to take into account several factors when choosing the right beach watch. You typically want a timepiece thats relatively affordable. Why not start off with checking out the UK’s top surf shop, to find a watch that will be suitable for your time on the beach. You don’t want to wear something too expensive, in case it gets lost or damaged. But you don’t want something cheap, that will break straightaway. It’s all about finding the right balance.

Choosing the Right Beach Watch – Criteria

There are several criteria to consider when picking a beach watch. With price completely dependent on you and your budget, the following should be taken into account when purchasing a beach watch.

Great Water Resistance

This one is an obvious one: you need a watch that can keep up with you from the pool to the ocean. Especially with whitecaps taking over your vacation, you need a watch that is basically waterproof. When looking for water resistance, it will either be measured in bar or meters. They’re just different measurements that essentially mean the same thing. The conversation rate is, 10 bar = 100m So if you see a 20 bar watch, it has 200m water resistance. Anything over 10 bar or 100m water resistance is more than enough for the beach, while 30 bar watches are meant for diving.

Added Functionality

So if you’re into catching swells, maybe tracking time elapsed is something of value to you! Maybe a tide watch is more your thing, where it tracks tide forecasts, real-time conditions based on GPS location, so you’re on top of things? Or maybe you’re a fitness guru and you want something to track calories? Depending on what you value the most will play a critical part in your selection.


Typically, a rugged watch should either be made of a strong metal or have rubber/polymer accents to protect itself from shock/bumps/bruises/smacking your face with the board. Not sure how the watch will help you with the last part, but nonetheless it’s something to keep in mind. Rubber is also resistant to fraying as leather won’t survive against seawater and fabric straps are troublesome with the ocean or chlorine water. Steel bracelets are definitely durable but may burn you if extended exposure to the sun occurs. Some keywords to pay attention to include, but not limited to,

  • Anti-shock
  • Stainless steel
  • Rubber coating/strap

Fun Colors

Since you’re on vacation, it’s time to have some fun! Let yourself loose and live a little. Beach watches are available in wide array of colors, typically neon bright for safety reasons as well due to it being an indicator if any rescue attempts are required. Hopefully not, but why do you buy travel insurance? No harm in having extra.

Choosing the Right Beach Watch – Our Picks

Without further ado, have a look at our recommendations…

Casio G-Shock Rescue Concept

Choosing the Right Beach Watch - Casio G-Shock Rescue Concept One thing that’s synonymous with durability is G-Shock. Known for surviving the harshest elements, the G-Shock collection is a great companion to any beach adventure. With a rubber coating to protect the casing within it, these watches are built to last, with shock-resistant technology and impeccable water resistance. The Rescue Concept is a 50mm Baywatch-red that pays homage to the lifeguards that put themselves on the life for your safety. It has the typical G-Shock amenities you expect such as:

  • Chronograph
  • Auto EL backlight
  • World time
  • Daily alarm

But the Rescue Concept has a neat moon/tide graph, 200m water resistance, which are valuable features to a surfer chasing the waves.

Nixon Base Tide

Choosing the Right Beach Watch - Nixon Base Tide If you’re looking for dedicated surf watch, then look no further than the crew at Nixon. With origins in surfer-central SoCal (Southern California), Nixon created a fashion brand that fit with their lifestyle: relaxed, colorful, and always beachside. They developed several timepieces that provide anyone with information so they can catch the first wave anytime, anywhere. In comes the Tide Collection. Depending on your budget, you can have the smart watch version of the Tide Collection, that has GPS connectivity providing real-time updates whenever, wherever. The Base Tide is the entry-level iteration of their Tide Collection that has the digital time and a tide graph in one easy-to-read screen. With 100m water resistance, the 38mm silicone watch with polycarbonate gasketed pushers will give any wearer an indication on when the best waves are coming. Surf’s up – because it’s time to catch one! There are various colors available, but the teal one intrigues us the most.

Citzen Eco-Drive Promaster BN0088-03E

Choosing the Right Beach Watch - Citzen Eco-Drive Promaster BN0088-03E If you’re looking for something more adaptable and seen as ‘traditional’, then the folks at Citizen would be able to help you out. A Japanese staple, Citizen has created many timepieces that can keep up with what life has to offer and their most famous creation, the Eco-Drive technology is present in the Promaster. Eco-Drive harnesses the power of the sun to continue powering the watch, effectively removing the requirement of a battery replacement. The Promaster has the Eco-Drive technology on top of a stainless steel case, a bright orange silicone strap, and water resistance to 300m. A true diver’s watch, the Promaster can hold their own to a day at the beach but if you’re looking to go snorkeling or finally doing the Scuba test, then you can bring this along for the ride.

Seiko Pepsi Dial SKX009K1

Choosing the Right Beach Watch - Seiko Pepsi Dial SKX009K1 If you’re into the more conservative approach to a beach watch, then Seiko has a great example of a dependable, water-resistant watch that’s more than enough for the sand. The SKX series is their famous collection of diver’s watches, well-designed for easy readability and chunky operation for easy use with gloves. The multi-colored bezel, known as the ‘Pepsi dial’ due to the red and blue color scheme, provides a 20 minute dive time window for safety reasons. At 42mm, it’s a slightly bigger example of a timepiece; but it’ll look good in the sun and any dinner plans; that come after lounging around during the day. With a blue dial, contrasting white hour markers; a day/date window, and 200m water resistance, the SKX009K1 can deliver what is expected of it.

Tissot T-Race T048.417.27.057.03

Choosing the Right Beach Watch - Tissot T-Race T048.417.27.057.03 If you’re looking for a fast-paced watch; that will attract a crowd alongside your impressive Rodeo Flip; well let the people at Tissot be your wingman. As part of the Swatch Group, known for being the mid-tier watch brand; offering watches that are geared for the casual consumer. Providing sport-infused timepieces for many teams; the team at Le Locle hard at work providing the best value watches with a fashion-forward, modern design. Case in point: The T-Race. At 43mm, it’s a big timepiece but with an accurate quartz movement, all you have to worry about is landing those tricks when you’re riding the whitecap. With a bright yellow silicone rubber strap; 100m water resistance. the contrast black bezel and yellow accents; put the whole package together to something that’s attractive and useful. Source: Gracious Watch