Dr Martens The World’s Best Boots – Style Guide

Dr Martens The World’s Best Boots – Style Guide

10 Great Things About Dr Martens The World’s Best Boots

Comfortable, stylish, snug, durable, and all around great are the Doc Martens the world’s best boots. The cushioned soles pamper your feet even if you decide to hike yourself all the way to the moon. DMs last forever; you can pretty much pass them down to your children. They even boost your mood. Slipping on a pair of Doc Martens and stomping around your house is guaranteed to brighten your day when nothing seems to be going right. Here’s our top 10 list of reasons why Dr. Martens the world’s best boots.

10 Great Things About Dr Martens The World’s Best Boots


1) Doc Martens Define Durability

Most boots have a finite lifespan. It’s the core of bitter truth you have to accept when you lace up a new pair of boots; somewhere down the line, no matter how much you pamper them; no matter how well-made, they’re going to wear out sooner or later. Soles crack, leather splits, seams rot, linings disintegrate; and eventually, you’re left wearing the equivalent of bombed-out 90s Toyotas on your feet.

This is not the way Doc Marten’s age. Your Docs are very likely going to outlive you. DMs are tough. Unless you give them up to someone else or set them on fire; your Doc Martens are going to stick with you all the rest of your days. In fact, it’s more likely than not that your DMs will end up passing through a charity shop; and into the hands of some lucky kid after you’ve gone toes-up. We’re not exaggerating much at all when we say that same pair of Doc Martens stands a good chance of outliving its second owner and getting inherited a second time.

2) Doc Martens Are The Most Comfortable Boots Around

Let’s be honest here: Breaking in Doc Martens can be a challenging process. (To minimize the hassle, follow the breaking-in instructions we provide below.) Once your DMs are properly worn in, though, you’ll have a pair of custom-fitted kicks; that will comfortably carry you through endless miles of walking. In point of fact, a comfy pair of broken-in Docs might just encourage you to start walking further and more often. You’ll wonder why other boots just can’t seem to duplicate the astounding comfort and wearability of Doc Martens.

3) Doc Martens Treat Your Feet Right

Unless you’re a tender young babe in the woods with fresh, unspoiled feet; the odds are virtually certain that you’ve experienced your fair share of foot anguish; and that fair share is usually a pretty ample serving of pain! Blisters, calluses, corns, ingrown nails, pain, discomfort, squashed toes; there’s no wonder that chiropodists and other foot-care professionals never have a shortage of desperate patients. After enough years of endless foot issues, it’s all too easy to start hating your feet.

Your Doc Martens are here to rescue you! Once your pair is thoroughly broken in; you’ll be amazed by how healthy, strong, and beautiful your feet become.

4) Your Feet Love Doc Martens Right Back

Properly-fitted Doc Martens are roomy. Treating your feet to DMs is like moving out of a cramped apartment; into a spacious country house with a few acres of room to stretch around it.

It’s no accident that the company chose “Air Wair” as the motto for its signature boots. The exquisitely-designed boot soles will snuggle up to the balls of your feet; and cushion your embattled heels against all the iniquities of a hostile world. Also up at the front, Doc Martens will cradle your toes firmly; and securely while also giving them all the space they could possibly need to breathe.

A few months in Doc Martens may well start to broaden your horizons and make you a more optimistic person. If you develop a sudden interest in new musical genres, it might be your Doc Martens at work.

5) Doc Martens Are A Statement, Not A Fashion Fad

Doc Martens are such quality footwear that they’ve been appropriated by more than a few fashion trends. Multiple groups from original punk rockers to fashion designers have attempted to co-opt Dr. Martens and make them a part of a narrowly-defined image. Doc Martens are simply too universal and too well-made to slot into one single style. They can be made to work with countless different trends and looks; and to this day they remain spectacularly flexible from a fashion standpoint. This is just one more way in which they make a perfect complement to denim jeans; They share jeans’ universal cross-category appeal.


6) Doc Martens Are Simple, Strong, And Exquisitely Well Made

The Doc Marten is nothing less than the platonic ideal of the boot. They’re stripped to the essentials and fashioned with the greatest skill and care that English shoemakers can muster. Beyond the infamous breaking-in period; I’ve never experienced a real problem or spotted a bonafide flaw in a pair of Doc Martens. Part of the reliability of DMs stems from their rejection of fashion trends as described above. They don’t have to flashing lights or acrylic fishbowl heels; Doc Martens are first, foremost, always, and only, perfectly-engineered boots. The soles are thick and comfortable, the leather uppers are sturdy and roomy, and the laces are tough enough to keep them on your feet. They might not come with frills, but you have to appreciate just how well they take care of their core job.

7) Doc Martens Have Stood Out For Decades And Always Will

A sort of a paradox! They fit with every look because they don’t quite fit with any look. Doc Martens do, sadly, have some haters out there. That crowd is populated almost entirely by foolhardy folks who have never slipped on a pair of DMs themselves. Once you get your feet into a pair of your own, you’ll understand the appeal and have no trouble ignoring the naysayers.

8) Doc Martens Are All About Confidence

Doc Martens are, as should be abundantly clear by this point, serious boots. They have a job to do and they don’t fuss with frivolities. Wear DMs long enough, and you’ll start to absorb this sense of assured toughness by sheer osmosis. Bonding with quality footwear is an excellent way to achieve true peace of mind and self-confidence.

9) Doc Martens Laces Are The Best

Just try and find a boot that wears its laces as boldly and stylishly as Doc Martens. The simplicity of the boots themselves gives you the opportunity to make a splash by adding your own distinctive style to your DMs. You can even go without the laces for a raw, down-on-your-luck look.

10) Doc Martens Are All About The Love

People who understand Doc Martens and appreciate them are a special band apart. Once you’ve joined the club, keep your eyes peeled for others who dare to sport the DMs; It’s an easy way to find people of quality wherever your own Doc Martens take you.


Important Note!

Below, is how to break in a new pair of DMs. Some use baby oil and petroleum jelly. But some people advise that these can damage the leather or the finish (especially if it’s patent leather). if you’re scared to try, Dr. Martens has developed some specialist wax to help soften the leather and protect it, and it’s probably much more recommended than my home-made kind of remedy.


How to Break-In a Pair of Dr Martens Boots

The unvarnished truth about these boots is that you will need to spend a little money and a lot of time breaking them in. You will not be able to put them on and walk around in them straight out of the box.

The reason they are so sturdy, and the reason they last forever; is that they are made of extremely tough, ungiving leather. Given time and patience, they will mould themselves to your foot shape.

In my opinion, every new pair of Doc Martens should come with a couple of packs of large blister plasters; some very thick socks, and a bottle of baby oil. But until the manufacturers realize this; hundreds of Doc-newbies will every year throw away their new boots before they understand how to get through those painful early days.

Some people set their boots on fire to break them in.

This is not the best way since so much can go wrong and these should be boots to live for; not die for. Others wrap them up in an old sheet and take a rubber mallet to them; but again this can be foolhardy and damage them beyond all hope.

When new, they will hurt the top of your foot; and cause blisters on your toes, heels, the sides of your foot, and even your soles. So get two or three packs of large blister plasters; and determine where the boots are most likely to rub by wearing them to walk to the kitchen and back. Then cover your feet with these plasters; put on a soft, thin pair of socks, and put on another, very thick pair of socks.

Then take a cloth and use it to work lots of baby oil or Vaseline (petroleum jelly) into the outside of the leather; apply it all over to soften the whole of the upper; so that the creases and edges don’t dig in to your feet. You can also rub a little into the inside of the upper at the ankles and around the heel and achilles tendon area; where the leather tends to rub and crease and cause blisters and pressure. Apply baby oil to them morning and night, every day; and wear the boots around the house and for short walks to the shops and back; taking them off whenever the pain gets too much, which will be often.

Within a few days, it will start to get easier; but it will take several weeks of daily wear and applying baby oil to fully break them in.

Be aware that although rubbing oils (or even specialist balm) into the leather will help it to soften a little bit; it will only help so far – the only thing that really breaks in a pair of DMs is wearing them.


Dr Martens’ Leather Softener and Protector

If you’re a bit wary of using baby oil on your new boots; use the official Dr Martens Wonder Balsam instead. It comes highly recommended and may well work better and faster than my own way of doing things.


Love ‘Em or Loathe ‘Em?

What do you think? Do you love those funky, stomping all-pupose boots; or does the thought of that foot-mashing break-in period bring tears to your eyes? See how your favorite stars and style icons are wearing their Docs which will make you love dr. Martens all over again


Celebrities Love Their Dr Martens The World’s Best Boots

Few shoe brands have remained such a cultural staple in the years since their founding—that’s where Dr. Martens breaks the mold. The British brand has been a fashion go-to for decades, cropping up in the wardrobes of both fashion’s elite and casual comfort-seekers around the world.

Dr. Martens Boots

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Celebrities agree—Doc Martens are the bomb. Versatile, stylish, and ever evolving, we can see ourselves seeking out the latest Docs in the years to come.

Scroll down below to see how your favorite stars and style icons are wearing their Docs; and don’t forget to shop a pair or two for yourself!


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Gigi Hadid



The model went all in on monochromatic dressing while out in Manhattan’s East Village; pairing a plush navy coat with a matching long-sleeve tee and flared pants. Gold hoop earrings, light-rimmed glasses, a hot pink box purse; and her trusty combat boots ($112; zappos.com) completed the look.


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Gigi Hadid

Dr. Martens The World’s Best Boots 2


Incroyable! Hadid looked fierce while leaving the site of Chanel’s PFW show in a Karl Lagerfeld graphic tee; deconstructed denim jacket, Karen Walker shades ($250; neimanmarcus.com), leather pants, and an edgy velcro pair of Dr. Martens combat boots ($140; shoebuy.com).


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Emma Watson



The Beauty and the Beast star was spotted at LAX in a ’90s-esque look; that included a checkered Edun lurex mini dress and black Dr. Martens boots. She topped off her stylish outfit with a black leather jacket, matching handbag, and sunnies atop her head.

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Susan Sarandon



The acclaimed actress expertly paired her mandarin orange jumpsuit with a metallic set of golden Dr. Martens (shop them in silver here).


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Amber Rose



The social media star kept her casual look totally classic with a pair of patent Dr. Martens.

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Jessica Alba



The stylish actress and businesswoman took a coffee break in her trusty Doc Martens ($135; shoebuy.com).


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Gwen Stefani



The trend-setting rockstar matched her signature lip to her boots with a set of bright red Dr. Martens pumps (shop a similar pair in a deep maroon here).

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Gigi Hadid



This street style queen’s neutral ensemble found its perfect sidewalk-chic polish with a pair of white 1460 8-Eye Dr. Martens ($94-$125; drmartens.com).

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Emma Watson



The Beauty and the Beast heroine stepped out in all black, save for the teal glimmer of her Dr. Martens.


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Katy Perry



The singer showed off her eclectic flair in a daisy-print sundress and a plum-hued pair of Doc Martens (shop the style in a similar shade here).


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Miley Cyrus



The wild child pop icon grabbed some takeout in a pair of edgy platform Dr. Martens.

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Tegan and Sara Quin



Tegan and Sara’s namesake duo twinned in style in their respective pairs of Dr. Martens (shop different colors and patterns here).


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Jessica Szohr



The actress got cozy with her Gossip Girl co-star in a pair of hot pink patent leather Dr. Martens ($57-$212; amazon.com).


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Whitney Port



The Hills alum got her shop on in a pair of classic Dr. Martens ($135; shoebuy.com).

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Kristen Stewart



K-Stew added a pop of color to her neutral look with a pair of oxblood Dr. Martens ankle boots ($51-$150; amazon.com).

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Hayley Williams



The Paramore frontwoman hit the Grammys in a pair of metallic Dr. Martens (shop a similar shade here) to complement her mane’s bold hue.


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Gigi Hadid

Dr. Martens The World’s Best Boots 17

Gigi is a big fan of Dr. Martens, but this is our favourite of her DM looks to date. She paired her cherry-red boots with a pair of cropped black trousers to show off the entire boot, and then wore an oversize Vetements bomber in the same red as her Docs.

Happy Shopping