For Cakes Lovers Best Chocolate Cake Flavor Combinations

For Cakes Lovers Best Chocolate Cake Flavor Combinations

Best Chocolate Cake Flavor Combinations

There are all kinds of wonderful and unusual chocolate flavors out there that we’ve probably never considered. If they’re right then that could mean some of the best chocolate cake combinations you’re ever likely to taste.

We will take you to a walk through the traditional and the modern for a take on chocolate cake that you might find surprising. Some of the best combinations when it comes to chocolate cake may well be things you’ve never even thought of.

But first, some chocolate science

There’s a lot to know when it comes to chocolates. The flavor can be affected by the type of cocoa beans, the quantity of milk and the process used to make it. As the beans are fermented and roasted, the flavors develop and result in the kind of delicious roasty and caramel aromas we love.

If you want the professionals’ opinion, apparently the important thing to work out is not just if your chocolate’s combination tastes good, but why it tastes good. That way you’re on your own path to all kinds of flavor takes on the much-loved chocolate cake.

The less suger the bitter the taste

The less sugar in your chocolates, the more bitter it will taste, and the more bitter it tastes, the more interesting the chocolate is for pairing with a whole host of other foods. (Did you know that Heston once paired chocolate with salty caviar?)

Bear all this in mind when it comes to creating unusual chocolates’ flavors in your cake baking. Unexpected ingredients could turn into a showstopping chocolate cake!

Chocolate and Fruit Combinations

 Best Chocolate Cake Flavour Combinations - Chocolate and Fruit Combinations

Right, let’s start with a classic. No one disputes that one of the very best chocolate cake flavor combinations is fruity.

If the cake that you’re making uses white or milk chocolate and is very sweet! then something more acidic like passion fruit will work brilliantly to balance out the fat and sugar.

On the flip side, use sweeter fruits like strawberry, banana or mango with dark, bitter chocolate for nicely balanced fillings, toppings and decorations on your cake.

Herb, Spice and Chocolate Combinations

Best Chocolate Cake Flavour Combinations - Herb, Spice and Chocolate Combinations2

Spice lovers will find chilli chocolate easily available in the supermarket and it’s delicious if you like a sweet punch in the chops. Try adding a red chilli, cut superfine, to chocolate buttercream for a spicy chocolate cake.

Lavender’s also become a popular cake ingredient to try with chocolate. If you’d like to work a hint of it into a chocolate cake, try heating with cream before discarding and whipping the infused cream into a chocolate ganache.

Salt, in all its forms from crystal rock to bacon (we know, it’s not really a health option, but everything in moderation, no?), makes a fantastic and unusual chocolate cake combination. Chef Byron Talbott thinks he knows why.

Talbott says that the sweetness of chocolate sets off positive body receptors and the same happens when we taste salt. Since we can’t store salt we often crave it, meaning that when we get both together, it’s like a double mega hit for our body. Lovely!

Nuts, Caramel and Chocolate Combinations

Best Chocolate Cake Flavour Combinations - Herb, Spice and Chocolate Combinations

More classic chocolate cake flavor combinations come in the form of nuts and caramel.

We all know that the velvety texture of caramel is nothing short of dreamy when you combine it with chocolate.

Peanut, almond and hazelnut are all great paired with darker chocolate and add a delicious texture dimension whether used in your cake sponge or topping.


Tea, Coffee and Chocolate Combinations

Best Chocolate Cake Flavour Combinations - Tea, Coffee and Chocolate Combinations

You can work coffee into all aspects of your chocolate cake – the sponge, buttercream, frosting and decoration. In fact, a little coffee in a chocolate cake or brownie batter further intensifies the chocolate flavors.

To be particular about tastes and coffee roasts, then for a dark chocolate cake the best coffee is a dark, bold roast. Milk chocolate is good with a medium roast; like Kenyan or Colombian with a lighter roast; like a Yemeni or Costa Rican ideal for white chocolate.

Source: Anges De Sucre