Best Emerald Engagement Rings For Brides

These days colored engagement rings are on the rise, and it’s easy to see why. While tradition still plays a significant role in our lives, individual expression is essential for modern women. Accordingly, many brides-to-be are currently settling on distinctive gemstones over classic diamonds to suit their personalities. Specifically, emeralds are at present having a minute and have been spotted on the ring fingers of women everywhere throughout the world, including Hollywood star Halle Berry. As exquisite as they are attractive, these gorgeous green gems make for an exciting and fashionable choice. So, if you’re after an engagement ring that’s uniquely beautiful, look no more distant than one of these emerald alternatives. From chic contemporary designs to marvelous ageless styles, there’s a choice of Emerald Engagement Rings to suit every bride-to-be.

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1. Tiffany Soleste Ring

Nobody does engagement rings quite like Tiffany. The famous jewelry label is well known for its luxurious and timelessly beautiful designs, and its Soleste Ring is no exception. This stunning platinum ring features a round emerald center stone surrounded by round, brilliant diamonds. The carat weight for the gorgeous emerald is 0.45 while the diamonds carry a carat total weight of 0.36. Although it may set you back a pretty penny, this lovely design screams eternal love. You can even have it hand engraved by Tiffany experts to add an extra special touch.

Tiffany Soleste Ring

2. Macy’s 14k Gold, Emerald and Diamond Oval Ring

Does your fairy-tale romance demand a ring to match? If so, you should consider Macy’s stunning 14k gold, emerald and diamond oval ring. This classically beautiful design is truly magical and will look incredible on the hand of any bride-to-be. It features sparkling round-cut diamonds, measuring 1/2 carat total weight, which enhances the opulent and luxurious oval-cut center emerald. The emerald itself is 1-1/8 ct. t.w. carats in weight while fine 14k gold makes up the band and setting. The full price of this charming piece is USD$1,800.

Macy's 14k Gold, Emerald and Diamond Oval Ring


3. Gemstone Bridal by Effy Emerald and Diamond Engagement Ring in 18k White Gold

For brides-to-be who love a little color, Effy has you covered. The fabulous jewelry label offers a range of incredible gemstone bridal rings that are both beautiful and high-quality yet won’t break the budget. In particular, we love the brand’s emerald and diamond engagement ring in 18k white gold. The stunning design features a truly exceptional emerald-cut emerald, which measures 1-3/8 carats. Baguette shoulder diamonds and sparkling round-shape pavé diamonds along a lavish 18k white gold shank complement its eye-catching green hue. Its current price is USD$2,500.

Gemstone Bridal by Effy Emerald and Diamond Engagement Ring in 18k White Gold


4. Tana Chung 18k Gold Constellation Ring

After a ring that’s as unique and beautiful as the lady who will wear it? Look no further than the Tana Chung 18k gold constellation ring. This gorgeous cocktail ring is made in the USA and it is an excellent alternative to a traditional engagement ring. As such, it is perfect for modern brides. Its eye-catching design boasts luxurious 18k yellow gold along with diamonds and a Colombian emerald at the center. As a bonus, this stunning ring will only set you back $1,250, meaning that you’ll have more money to spend on other things, such as your engagement party, wedding, and honeymoon.

Tana Chung 18k Gold Constellation Ring


5. Bloomingdale’s Emerald Marquise & Diamond Statement Ring in 14k White Gold

An engagement ring should be glamorous, and Bloomingdale’s emerald marquise & diamond statement ring in 14k white gold is just that. This alluring and elegant piece of jewelry is perfect for modern brides-to-be. Its dramatic design features a 14k white gold band set with a marquise-cut emerald surrounded by diamonds. While the emerald itself weighs 1.0 carat, the diamonds have a total weight of 0.35 carats. As part of the 100% Bloomingdale’s collection, this stunning ring is exclusive, meaning you won’t find it elsewhere.

Bloomingdale's Emerald Marquise & Diamond Statement Ring in 14k White Gold


6. NM Estate Edwardian Tiffany Sugarloaf Emerald & Diamond Ring

Emerald rings are available in many different settings, cuts, and styles. As such, there’s an option for every bride-to-be. For those who appreciate the unique style and love the charm of vintage designs, the Tiffany Sugarloaf emerald & diamond ring makes a perfect choice. The exquisite accessory, which is available from Neiman Marcus NM Estate, is from the Edwardian Period (1901-1910). Therefore, it is over an incredible 100 years old. The ring’s beautiful design boasts 18k yellow gold and a stunning 2.0 carat Sugarloaf Colombian emerald cabochon. (A cabochon is a gem that has been polished but not faceted.) It also features platinum side prong settings with old European cut diamonds (1.97 total carat weights).

NM Estate Edwardian Tiffany Sugarloaf Emerald & Diamond Ring

7. McTeigue & McClelland Apertresa Ring

McTeigue & McClelland has been hand-making fine jewelry since 1996. Walter McTeigue and Tim McClelland created the label, which is known for its blend of innovation and traditional techniques. The brand’s Apertresa Ring is just one example of its luxurious creations. Featuring an exceptional 1.18-carat oval, brilliant-cut emerald, this ring is truly stunning. Along with its emerald, which rests on a four-prong setting, this polished platinum design also boasts two sparkling pear-shaped white diamonds. It’s slender, the ridged band makes it a particularly perfect option for slim fingers. Of course, expert craftsmanship, stylish design, and premium materials don’t come cheap. As such, this gorgeous green ring will set you back at USD$10,500.

McTeigue & McClelland Apertresa Ring


8. Macy’s Emerald and Diamond Ring in 14k Gold

Each month has a unique birthstone and emerald is May’s. As such, an emerald engagement ring can make a fantastic and personalized option for brides-to-be who were born in May. For something extraordinary, consider Macy’s Emerald and Diamond Ring in 14k Gold. This exquisite ring is crafted from 14k gold and features a beautiful design that’ll stand the test of time. It boasts an eye-catching emerald-cut emerald, which measures 1-5/8 carats. Chic baguette-cut diamonds with a total weight of 2/3 carat offset the gorgeous green gemstone. While it’ll set you back USD$7,600, this engagement ring can also pull double duty as a romantic birthday gift.

Macy's Emerald and Diamond Ring in 14k Gold


9. Forzieri Emerald and Diamond 18k White Gold Ring

Luxury and style combine in Forzieri’s emerald and diamond 18k white gold ring to achieve a gorgeous and glamorous design. Perfect for elegant brides-to-be who love a simple yet lavish style, this ring oozes chic sophistication. The beautiful design is made from 18k white gold and features a strikingly rich emerald that rests on a halo of pavé diamonds. The emerald, which is oval-cut, features a basket setting. In total, the ring boasts 20 diamonds, equaling a carat weight of 0.36. Oh, and did we mention that it’s Italian made? Thankfully, all this Italian luxury needn’t break the bank. This gorgeous piece of jewelry is an affordable USD$1,983.

Forzieri Emerald and Diamond 18k White Gold Ring

10. Bloomingdale’s Emerald & Diamond Beaded Teardrop Ring in 14k White & Yellow Gold

Finding the perfect ring is part of the fun of getting engaged. To do so, you need to take personality and style into account. For brides-to-be who prefer quirky to classical, Bloomingdale’s Emerald & Diamond Beaded Teardrop Ring in 14k White & Yellow Gold can make an exceptional choice. The distinctive design boasts a beaded appearance that looks beautiful on the finger. The ring is made from 14k yellow gold and 14k white gold, making it as luxurious as it is attractive. Diamonds surround the stunning center stone, which is a 1.20-carat emerald. Of course, when choosing an engagement ring, you need to balance personality and style with your budget. So, it’s helpful that this gorgeous accessory will only cost you $2,479.78 at full price.

Bloomingdale's Emerald & Diamond Beaded Teardrop Ring in 14k White & Yellow Gold