Fashion Tips from a Woman’s Perspective – Men’s Clothing

Fashion Tips from a Woman’s Perspective – Men’s Clothing

The Ultimate Shopping Guide for Men’s Clothing – Fashion Tips from a Woman’s Perspective

Women love shopping – period! It doesn’t matter who she shops for: herself, her kids, or her man! Shopping is shopping –right? But we could all use a little guidance when it comes to looking good – after all, ZZTop said it best: Every girl is crazy about a sharp dressed man!

Shopping for stylish, affordable men’s clothing can be challenging, especially if you are trying to stay within a budget.  If you follow this guide, you will have a great wardrobe for all occasions. Looking good is made easy.

Fashion Tips from a Woman’s Perspective – Check out what’s trending

Whether you see it in a magazine or online, check out what the fashionistas have to say.  If you like the look, snip it, print it, save it to your smart phone and off you go! There are usually several male boutiques at the malls – check out the window displays and visit several stores. Try the outfits on to make sure the look is really “you”!

Fashion Tips from a Woman’s Perspective – Smart Shopper

Found something you like?

  • Stock up with a few different colours and patterns
  • Get on the store’s email list and never miss a sale!
  • If on a budget, stick with solid-colored clothes; this adds flexibility to your wardrobe
  • NEVER buy pants with prints
  • Leave the tags on and hold on to the receipt
  • Clearance racks (end of season, discontinued, etc.) have some great clothes– check them out

Fashion Tips from a Woman’s Perspective – Comfort Fit

Too big or too small will not only look bad, but you will be self-conscious and won’t be comfortable. Big cloths make you look bigger.  If you wear plus-sizing, proper fit will keep you looking good!

  • Shirts should not be baggy – just comfortable
  • Check for proper fit through the shoulders
  • Short sleeves fit comfortably around your arms
  • Long sleeves should not extend past your wrist
  • Pants should fit smoothly
  • Pants should not touch the back or soles of your shoes
  • Avoid pleated pants unless you have a small waist and narrow hips
  • Underwear belong on the inside, hidden


Get your pants, slacks and sleeves hemmed – it will give the finished, polished look and shows that you care about your appearance. Plus they won’t fray. Most alteration experts charge less than $10.

  • Pants that too long can be hemmed – pants that are too short fit poorly and look bad

Choose Colours 

Choosing colours should not be a stressful event. If you like it, coordinate the outfit and you’ll look like a million bucks.

  • Stay away from putrid colours
  • Stay away from purple or pink if you have any apprehension
  • If unsure, ask someone you trust if something looks good on you
  • If colour-blind, look for colours you can “see” and ask for help coordinating them

Black is for Tuxes and Formal Wear

  • Do not wear any matching top and bottom, especially black – it can make you look morose

Belts and Shoes

  • Black shoes, black belt – brown shoes, brown belt – period!
  • Make your accessories count – flat black or brown leather belt is the perfect accessory

About Shorts

  • Wear cargo shorts or khaki shorts for casual
  • Shorts should be knee-length
  • Baggy legs on shorts are OK, but not the butt or waist
  • Khaki shorts call for a polo shirt


Undergarments are a matter of personal choice and comfort. They belong under your clothes.

  • “Tidy whites” and boxer briefs don’t bunch up
  • White socks for your tennis shoes, dress socks with dress shoes
  • White T-shirt with a white button-down


The Basic Wardrobe

Here’s the basic wardrobe that will get you through just about any event

  • Jeans – clean, crisp
  • Khakis –any colour
  • For casual days, khaki or cargo shorts
  • 2-3 button-down shirts –white, dark red, blue, and green
  • 2-3 Heavyweight T-shirts
  • 2-3Short-sleeved

Care Tips for your Wardrobe

Here are some basic care tips to make your clothes last longer:

  • Wash and dry them quickly without leaving them in the washer for a day
  • Hang dry your clothes if possible – don’t let them wrinkle and get discolored

Other Necessities

  • To save money, baking soda is one of the best stain removers
  • A detergent that works in cold water for white and dark clothes
  • A steamer, ironing board andiron –Buy wrinkle-free shirts whenever possible.
  • Hangers – Hang shirts immediately when they come out of the dryer
    • Hanging pants over the bottom bar of a regular hanger will cause  major wrinkles
    • Fold jeans

Hopefully this information will help you get a good start on buying your new wardrobe.  Get a new hairstyle to go with the new clothes and get ready to WOW!

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