Choosing Winter Boots What to Look For

Choosing Winter Boots

Boots are meant to protect our feet from the elements. As far back as the Neanderthals, wearing protective covers on our feet was very important – the often trekked for days in search of food and shelter.

Many people still live in the arctic regions of the world; having the right foot covering is especially important to them-functionality first!

Deciding what you really need

Boots designed for walking in deep snow in the mountains are very different from the ones used in shoveling snow from your driveway. Boots for mountain hunting need to be thick and warm, in order to keep your feet protected from the weather. Heated boots, furry boots, ankle boots, knee-high boots, over the calf boots – there are thousands of styles of winter boots –your needs will determine which ones may be right for you.

Choosing Winter Boots - Important factors to considerImportant factors to consider

The most important factor to consider when choosing boots is the warmth they will provide. This is what winter boots are about. You do not necessarily have to buy the absolute warmest boots – the boots you wear should fit the activity. Being overheated in your boots will make you very uncomfortable.

Make sure the soles on the boots you choose also fit the activity. Boots that provide traction in water, snow, and ice are ideal if you work in those conditions. Make sure the heel is the right height and composition as well. Waterproofing is also a consideration if you have a tendency to work in wetter conditions.

Consider the height of the boot as well – the deeper the snow, the higher the boot should be. Also, consider the amount of ankle support you seek. Getting the right boot for the specific activity is important – take your time in choosing what’s right for you.

Choosing Winter Boots – Some general tips

Most shoe stores will recommend the higher end brands of boots – they tend to be of better quality and workmanship and outperform the cheaper brands.

Shopping for boots online can save you money but may present a challenge in some areas, such as sizing and quality of materials. You can’t see them in person and you can’t try them on. One suggestion is to find a store near you, go in, find a pair of boots you like, that fit well, and that will serve the purpose, then shop online to find it at a better price. Always buy from reputable dealers so you don’t become a victim of fraud or counterfeit products. Be especially careful of sizing. Read the reviews, ask questions.

What’s the Budget:

Do this first! It’s always good to fix the amount you’re going to spend -t enables you to make the right, pocket-friendly decision.

Size and Fit:

  • Ensure the boots fit correctly- try them on with the socks or leggings you plan to wear them with.
  • Up-size if you plan on buying a design that is narrow upfront.
  • Slouchy boots or materials like sheepskin and suede work well for wide calves and give you lots of room

Get Comfortable:

  • High heels push your foot forward, always make sure by walking around that there’s enough room around the toes, to avoid blistering and chaffing of
  • In the case of rubber boots, consider buying a good pair of insoles so you have a little more cushioning.
  • Types of shoe openings- zipper, laces, Velcro, elasticated or stretch fabrics

Choosing Winter Boots – Style that suits your shape

The biggest problem most women face when it comes to buying boots is that they don’t know how to buy boots that flatter them.

For example:

  • Narrow block heels and kitten heels work well for women who have wide calves-buy boots with small heels
  • If you are vertically challenged, buy slightly higher heels– avoid stilettos as the contrast that these can bring about can be somewhat drastic.
  • Choosing Winter Boots - Style that suits your shapeFor short and stocky stature, stick to ankle lengths or mid-calf lengths. These will enhance the length of the leg, giving the appearance of height
  • If you are a tall woman with slightly larger calves who wants an over the knee boot that fits great and is comfortable, then goes for stretchy materials at the calf.

Choosing Winter Boots - Men BootsFor men, it’s important to keep in mind your height and the fit of the trousers while buying pointy and elongated boots.

  1. If you are short and stocky, forget the pointiest! Go for narrow rectangle toes with a chunky heel.
  2. Slim pants and skinny jeans look great with boots over the pants style and with any kind of toe shape.
  3. With cargo pants and wide-leg trousers and jeans, stick to rounded or square-toed chunky style boots.

Choosing Winter Boots - Trendy fashion stylesTrendy fashion styles:

While buying the latest fashion fad of knee-high boots and thigh-highs, take a look at your current wardrobe. It is important to figure out in advance whether you have something in your closet that will look great with the pair of boots you are planning to buy.

Product Reviews:

  1. While buying online, product reviews are also great to learn about the quality and durability of the shoes.
  2. Boots sizes can vary according to the brand. Sometimes they may run large or may not have half sizes. Before buying a pair, spend some time reading customer reviews and shoe descriptions to understand sizing patterns

Boots are a must-have in everyone’s shoe closet. Your shoe collection is not complete without the perfect pair of boots.

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Kinds of Boots for Women with Big Calves

Women with big calves can find it very challenging to find a pair of boots that flatter her, are stylish and comfortable. There are several styles to draw the focus away from the calves and onto other parts!

Choosing Winter Boots - Kinds of Boots for Women with Big CalvesAnkle Boots

The Ankle boots are a classic – the styles are awesome! Draw attention away from the calf and onto the shoe! There are thousands of styles and colors available.

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Choosing Winter Boots - Kinds of Boots for Women with Big Calves BootiesBooties

Booties are a great choice if you have larger calves. The right bootie with the right outfit works wonders! They are elongate your legs and remove the focus from your calves.

Choosing Winter Boots - Knee-High BootsKnee-High Boots

Every woman’s wardrobe should include at least one pair of knee-high boots. They work great for women with larger calves by slimming down the legs – keeping the focus higher up your leg. Scrunchy and loose, out of stretch material to ensure a comfortable fit!

Choosing Winter Boots - Over-the-Knee BootsOver-the-Knee Boots

For the most slimming effect, opt for a pair of black over-the-knee boots. Black is a neutral shoe color, so it works with all colors — which means you can wear black boots with pretty much anything. They work especially well over leggings and skinny jeans.