25 Beautiful Dining Rooms Décor Ideas

25 Beautiful Dining Rooms Décor Ideas

Dining rooms are no longer average spaces that see little use in an interior. These rooms are the perfect place to make grand statements, and to bring home some over-the-top design ideas that will wow guests. Here are 25 dining rooms that will have you swooning.

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1-Stunning Dining Room Decor Ideas

Los Angeles interior designer Kelly Wearstler is the woman behind this stunning dining room where it is clear that entertaining takes center stage. With a dining table that comfortably seats 20 guests, this dining room was made for social gatherings.

Stunning Dining Room Decor Ideas

2-Herringbone Wood Floor Dining Room

Herringbone Wood Floor

Dining rooms are all about big statements and it’s so important to frame the space. This dining area looks out from a large window. Flowing green drapery frames the space, and adds a pop of color to this neutral dining area.

3-Gallery Wall in a Dining Room

Gallery Wall

A dining room doesn’t have to be limited to a formal space. It can be personal too. In this dining area, the walls have been painted a light blue for a chic, cozy atmosphere. A gallery wall has been placed bringing in lots of character. Seating is a mix of favorite chairs, and a striped rug adds to the personalization of the space.

4-Eclectic Dining Room


Small dining rooms can be a perfect opportunity for warm moments. Here, an area rug under the table warms this dining area. Above the table, lighting in rich metallic tones keeps things feeling cool.

5-Dark and Moody Dining Room

Dark and Moody

Modern dining rooms are taking on all shapes, sizes, and even colors. No longer a plain white or lightly colored interior, some of the most stylish dining areas are dark and moody. This dining room in a soft matte black keeps things sophisticated and glamorous. The laid-back color scheme allows the details to shine, from the sculpted mantel to the crystal pendant lights.

6-Dining Room With Statement Chairs

With Statement Chairs

In today’s dining rooms, the chair game is real. To make your dining room stand out, look for chairs that truly make a statement. Here, a series of white chairs with a crisp black frame offers a cool contrast in this dining room. Don’t forget–chairs make the room.

7-Black Window Trim

 Black Window Trim

Beyond drapery, there are other ways to frame the dining room in an interior. Interior designer Jessica Helgerson has created a unique frame in this dining room. The window trim has been painted a deep, dark black. The paint treatment creates an architectural detail that makes this elegant space stand out even more.

8-Art in the Dining Room

Art in the Dining Room

Art in the dining room is the ultimate accessory. Gallery walls, large-scale pieces, custom designs are all welcome in the dining area. Not only does art help bring interest to dining room walls, but a great piece can be a conversation starter when entertaining guests.

9-Statement Wall in a Dining Room

Statement Wall

Sometimes, just half a statement accent wall can do the trick. In this dining room, a wall acts as a divider between the dining room and living area. Painted in a deep gray, the color creates a gorgeous statement wall, giving the dining room its own environment, separate from the living area.

10-High Glamour

High Glamour

Dining rooms are where design-lovers can have fun at home. It’s also the place where some high-end ideas can be tried out and brought to life. This dining room brings high style with a stunning chandelier that is absolutely breathtaking. Beneath, it a Saarinen Tulip Table continues the wow factor. Yellow seating brings home the perfect pop of color, while dark walls add drama to this glamorous space.

11-Dining Room With a Creative Color Palette

With a Creative Color Palette

This dining room offers some great ways to get playful with color.  Walls have been painted a deep eggplant. Around the large dining table, Eames chairs are playfully displayed in black on one side and white on the other. Topping off the dining room is a navy blue pendant that adds to the colorful mix.

12-White Monochromatic

White Monochromatic

Beyond color, the absence of it can also be used to create a beautiful dining room, especially when bringing in a lot of layers. Layers of white take this dining room from stark to elegant. A cream rug, white dining chairs, and an organic white chandelier all play well together in this sophisticated space.

13-Dramatic Blue

Dramatic Blue Dining Room

Spanish interior designer, Jaime Hayon, is the man behind this gorgeous blue dining room. A designer who has a masterful way with color, the blue walls, ceiling, and velvet blue chairs are striking combinations in this stunning dining area.

14-Mixing Styles

Mixing Styles in a Dining Room

Why should one style rule the dining room?  In this dining area pale blue walls, woven lighting, a traditional table, and a modern rug all fit together seamlessly. The homeowner’s collection of art also adds an unexpected vintage touch to space.

15-Colorful Dining Room

Colorful Dining Room

This beautiful dining room is dominated by color in all of the best ways. A dark blue wall draws you into space. Colorful art in yellow and red finishes the room’s bright wall story. And below, a rich gray rug adds a strong neutral to space.

16-Contemporary Pink Dining Room Décor Ideas

Contemporary Pink Dining Room

Pale pink is eye-catching in this contemporary dining room. The whisper of color keeps things looking cool in a dining area where mid-century modern seating and an oversized table and lighting are the definitions of luxury.

17-Over the Top Dining Table Décor Ideas

Over the Top Dining Table

There are so many ways to create a presence in the dining room. Sometimes a light fixture can do the trick or a remarkable piece of furniture. In this dining room, you have both. A starburst chandelier adds a sense of drama to this home’s dining area. Below, the dining table is a one-of-a-kind piece. Bubblegum pink legs stand out as bright spots of color in this neutral dining area.

18-Black and White Dining Room Décor Ideas

Black and White Dining Room

Dining rooms can also be a place to play with cool contrast. In this dining room, black and white have been playfully combined.  A white fish chandelier, a striking black table, and a black and white rug all come together to form the classic color palette. To break things up, mid-century modern chairs in a wood finish add warmth.

19-Vintage Glamour

Vintage Glamour in a Dining Room

In this dining room, just a few key pieces are used to create the look. A tulip table from the 1950s, classic white chairs, and a starburst lamp complete the aesthetic. A large painting behind the table adds color and interest to space.

20-Greenery in the Dining Room

Greenery in the Dining Room

Greenery is Pantone’s color of the year for 2017, and it’s sparking a trend in green seating. In this dining room, velvet green dining chairs are the perfect way to bring a color splash home.

21-Dark Walls in the Dining Room

 Dark Walls in the Dining Room

Designer Jonathan Adler is the visionary behind this stunning vignette. Dark brown walls in a high gloss shine set the stage in this dining area. A large wood table seats a multitude of guests. Around it, blue velvet walls contribute a colorful dimension to space.

22-Tropical Dining Room Décor Ideas

Tropical Dining Room

The dining room can express a specific vibe of the home. Here, this dining area is all about tropical style. From the leafy wallpaper on the wall to the blue wishbone chairs, this dining room has been designed to transport guests to a far-off island. Above the table, ethereal modern lightings complete the look.

23-Dramatic Wall Art

Dramatic Wall Art in a Dining Room

For a traditional dining area, art on the wall can be a way to break up a stale aesthetic. Here, a gold leaf wall hanging adds a natural, sculptural element to the room. The touch of gold is absolutely stunning.

24-Statement Seating

Statement Seating in a Dining Room

Even the smallest of dining rooms can leave a big impact when designed beautifully. Woven wallpaper adds a tactile feel to this small dining area. For more texture, velvet seating with a touch of gold completes the glamorous look. Even though small, this dining room by designer Catherine Kwong is packed with style.

25-Luxurious Dining Room Décor Ideas

Luxurious Dining Room

This dining room, that easily seats eight, is perfect for family dinners. Emerald green chairs are the ultimate luxury. Above, a line of simple glowing pendants brightens the space. And classic architecture creates a beautiful frame for a luxurious dining space.

Things to Know Before You Furnish a Dining Room

We all know that a dining room needs a table and chairs, but what kind of a table and which chairs? Consider your options before rushing out to the store.

Before You Buy Dining Room Furniture

Before you buy any dining room furniture, take some time to consider these questions:

  • What kind of space do you have? Is it a dining room or a dining area?
  • If you are furnishing a dining room how often do you use it? How will you use your dining room? Is it just for dining or will it be a multi-purpose room? Will small children be using it?
  • What’s your decorating style?

Your Dining Room Size

A cavernous room with a small table will look cold and empty, while a too-small space with a large table and chairs will seem unpleasantly crowded. Always measure your room before buying furniture, and remember to leave enough room around your furniture to move around easily.

If it is a fairly large room, you may want to consider including other pieces of furniture such as screens, sideboards, or china cabinets. If you want to downplay the size you may also want to use heavy drapes or large rugs. Wider, bigger, or upholstered chairs or chairs with arms may be used.

How Do You Use Your Dining Room

Before you begin furnishing your dining room, determine how you would normally use it. Will it be used every day or only once in a while to entertain?

  • A seldom-used room can be furnished with high maintenance finishes and fabrics while a dining room that is used every day should be more functional. Look for sturdy and easy to clean furniture surfaces if young children will be eating there.
  • If you use your dining room to work, read or converse, consider comfortable chairs.
  • Do small children use it? Consider hardy finishes and fabrics that can be cleaned easily.
  • For a seldom-used dining room, you may even consider designating some other purpose to it more suited to how you live. It’s just a dining room only if you say so.

How to Decorate Your Dining Room

Now that you have figured out the best way to use your dining room according to your needs and the amount of room you have, decorating it should be easy. It is about functionality and your personal preferences.

For a large dining room, you may want to visually divide the large area into smaller ones with the help of rugs and screens. You can also buy furniture that is larger in scale. Heavy drapes and paint color may also help. The idea is not to make the place seem small, but cozy and inviting.

Open up a smaller space by using colors that provide a background that makes your space look bigger. Do not clutter it with unnecessary decor, but mirrors or other reflective surfaces might be helpful.

Dining Room Lighting

There are many options for dining room lighting: chandeliers, pendants, sconces, or floor lamps that come in many different styles from cutting-edge contemporary to nostalgic traditional. Don’t forget the candles for those special occasions. Whatever source you choose for lighting, make sure it has a dimmer switch, so that you can adjust the amount of light you need.

One rule of thumb for hanging chandeliers: there should be at least 34″ inches of clearance space between the chandelier and the table. If it is a wider chandelier, make sure that people won’t bump their heads when getting up or sitting down.

If you use your dining room as a home office, remember to have appropriate task lighting.

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