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10 Best Designer Wallets For Women

10 Best Designer Wallets For Women

With bold designs and beautiful embellishments, the best designer wallets for women offer style and sophistication combined with functionality. Wallets now come in many forms, from cardholders, compact wallets, and the emerging trend of the chain wallet, there is something for everyone.

You may have noticed that wallet-style bags have become the most versatile and stylish on the market right now. With the trend for mini-bags still firmly in place and a move towards brave elegance on the catwalks, wallet bags have officially overtaken classic clutch bags as the favorite of the fashion-conscious.

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10 Best Designer Wallets For Women

From understated black leather designs to bold, mixed fabric wallets with embellishment and decoration, the best designer wallets for women offer both style and convenience.

1. GV3 Leather & Suede Chain Wallet – GIVENCHY

The contrasting panels of leather and suede give this classy and understated Givenchy GV3 chain wallet a sense of depth and movement; thanks to the way the light plays with the different textures.

A compact, envelope-shaped version of the classic shoulder bag; this wallet features the same geometric icon above the magnetic closing mechanism. The chunky chains which make up the handle perfectly complement the clasps and small ‘Givenchy’ tag to bring the whole look together. While it is small, the interior does have a slip pocket, zip pocket, and six card slots to ensure that all your valuables are safe.

This is a sophisticated and beautiful chain wallet that can easily transition from day-to-night. Traveling light has never looked so good!

GV3 Leather & Suede Chain Wallet – GIVENCHY



2. Sulpice Chain Wallet – SAINT LAUREN

Yves Saint Laurent has long been synonymous with the seductive and elegant style of the classic Parisian woman. The YSL Sulpice chain wallet is possibly one of the purest examples of that style at work.

A double-flap design prevents it from treading too far into the vintage territory. And timeless, high-quality leather in fiery red with a simple envelope shape makes this bag resilient to changes in trend. The oversized ‘YSL’ logo which hangs from the top prevents it from becoming plain, and the slender, gold-toned chain brings the look together.

Surprisingly tall and wide for a chain wallet, it is nonetheless very slim, and the rigid structure limits what it can hold. Of course, the interior has card and note slots as well as a coin purse, so you’ll be able to keep your essentials with you.

Sulpice Chain Wallet – SAINT LAUREN



3. Elisa Compact Wallet – CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN

Somewhat of a wild card, as Louboutin designs tend to be, the Elisa Compact Wallet is just that; a wallet, not a wallet-style bag. The stunning calfskin body is a bright, almost neon yellow, and the square shape is closed by an envelope-style top with an understated ‘CL’, gold-tone logo.

With one zipped pocket and 4 card slots, this is the perfect wallet to carry in a mini-bag or clutch bag. The simple design could sound boring on paper, but in fact serves to accentuate the bold coloring and high quality of the wallet as well as its smooth, clean lines.

Small but mighty, this is a sound investment for those who like to stand out from the crowd!

Elisa Compact Wallet – CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN



4. Hana Metallic Leather Chain Wallet – SEE BY CHLOE

Chloé is an iconic French brand known for youthful and fun designs that challenge trends and blaze trails. The Hana Metallic leather chain wallet is no different! As we move towards more minimalist and bold looks, Chloé is channeling the frosty glamour of the 90s.

This bag, made of high-quality, metallic leather, is embellished with a gold-tone chain and slightly paler ring covered with braided leather. The inside of the closing flap is tan and provides a pleasant contrast. While the compact interior matches the body of the chain wallet and has two card slots as well as a zipped pocket.

Wear casual clothes to glam up the day, or let it shine like an evening statement piece. But, whatever you do, turn back time with this love letter to the 90s!

Hana Metallic Leather Chain Wallet – SEE BY CHLOE



5. Matelassé Crystal Mini Wallet – MIU MIU

Another wild card, this Miu Miu Matelassé Crystal Mini Wallet is really more of a cardholder. The high-quality matelassé leather which makes up the body is intricately quilted to give it texture and depth thanks to the almost braided look that the leather takes on.

Understated but bold, the gold-tone ‘Miu Miu’ logo adds a spot of color to break up the otherwise smooth body and is incredibly effective in finishing the look. With a fold-over bill compartment, envelop pocket, and four card slots this is a really tiny wallet that will fit in almost any bag.

The only problem is that it’s a little too beautiful to hide away; you’ll want to pay for everything just to show this wallet off!

Matelassé Crystal Mini – MIU MIU



6. Vsling Metallic Leather Chain Wallet – VALENTINO

Dull metallic tones haven’t always received the admiration that they deserve in the past. Still, Valentino has taken a step towards rectifying that fallacy with the stunning, gunmetal grey, Vsling Metallic Leather Chain Wallet.

This is a genuinely striking chain wallet; whereas silver and gold metallic bags can feel a little tacky (unless designed well); this bag has a feeling of understated sophistication. This feels like a grown-up ‘It Girl’ bag. The dull silver-tone ‘V’ logo and chain bring the look together perfectly. With magnetic closure, eight card slots, a slip pocket, and a zipped compartment this is an eminently useful wallet.

You can’t help but feel elegant and sexy when you have this bag on your arm.

Vsling Metallic Leather Chain VALENTINO



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7. Mormont Wallet – GUCCI

The Gucci Mormont Wallet is a truly classic wallet in shape, size, and design, this quilted leather wallet is pretty traditional, but don’t make the mistake of thinking that makes it dull.

Instead, this is elegant and timeless; the stylized stitching, which on the back includes the classic double G logo, gives it depth and movement. In contrast, the gold-tone double G icon prevents it from being boring.

With a whopping 12 card slots, 3 compartments, and 1 zip pocket this is a wallet that makes the most of every inch of space.

Mormont Wallet – GUCCI



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8. GV3 Pink Leather Chain – GIVENCHY

The Givenchy GV3 Pink Leather Chain Wallet with its dusty pink leather body is truly stunning. An unusual choice considering the current trend for bold and vibrant designs, this wallet-style bag is undoubtedly eye-catching, perhaps because it goes against current trends. The diamond pattern created by stitching breaks the bag up and gives it a textured look that invites the touch. The tiny ‘Givenchy’ logo is almost imperceptible at a glance, but it coordinates with the chain shoulder strap.

With 12 internal card slots, a zipped compartment, and a section for notes this cute bag is easy to organize as well as stylish.

GV3 Pink Leather Chain – GIVENCHY



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9. Vintage Check – BURBERRY

The iconic Burberry look in a small, compact wallet-style bag; if you didn’t know you needed this before, you do now! Making use of their ‘vintage’ check-in military red, Burberry puts their iconic, sustainable e-canvas to good use.

Casual yet smart, glamorous yet androgynous, this bag represents the quintessential Burberry style in all its glory. The bright red sides, interior, and shoulder strap act as a perfect, modern contrast to the classic Burberry tartan.

The interior of this wallet actually has a zipped coin compartment as well as card slots so you can do away with the need for a purse if you like. This is extremely cute, and you can be sure of fitting your essentials in!

Vintage Check Wallet – BURBERRY



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10. Serpenti Forever  – BVLGARI

Bvlgari’s Serpenti collection is one of the most iconic in brad’s portfolio. In fact, it is one of the most instantly recognizable in the world thanks to the unique snake’s head decoration that can be found in some form or other across the line.

In the case of the smooth leather Serpenti Forever Wallet, the enamel snake’s head actually disrupts the otherwise fluid and classic lines. The stitched panels on the emerald green exterior leather give it a degree of structure that makes it look more like a chic, vintage coin purse. The interior is a contrasting purple color which is really eye-catching.

With 7 card slots, a bill compartment, and a coin pouch, this is a compact and luxurious little wallet that is sure to make you smile every time you look at it.

Serpenti Forever – BVLGARI



Best Designer Wallets For Women

Whether they be classic or chain wallets by design, the best designer wallets for women reviewed here are stunning. Each is designed with function and fashion in mind, and made of the highest quality materials. As a result, they make perfect accessories for days out. They often act as statement pieces for elegant evenings on the town. These aren’t your average, workday handbags but rather evening and weekend pieces through which you can express yourself and your identity. So be bold when choosing one – after all, you only have to please yourself.