Fashion Costume Jewelry – Collecting and Wearing

Fashion Costume Jewelry – Collecting and Wearing

Fashion Costume Jewelry – Collecting and Wearing

Costume jewelry has come and gone over the centuries. People could not always afford the precious gems – artisans soon came to provide the public with look-alike and very fashionable costume jewelry, for collecting and wearing.

Vintage costume jewelry is highly sought after – the artistry of yesteryear and the materials from which they were made cannot be duplicated. Vintage costume jewelry is unique and highly in demand.

Fashion Costume Jewelry – Should You Invest In Costume Jewelry?

By selecting the appropriate pieces of costume jewelry, whether vintage or art nouveau, pieces that are versatile will complete any outfit with little effort. Some neutral colors that will do this include, silver, gold, white, clear, black, and brown.

One of the classic pieces that every woman should have in her costume jewelry assortment is the classic pearl necklace. This piece goes from sassy to classy. You can wear it with your favorite little black dress or jeans and a J. Crews sports jacket.

Building your Fashionable Costume Jewelry Collection

By purchasing about a dozen or so  “must-haves” for your daily wardrobe, you can look smart and on the game all the time. That is not to say you cannot buy a few trendy pieces to go with special outfits. Simply, if you have the core of your jewelry drawer stocked with  these few “essentials,” you will be ready for almost any occasion:

  • Pearl necklace – choker style
  • Cocktail ring – simple, elegant, can go casual or formal
  • 2-3 pairs of simple, dangle earrings
  • Pearl studs, CZ Studs, Diamond Studs
  • 1-2 pairs of other studs in plain silver, gold or neutral color
  • 1-2 pairs of hoop earring, small to medium in diameter
  • 1 pendant necklace, simple design
  • One wristwatch – metal (sterling, gold, titanium, etc)
  • Simple Chain Bracelet

The How-to’s for Buying Fashion Costume Jewelry

Remember, costume jewelry is supposed to accent your outfit, not overpower it. Simple, versatile pieces will help you deal with a variety of occasions without spending a fortune. Plain metals such as gold, titanium, silver, and platinum work exceptionally well with almost any outfit; if chosen well, these pieces will be timeless. Simple, basic designs, such as oval, round or square work exceptionally well.

Staple Items of Quality

Certain staple items should not be compromised – such as quality diamond or CZ stud earring and  14k Gold bracelets. These pieces are meant to endure time.

Adding to your fashionable costume jewelry collection

Once you have the basics in place, you can move up the fashion ladder and start adding the trendier, more colorful pieces  – consider versatility when buying. Do your own jewelry fashionista thing! Show off your personality.

Hot tips to Buying the Right Essentials!

For jewelry worn near the face – Select the right metal and colors for your skin tone, eye, and hair color

  • Gold and warm-hued colors for golden/peachy skin tone, hair and eye colors
  • Silvery metals for cool-tone women

Colors worn above your waist – pick colors that make your face glow and bring out the natural beauty on your eyes and hair color.

  • Coral and warm turquoise for skin tones with a warm hue

With jewelry, you can:

  • Make a facial or body feature appear larger or smaller
  • Slim down your face and upper body. It can also give the illusion of width
  • Balance out your face and body proportions to make prominent parts look less noticeable
  • Draw attention away from parts you feel self-conscious about
  • Highlight and accentuate the assets you like and boost your self-confidence

The dimension of any fashion costume jewelry (or any ornament worn on your body) should be in balance and in harmony with your body size and proportions.

Dos and Don’ts

Fashion Costume Jewelry - Dos and Don’ts






-If you have big facial features, opt for larger-scaled jewelry. Smaller ones will make them look bigger.
*If you have small facial features, look for smaller-scaled jewelry. Larger ones will only make them smaller.

-If you have average-sized features, choose medium scale – but you can also wear large or small, depending on your personal preference.

Scale of Face

If you have a large and/or wide face shape, you do not necessarily have to wear jewelry scaled to its face size, but rather work with the shape and length to slim and elongate your face.

Scale of Face

The same applies if you have a small and narrow face shape. However, your focus is to add width with the right jewelry shapes and lengths.

Bust Size

A large bust needs larger necklaces to avoid making it look bigger.

bust scale

However, if you are petite, opt for necklaces that cascade (multiple thin necklace strings) and are see-through. Smaller busts look best with delicate necklaces.

Wrist & Hands

Select watches, rings, and bracelets that are scaled to the size of your wrists and hands.

Fashion Costume Jewelry - wrist scale

However, if you have thin wrists but want to sport an oversized watch look, then that is perfectly ok. However, because of the fashion statement, it gives out, goes minimal on the rest of your outfit. Not necessarily fewer accessories, but less eye-catching details.

Full Neck (short and/or wide neck)

Slim down your neck with long earrings that create a vertical line raising the eye up and down. But make sure they don’t extend past your chin. Also, avoid earrings that add bulk (e.g. chandelier earrings)