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16 Best Cocktail Party Handbags

16 Best Cocktail Party Handbags 2021

It would be an understatement to say that this year’s cocktail parties will be more than a little ‘extra’. After all, the social calendar has been somewhat stunted by the worldwide pandemic. With the world slowly returning to normal, we review 16 of the best cocktail party handbags in readiness for party-time.

Diminutive in size, but not in personality, each of these beautiful handbags is perfect for the upcoming party season. All you need to do is choose one.

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16 Best Cocktail Party Handbags

With distinctive styles, structures, materials, and designs, here are 16 of the best cocktail party handbags that we have uncovered. All are stylish, unique, and perfect for those who like to experiment with party fashion!

1. Crystal & Silver Tone Mini Flap Bag – Chanel

Chanel is one of the most iconic luxury fashion houses in the world today, therefore no surprise that one of their bags has made it onto this list. They are known for making waves, after all! This dainty and eye-catching Chanel bag is perfect for evening cocktail parties.

Encrusted with shining blue crystals which are offset by a chunky silver-tone chain; more than makes up for its diminutive size. It is simply far too beautiful to ignore. Perhaps not the most spacious of bags, but more than adequate to carry your party essentials.

Definitely an ideal statement piece for those who like to make an impression, and as a Chanel, it’s also a good investment!

Crystal & Silver Tone Mini Flap Bag – Chanel



2. Serpenti Forever Metallic Leather Bag – Bvlgari

When it comes to classic, feminine opulence, no brand does it quite like Bvlgari. With a rigid structure and delicate chain strap (which is made up of metal scales as a nice touch) this pale, metallic bag is simple yet elegant.

The pink leather is smooth and high quality, unadorned it relies on concentric rows of stitching to decorate the body. The snake-head closing mechanism, however, is so strikingly Bvlgari.

This bag embodies the iconic mix of dangerous sexuality and feminine luxury that they are so well known for. Big enough to carry the essentials, though far from bulky, this is the perfect bag for cocktail parties.

Serpenti Forever Metallic Leather Bag – Bvlgari



3. Diorama Metallic Calfskin Pouch – Dior

If any brand provides understated elegance and luxury quite as well as Dior, we’ve never heard of them. This bag is a true Dior – simple in structure, dainty, and compact it is nonetheless a perfect statement piece, all thanks to its bold metallic coloring.

The intricate patterns and textures pressed and stitched into the calfskin would not come unnoticed too. With a detachable chain strap, this bag can function as a clutch or a shoulder bag. The compact interior has a zipped section and dedicated card slots to maximize the space and enable effective organization.

Extremely eye-catching, this bag can be paired with pretty much any outfit you like, which makes it a good fallback for cocktail parties throughout the season. Let’s face it; this will still look fabulous in 30 years if you look after it.

Diorama Metallic Calfskin Pouch – Dior



4. Icon Patent Leather Quilted Bag – Versace

Versace is pretty much the pinnacle of over-the-top, unashamedly fresh design which makes the words ‘black patent evening bag’ seem out of place. However, true to form this fashion house has made a way to make plain black patent classy, sassy, and glamorous. How? Well, it’s all in the stitching.

The quilted patent, with its mosaic-Esque pattern, makes this bag gleam (almost glitter) in the light. The goldtone decoration magnetic closing mechanism and chain prevent this from being too plain, but this is definitely simpler than the average Versace design.

Of course, that means that it can be matched with almost any outfit, which makes it an excellent investment.

 Icon Patent Leather Quilted Bag – Versace



5. Rockstud Spike Nappa Leather Bag – Valentino

Valentino is a name synonymous with the perfect balance of feminine beauty and alternative edge. Spikes, studs, leather, and chain tend to clash with lace, pastels, and delicate motifs when it comes to this brand. This is what distinguishes them from the slightly saturated market right now, and this bag really embodies that Valentino flair.

Though it is available in a range of colors, the most popular is a muted, beige which contrasts the gold-toned studs that pepper the body. The addition of an extra panel that sits almost as a bulwark at the top of the bag is interesting if rather strange looking.

The twist-lock fastening mechanism is both practical and beautiful, as is the delicate chain. The red leather interior is a nice touch, and while this is a small bag, it is suited to carrying essentials. This makes it a versatile evening bag for all occasions.

Rockstud Spike Nappa Leather Bag – Valentino



6. Rajah Quilted Clutch – Gucci

Gucci has a habit of dipping into the archives at just the right time… not always their own. This sumptuous and feminine clutch bag was inspired by Austrian designer Hattie Carnegie who was prominent in the 20s’. With its rigid structure and quilted, pale purple satin body, it has classic vintage charm.

The embellished, gold-toned tiger head decoration and loop handle give it a touch of opulent drama that almost feels Avant-Garde rather than dated. The result is pretty and sumptuous; this bag will definitely be the statement piece in any outfit, so pick a more discreet cocktail party dress and allow this bag to shine.

Rajah Quilted Clutch – Gucci



7. Monogram Leather Chain Wallet – YSL

Known for producing classic and elegant couture, Yves Saint Laurent is synonymous with Parisian sophistication and beauty. This wallet-style bag is compact, sleek, and versatile. The plain, textured leather with the iconic YSL symbol is perfectly complemented by the chunky silver-tone chain which completes the look perfectly.

This is a rather cute little bag, but it is big enough to carry your essentials, and will definitely work with any outfit that you pick out. This makes it a timeless piece, as well as a substantial investment.

Monogram Leather Chain Wallet – YSL



8. Eternity Satin Clutch – L’alingi

If you like all-out glamour, sparkles, and bling, this L’alingli party handbag is right up your street! Encrusted with Swarovski crystals all around forming the rigid handle, this circle of bling forms the structure of the bag.

The half-moon shape of the bag’s body is made of satin and embellished with glitter. The result is a structured and beautiful bag that is both eye-catching and functional.

Of course, as a small bag, it has limited space which means that you will really only be able to carry essentials, but the sheer glamour of this bag makes it worthwhile. When you use this bag, you will definitely be the center of attention!

Eternity Satin Clutch – L’alingi



9. Sparkle 1969 Shoulder Bag – Paco Rabanne

The 1960s were all about glamour and glitter. Metallics, fun textures, and bold colors were in vogue. Paco Rabanne was one brand that could be relied upon to consistently produce ‘It Girl’ worthy pieces, and that has not changed.

This bag is a decadent and fun throwback to the styles that were so common in the 60s. The metallic, shifting over-sized sequins which make up the body of this bag give it shimmer and movement that catches the eye. The chain handle can be looped over the shoulder for easy carrying.

The soft body is small but capable of carrying all your essentials. Perfect for the 60s themed cocktail party… or any party where you want to add a little ‘retro’ to your outfit.

Sparkle 1969 Shoulder Bag – Paco Rabanne Cocktail Party Handbags



10. Regine Mini Tote Bag – Bienen Davis

Bienen Davis is not the most well-known brand, out with fashion-loving circles. Still, the quality of their designs speaks volumes.

About the same in size and proportions as the iconic baguette bag; this mini tote has a touch of retro glamour. The bag itself is merely a holder for the inner metal shell which has a unique top fastening mechanism. The sparkling panels which decorate the body give it an Art Deco feel that is classy as well as beautiful.

The solidity of the structure means that there’s no flexibility to what the bag can hold. This makes it a limited but glamorous bag that will add a touch of vintage sophistication to any party.

Regine Mini Tote Bag – Bienen Davis Cocktail Party Handbags



11. Hexagon Metallic Clutch – Okhtein

Okhtein is a brand built on offering unique, feminine, and fun designs that capture the essence of old-world glamour. This compact mini clutch is beautiful and delicate.

The angular lines of the body contrast the flowing engraved design and rose gold handle. As well as being beautiful this bag is dainty, so don’t bet on bringing more than a cardholder, your phone, and a few make-up essentials.

Of course, this means it’s perfect for cocktail parties where these essentials are all that you really need. The delicate pink color indicates that this can’t be paired with every dress so plan to make this your statement or ensure that it complements the color palette.

Hexagon Metallic Clutch – Okhtein Cocktail Party Handbags



12. Matalasse Leather Cross-Body Cocktail Party Bag – Miu Miu

Few fashion houses do avant-garde glamour quite like Miu Miu, and this silver clutch bag made from textured leather makes it truly dazzling. It comes with a handle and a detachable shoulder chain which makes it easy to carry.

The metallic block coloring is eye-catching without being ‘in-your-face and makes a great statement piece for when you want to wear a bold or unique dress. Though this bag is small, it has a pouch for cards and cash that makes organizing at easy.

Matalasse Leather Cross-Body Bag – Miu Miu



13. Faye Leather and Suede Cocktail Party Clutch – Chloe

Chloe is one of those brands that has always managed to make the ‘it bag’ of a generation. Their designs are simple, elegant, and truly timeless; this bag is no exception, in fact, it personifies this.

The matte black leather of the body of the handbag stands in subtle contrast to the suede flap and gold-toned ring. The chain adds a flair that saves this from being a boring ‘workday’ bag and lets it show some personality. Of course, this is definitely a ‘safe’ choice that will go with even the boldest of outfits.

Faye Leather and Suede Clutch – Chloe Cocktail Party Handbags



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14. Callie Leather Cocktail Party Clutch – Jimmy Choo

A versatile and youthful brand, Jimmy Choo, has produced some of the most iconic designs of the last few decades. They were particularly popular in the early 2000s when ‘It Girls’ like Paris Hilton favored their designs.

This leather clutch is almost a throwback to that period. Solid silver with a chunky chain handle it’s every 2000s girl’s dream, and while it may not hold a whole lot of make-up, it will add a touch of glamour to any outfit.

Callie Leather Clutch – Jimmy Choo Cocktail Party Handbags



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15. The Pouch Chain Shoulder Cocktail Party Bag – Bottega Veneta

Add a touch of Italian luxury and flair to any outfit with this Bottega Veneta. The orange satin gathers at the mouth of the bag and is touched adding texture to the otherwise simple design. The chunky gold chain which acts as a handle is both eye-catching and complimentary, making the design a little more up-to-date and funky.

The vibrant color is gorgeous and so very Italian. However, it may be tricky to pair it with some outfits. But of course, it’s perfectly suited to being a statement piece if you prefer simplicity when it comes to your clothing.

The Pouch Chain Shoulder Bag – Bottega Veneta Cocktail Party Handbags



16. Palace Mini Velvet Clutch – Jimmy Choo Cocktail Party

Understated and elegant, but definitely unique; this could be a description for most of Jimmy Choo’s designs. In fact, it could well be their mission statement, but in this case, it’s about this bag in particular. But don’t let the clean lines and muted shade fool you!

The dull and bright combination of greens, alongside the bold JC logo and chain, make this a classy and versatile evening bag well suited for cocktail parties and events.

Just be sure to travel light because there’s not much room in this clutch bag! Although, who carries the kitchen sink to a cocktail party, after-all.

Palace Mini Velvet Clutch – Jimmy Choo Cocktail Party Handbags



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Best Cocktail Party Handbags

The thing about cocktail parties is that they allow us to indulge ourselves and our wardrobe just a little more than mainstream casual or formal occasions. When the goal is to look and feel fabulous, after all, nothing is off the table. This can make choosing the right cocktail party handbag a bit of a puzzle. When nothing is off-limits, the sheer variety of choices can be staggering. Hopefully, this article will take the pressure off choosing the perfect item and ensure you have one of the best cocktail party handbags at your event!