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Best Designer Handbag For Wedding Reception

Best Designer Handbag For A Wedding Reception

As wedding season rolls around, people in the 25 – 45 age brackets are likely to be facing an onslaught of weddings and receptions. This means many hours spent tracking down the best designer handbag for a wedding reception. Trying to find a dress that suits this dress code, doesn’t step on the brides’ toes (so to speak), and suits you to a T isn’t always easy.

When it comes to your accessories, however, you can save yourself time and trouble by picking versatile items which can be used with a number of different outfits. The handbag you choose for the wedding season, in particular, is important. If you pick the right one, you can use it more than once and focus on more important things.

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Which Handbags are Best for Attending a Wedding Reception?

The beauty of a handbag is that it can complement a range of looks and styles; wedding outfits are no different. Of course, your wedding handbag should suit the occasion; a large, unstructured bucket bag, for example, may not be the best choice.

Smaller, more delicate bags such as clutches and mini bags are very much in fashion for this wedding season. Many people have two or three ‘event’ bags that suit different color schemes; this is a fantastic idea as themed weddings, or weddings with dress codes are more common these days.

Of course, you can absolutely buy a new bag for each wedding and make this your statement piece. When it comes to dressing for a wedding reception there are really only two rules; adhere to any dress code, and don’t outshine the bride!

21 Best Designer Bags For A Wedding Reception

Coming up are what we feel are 21 of the best designer handbags for a wedding reception on the market right now. These handbags represent some of the best occasion bags covering a range of styles and color palettes.

1. Rosantica Ruby Crystal-Embellished Top-Handle Bag

The ultimate addition to any evening outfit, the Ruby embellished bag is simply stunning. The half-globe shape with its mesh ‘door’ and inner velvet pouch is unlike anything else on the catwalks right now.

The crystal and faux pearl embellishments add luxury to this quirky bag with its fine chain strap and hard, spiral top handle. The overall result is a truly breathtaking event bag that cannot be ignored.

Rosantica Ruby Crystal-Embellished Top-Handle Bag



2. Paco Rabanne 1969 Mesh Crossbody Bag

Metallic bags are real winners for special events like weddings; they go with almost any color scheme and add a touch of glitz even when the bag itself is plain.

This crossbody bag from Paco Rabanne is an excellent example; simple yet elegant, the hard metallic look is softened by a feminine rose design. The slim shape and long-chain strap make it perfect for carrying essentials without getting in the way.

 Paco Rabanne 1969 Mesh Crossbody Bag



3. Aspinal of London Micro Gold Hat Box Bag

Rocking both the metallic and micro bag trends at the same time is a bold statement, but Aspinal of London has always made a point of being bang on-trend.

This truly tiny hard-shelled bag, with its oversized lion head embellishment and chunky gold chain, makes a huge statement. Of course, you can only fit the most essential small items in here, so it is perhaps not the best bag for a maid of honor or anyone who needs to carry more than cash and their keys!

Aspinal of London Micro Gold Hat Box Bag



4. Kate Spade New York Collins Satin Clutch

Reminiscent of the classic ‘baguette bag’ in shape, this Kate Spade clutch is both feminine and funky. The delicate, dusty pink of the bag is brightened by the faux pearl and pave crystal beads; the result is stunning because it catches the light just right!

While it is a clutch bag, it comes with a detachable gold chain which long enough to loop over your shoulder for convenience and comfort! Of course, you’re probably going to want this bag in center stage!

Kate Spade New York Collins Satin Clutch



5. Dolce & Gabbana Heart Box Rattan and Patent Shoulder Bag

If the weddings you need to attend are less formal, or they have wackier dress codes, this irreverent and eye-catching Dolce & Gabbana number in jewel green could be just what you need.

This patent leather and rattan bag are truly unique, and the gold and red heart-shaped twist-lock is simply the cherry on the cake. Designed to be worn over the shoulder, it’s easy to keep out the way, but you’re likely to want this bag on display!

Dolce & Gabbana Heart Box Rattan and Patent Shoulder Bag



6. Little Liffner Twisted Triangle Top Handle Bag

The ivory leather that makes up the body of this bag is stunning, but if you’re going to an incredibly formal wedding, you should double-check with the bride that this isn’t going to be an issue.

Assuming it isn’t, this bag is versatile and can suit almost any outfit; the twisted handles save it from being dull or boring, however, and give it a bit of pizazz.

 Little Liffner Twisted Triangle Top Handle Bag



7. The Volon Cindy Mini Feather-Trimmed Leather Clutch

For those who can’t resist all-out glamour, this mini feather-trimmed clutch bag is simply unbeatable. The gold-cracked textured leather, molded into a unique lantern shape, gives it an air of faded opulence that is hard to beat.

The pale pink tassel attached to the bottom of the bag, along with its gold chain loop (which can be draped around the wrist or arm) gives it a little whimsy, too. Perfect for complementing dark-colored dresses and outfits, this works excellently with navy blue in particular.

The Volon Cindy Mini Feather-Trimmed Leather Clutch



8. Marni Yellow Wallet Clutch

Minimalist but undeniably chic, the Marni wallet clutch is full of surprises. The front of the bag is a buttery yellow while the back is an elegant stone grey. A peek into its interior, however, will reveal a baby pink lining.

The simple gold fastening mechanism and chain bring all of this together for a versatile and undeniably mature look that can complement most colors and materials.

Marni Yellow Wallet Clutch


9. Cult Gaia Trina Snake-Effect Leather Tote

If you like to be organized, Cult Gaia’s Trina bag is the perfect option for you. The vintage ivory snake-effect leather and gold detailing make this hard-shell bag timeless, but it’s the pyramid shape that makes it truly unique.

The three distinct cavities make keeping your belongings organized easy. One side even has a built-in mirror to help you keep on top of your lipstick touch-ups! The soft leather loop which acts as a handle can also be looped over your elbow for convenience.

Cult Gaia Trina Snake-Effect Leather Tote



10. Rosantica Fatale Tasseled Satin Shoulder Bag

The dusty pink satin that makes up the body of this bag manages to be both feminine and punchy. Set off beautifully by the gold tassel, drawstring closure, and chain strap gives this is an elegant bag with a 1920’s feel. Opulent and discreet, this is perfect for formal or black tie weddings which warrant something a little special.

Rosantica Fatale Tasseled Satin Shoulder Bag



11. Alexander McQueen Jewelled Mini Satchel

Known for producing unique, gothic-inspired fashion (with a touch of bling) Alexander McQueen is the undisputed boss of edgy glamour. This white leather clutch, with its chunky silver shoulder strap and signature ‘knuckle’ handle, is the perfect accessory to give a slight edge to an otherwise plain or traditional outfit!

Alexander McQueen Jewelled Mini Satchel



12. Gucci Broadway Embellished Satin Clutch

Simple, sleek, and bang-on-trend in a delicious rose gold color, this Gucci hard clutch bag has a delicate butterfly clasp mechanism to add some delicacy.

With a fine, detachable gold-colored chain strap, this bag can also be slung over your shoulder. However you choose to wear it, this simple and elegant clutch is sure to finish your outfit perfectly!

Gucci Broadway Embellished Satin Clutch



13. Jimmy Choo Embellished Callie Clutch Bag

Jimmy Choo is undeniably iconic when it comes to simple elegance and beauty, so when they step away from clean-cut designs, it’s usually done to stunning effect. This bag is a perfect example of that this intricately beaded and colorful clutch has an undeniably vintage vibe that makes it both delightful and alluring.

The sturdy and intricate detachable chain handle is just the icing on the cake. Best paired with autumnal color schemes, or used as a statement piece.

Jimmy Choo Embellished Callie Clutch



14. Simone Rocha Satin and Leather Tote Bag

Delicate 1940s and 1950s styles are very much on the up once more; the light, feminine colors and sumptuous pleated and folded looks that we (sadly) associate with our grandmothers are being revived. Of course, designers like Simone Rocha are giving these classic styles a modern twist.

This Satin and leather tote, with crystal and faux pearl embellishments, is a perfect example of that. The beautiful baby blue color and luxurious pleated satin make this a perfect bag for that formal summer wedding you’ve been invited to.

Simone Rocha Satin and Leather Tote



15. Alexander McQueen Knuckle Suede Clutch

The ‘Knuckle Handle’ style of the clutch bag is perhaps one of Alexander McQueen’s most iconic designs. Balancing femininity, gothic undertones, and a hard edge isn’t easy, but McQueen designs almost always manage it with flair; this clutch is no different.

Hard-shelled with a black and gold base palette, this clutch is softened by stunning floral embellishments. It is also uniquely versatile; the mix of colors and a high level of embellishment mean that it can be paired with almost any outfit as a statement piece.

Alexander McQueen Knuckle Suede Clutch



16. Jimmy Choo Celeste Feather and Crystal Clutch

Movement and texture; that’s what it’s all about right now. The 20s trend for sequins, feathers, and embellishment is back in, and Jimmy Choo is making waves (as usual). If you have a love of bright colors and aren’t afraid to contrast, this bag is for you.

The satin material is covered by fine, buttery yellow feathers that move independently as well as in a body. The shimmering, crystal-encrusted top and clasp mechanism ground the whimsy to give this a grown-up elegance that is befitting of a wedding.

 Jimmy Choo Celeste Feather and Crystal Clutch



17. Rosantica Super Holli Embellished Mini Bag

Pearls are in right now; you may have noticed that metals, crystals, and (usually faux) pearls seem to be meeting in more designs than ever before. That’s because the mix of bold and demure feminine energies that it provides is something that seems to resonate well right now.

As such it’s no surprise that Rosantica, known for catering to the quintessential ‘modern woman’, is firmly in favor of this combination. The Super Holli mini bag is an ideal event bag not just because of its stunning appearance, but because of its compact nature. Perfectly sized to hold the essentials, this is a bag that won’t get in your way (but will look amazing in all the wedding reception photos).

Rosantica Super Holli Embellished Mini Bag



18. Burberry Lambskin Lola Bag

Mixing the mature with the glamorous is something that Burberry does very well, and this lambskin and sequin bag is a fine example of that style.

The ‘tape’ detailing which frames the sparkling, sequined center stops it from becoming gauche, while the silver-tone chain and sequins make it different from the sensible (albeit stunning) camel bags which make up their everyday line.

Burberry Lambskin Lola Bag



19. Paco Rabanne Iconic 1969 Sparkle Shoulder Bag

Oversized pink and silver sequins give this shoulder back a dynamic sense of movement and tongue-in-cheek 70s glam that works with almost any wedding outfit. If you’re a fan of simple and elegant dresses, but you want a little pizazz in your life, this shoulder bag is for you. It may be best to leave it out of photographs; however, as this much sparkle threatens to outshine everyone.

Paco Rabanne Iconic 1969 Sparkle Shoulder Bag



20. Versace Leather Foldover Clutch Bag

If you had one word to describe the Versace style, opulent would be a good choice. Everything about the Versace style is rich, vibrant, and unashamedly luxurious. In a world where minimalism is often in vogue, they are not afraid to stand out; this fold-over clutch is a perfect example of why that world.

Tropical and luscious, the palm frond and blue sky design, adorned with the iconic ‘V’, invites the touch. This bag will go with almost any outfit because it’s designed to be a statement piece.

Versace Leather Foldover Clutch Bag



21. Tom Ford Triple Chain Shoulder Bag

Femininity and masculinity meet more often in fashion than in any other area of life, and Tom Ford is a master of this fusion. This simple, clean-cut baby pink bag in the classic rectangular ‘clutch’ shape is almost overpowered by the chunky chains that make up its handle and embellishment. Despite this, the bag is striking and, no one could deny that it retains a sense of feminine glamour and allure.

Tom Ford Triple Chain Shoulder Bag



Bags for Life Not Just Wedding Season

Well, this wraps it up for our best designer handbags for a wedding reception review. You want to choose the perfect bag for this special event; that makes complete sense, but when choosing a bag for a wedding or wedding reception, it’s important that you also choose a bag that you will get real use out of.

Think about how the style and color fit with your ‘regular’ evening clothes and be mindful of future uses to ensure that you get a bag that you can truly be happy with!