Dress for Success on a Shoestring Budget

You’ve probably heard it 100 times by now: If you want to make the right impression at work, you need to dress for success. But what exactly does that mean? And how are you supposed to look successful without breaking the bank?

Whether you would like to make a good impression at work or at a job interview or look professional and successful for an important business meeting, your work attire affects how others perceive you.

Luckily, Nygard’s designer women’s clothing pieces makes it easy to look stylish and sensible in the workplace, no matter what your shape or size. The Nygard Moderate lines, ALIA and Tan Jay, offer great staple wardrobe pieces that are comfortable and versatile. Products found at Nygard can easily be mixed and matched with each other. The colorful printed tops work well layered under a sleek boyfriend jacket as well as on their own with a chunky necklace for added oomph. Plain-colored blouses with ruffled or beaded accents around the collar area can be paired with almost anything.

For those watching their bottom line, Nygard’s recommends this rule of thumb: All you need are four tops, three bottoms and two jackets to mix and match 23 different outfits. For instance, three blouses, a pair of pants, two skirts, two vests and a tweed jacket can be seamlessly mixed together for an entire month’s worth of outfits, without breaking the bank!


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