15 Best Digital Watches For Men In 2021

15 Best Digital Watches For Men

While digital watches could always do more than just tell the time, they often lacked some subtlety in design. Fast forward to 2020, and digital timepieces have not only upgraded their high-tech gimmicks but have also caught up to the design challenge. Unlike their classic analog counterparts, they have managed to take on the best of both worlds; smart, sophisticated shape, and state-of-the-art technology. A stylish vintage piece may accessorize you nicely at the office or after hours, while a more sporty design will be helpful during rugged outdoor adventures. Whichever way you lean, we have rounded up the best digital watches for men to assist your decision-making process.

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1. CASIO G-SHOCK G-100BB-1AJF Digital Watch

With its rugged design, the G-Shock GA 100BB-1AJF digital watch is part of the Casio military series. Its resin-covered body ensures shock resistance and up to 200m water resistance, which pretty much classifies this piece as heavy-duty outdoor gear. It’s made from an anti-magnetic structure and has a built-in auto LED light with afterglow. Furthermore, it comes with a stopwatch, alarm, and full auto-calendar.

CASIO G-SHOCK G-100BB-1AJF Digital Watch



2. Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar

The Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar is one of the first of its kind, equipping a solar-powered wristwatch with touch screen sensors. These will guide you through more than twenty different features, including essentials like the weather forecast, altimeter, dual time zones, and a compass. The T-Touch Expert’s high-end technology is coated in a titanium body and sealed with scratch-resistant sapphire glass. A variety of straps, including silicone, leather, or titanium will allow you to personalize your model to your liking.

Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar



3. Suunto Core

Designed for the outdoors, the Suunto Core sports watch features a sleek, black body and a large digital display to keep you updated on altitude, air pressure, temperature – and of course the time. The weather indicator is designed to not only indicate sunrises/sunsets, but it also has a sensitive storm alarm sensor that will detect drops in air pressure and notify its wearer.

Suunto Core



4. Casio Pro Trek PRW-7000X-1JR Digital Watch

The Casio PRW-2000R-1CR Pro Trek was developed to stand by you through the toughest of outdoor adventures. Its rugged design combines modern technology with functionality and ease of operation. Large diamond-shaped buttons promote slip resistance. You can even operate the rotary bezel with gloves. Powered by Casio’s Tough Solar technology, the dedicated direction function, barometer, and altitude buttons provide instant access to the data collected on the road.

Casio Pro Trek PRW-7000X-1JR Digital Watch



5. Timex Expedition Shock CAT

The sporty design and durable resin strap of the Timex Expedition Shock CAT make it the ultimate outdoor adventure companion. Its superior shell material makes it shock resistant to I.S.O. Standards and water-resistant up to 100m. If you are looking for something simple and affordable that will stand the test of time, the Timex Expedition Shock CAT is the one for you.

Timex Expedition Shock CAT



6. G-Shock MTGM900DA-8CR

Casio’s G-Shock range is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. In recent years they have been focusing on solar power and atomic timekeeping, to eliminate the headache of having to replace batteries or reset the time manually. The G-Shock MTGM900DA-8CR is the result of said efforts. Equipped with multi-band atomic timekeeping and a solar-powered battery, this timepiece can last you up to 23 months without additional exposure to light. Thanks to the resin bezel framing the body, this watch is also shock and water-resistant up to 200m.

G-Shock MTGM900DA-8CR



7. SEIKO Prospex Fieldmaster Lowercase SBEP001

If you’re looking to upgrade your watch collection, the SEIKO Prospex Fieldmaster may be just what you need. What makes this timepiece so appealing is not only the appearance, which features a black silicone band and black dial but also the craftsmanship. The Prospex Fieldmaster has a dual time function, timer, and alarm; however, the best part is the dive duration. It can operate for around five months when charged, or when using power save, it can last for 20 months.

SEIKO Prospex Fieldmaster Lowercase SBEP001



8. Timex Ironman Classic 100

If you are a running man, the Timex Ironman Classic 100 is for you. An extra-large digital display allows you to catch the time at one glance as you are moving while chronographic settings record your progress. Its coolest feature is the built-in flip technology, which enables you to switch to the Indiglo night-light with the flip of a wrist. The Ironman Classic is also water-resistant up to 100m, which makes it suitable for snorkeling and swimming.

Timex Ironman Classic 100


9. Hamilton Khaki Aviation Flight Timer Quartz

Hamilton watches have a long aviation history designing watches for pilots, dating all the way back to 1918. Because of that, the Hamilton Khaki Aviation comes with a range of flight-specific features. The dedicated pilot’s logbook, for instance, allows one to record flight routes and landings. Other aviation functions include UTC time, a chronograph, a flight time recorder, a countdown, an ISA temperature display, and a calendar. So, if you’re one to keep your head in the clouds, this watch will make sure you won’t get lost.

Hamilton Khaki Aviation Flight Timer Quartz



10. Braun BN0159

The Braun BN0159 series is a sophisticated range that is defined by its timeless and minimalistic design. Featuring a Japanese quartz movement watch and a built-in digital display this piece combines the classic beauty of an analog with the functionality of a digital watch. The rubber band provides a comfortable fit and the screen is sealed with a scratch-resistant mineral glass. The watch is also equipped with dual time zones, an alarm, a chronograph, and an EL backlight.

Braun BN0159



11. Casio A168WG-9 Digital Watches

As far as vintage wristwatches go, the Casio A168WG-9 is a real piece of gold. Not only because of its color, of course. While the bright digital display, chronograph, alarm functions, and accuracy of time are, of course, essential features of this model, its main appeal is its distinctive 80s design. The Casio A168WG-9 is a statement piece that will upgrade your outfit in an instant. The best part is, though, that you can get this gem for under $50.

Casio A168WG-9



12. Adidas Men’s Digital Watch

The sleek design of the Adidas Digital Watch range ties in seamlessly with an active lifestyle. This performance watch is the perfect starter package for fitness newbies. Its stainless steel case and band make it water-resistant to 5 bars. The watch runs with digital quartz movement, which includes a backlight, an annual calendar, dual time, a countdown timer, and a 10-lap chronograph.

Adidas Men’s Digital Watch



13. Casio CA53W-1 Digital Watches

Casio’s popular vintage watch designs have been going strong again for quite some time now – and it looks like they are here to stay. This particular specimen, the Casio CA53W-1 is a member of Casio’s Databank family and features an 8-digit calculator. As a matter of fact, this classic piece of arm candy can be considered the mothership of calculator watches. In addition to its quirky design, the watch also contains a bunch of other useful standard settings, such as dual time zones, a daily alarm, and an auto-calendar.

Casio CA53W-1



14. Nixon A197-195 Digital Watches

Bridging the gap between sport and street, the Nixon A197-195 is a low-key watch for everyday use and features quartz movement within a digital display. The screen is embedded in a 49mm stainless steel body with a mineral dial window, which guarantees water resistance to up to 100 meters. At the same time, its polyurethane wristband provides comfort and promotes durability.

Nixon A197-195



15. Luminox Pilot Pro Titanium Swiss-Quartz Aviator Watch

Luminox Men’s SXC/XCOR Pilot Pro Titanium Watch is excellent for everyday use. The stylish design, comprising of a leather calfskin strap and titanium case, is eye-catching yet masculine. The timepiece has a Swiss-quartz Movement and uses the Swiss ETA Ani-Digi Multi-function movement, so you’ll be able to keep a good time. Another pro is that it is water-resistant up to 10 meters, and although you could never swim with it on if you do get caught in the rain, you don’t need to stress.

Luminox Pilot Pro Titanium Swiss-Quartz Aviator Watch



Best Digital Watches For Men

Digital watches have a lot of benefits that you don’t get with analog watches. They’re generally less expensive, can be solar-powered, and have extra features such as calendar, stopwatches, compass, barometer, and lights. They can also be more robust, such as the G-Shock styles from Casio, and are very accurate.