Fragrance Change Your Mood – 10 Best Brands

Fragrance Change Your Mood – 10 Best Brands

Fragrance can Change Mood – 10 Best Brands

Fragrances have been used through the ages to calm, stimulate, entice, seduce, and tempt dreams. Aromatherapy has been used since ancient times for the healing elements of its aromatic essential oils, affecting moods. It has been revered for its power of bringing the mind and body back to the center.

Different fragrances beginning to be acknowledged for their subtle effects. For example, lily of the valley and peppermint said to increase productivity; companies incorporate these scents through the AC work.  Mornings seem to start out better with a smell of citrus; a subtle floral for mid-day and cedar to relieve fatigue after lunch.

When a woman buys a perfume or cologne, she knows what she is looking for…she can sense how the perfume makes her feel and how it affects those around her. When a man buys perfume for a woman; he needs to understand the woman’s preferences and must learn how to pick the right one; ask her friends if not sure.

Top 10 Brands for Women’s Perfumes

Perfumes delight your senses and stir the soul.  Perfume and scents react differently on every woman – this creates an aura and individuality. The scent of a woman is as unique as the woman herself.

A person can tell a lot about a woman by the type of perfume she wears. Adventurous women prefer fruity perfumes, while romantics prefer flower fragrances. Intense and passionate women attracted to spicy perfumes. The choice of perfume is very personal.

Below are the top 10 most popular perfumes:

  1. Lovely by Sarah

10 Best Brands - Lovely by Sara

Lavender, orchid, bergamot, and mandarin come together in this

rich and affordable perfume.

  1. Attraction by Lancôme

10 Best Brands - Attraction by Lancôme

Lancôme’s Attraction women’s perfume s will turn heads – making it the perfect perfume for parties and meetings.

  1. Chanel No.5

10 Best Brands - Chanel No 5

One of the most seductive and alluring scents, this perfume will keep

them interested – wear it with confidence.


  1. Acqua Di Gio

10 Best Brands - Acqua Di Gio

Featured by the House of Armani, this intoxicating perfume consists of a jasmine, hyacinth, sweet pea, wood scents, and musk.

  1. Pink Sugar

10 Best Brands - Pink Sugar

It is a beautiful and unusual combination of musk, bergamot with raspberry, strawberry, etc. Pink Sugar is terrific with teenagers and is fun and flirtatious to wear.

  1. Light Blue By Dolce and Gabbana (D&G)

10 Best Brands - D&G Light Blue

Light blue women’s perfume is an interesting blend of musk, amber, green apple and white rose. The fragrance is entirely heavenly and simply out of the world.

  1. Euphoria by Calvin Klein

10 Best Brands - Euphoria

Euphoria women’s perfume creates a feeling of sexiness, and mystery. It contains an exquisite blend of mahogany, black orchid, amber and pomegranate. extremely sophisticated and classy to wear.

  1. Flower Princess by Vera Wang

10 Best Brands - flower princess by Vera Wang

This flower and fruity flavored women’s perfume, the fragrance is from Vera Wang. It reflects passion romance and soft emotions. It comprises the essence of water lily, tangerine, jasmine, amber and ivy and is sure to bewitch your senses.

  1. Touch of Pink by Lacoste

10 Best Brands - Touch of Pink by Lacoste Touch of pink women’s perfume is an exquisite fragrance comes from Lacoste to tantalize your senses. This women’s perfume creates a beautiful and thrilling feeling of adventure. Touch of pink women’s perfume has an exciting mix of orange, coriander leaves, cardamom, jasmine, sandalwood, and vanilla.

  1. 212 Sexy Perfume

10 Best Brands - Sexy 212

Carolina Herrera’s perfume is sexy to the core and extremely sensuous.. With an appealing blend of vanilla, gardenia, pepper, cotton candy, citrus, sandalwood, bergamot, and musk; it is ultra-feminine and intensely attractive.

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