Gender Neutral Nursery Themes 2021

Gender-Neutral Nursery Themes 2021

Waiting on a delivery day surprise? Don’t let the waiting game spoil your decorating plans! These sweet, creative and completely gender-neutral nursery themes are perfect for a boy or girl. Just pick your favorite and start dreaming!

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Gender-Neutral Nursery Themes 2021

1-Tribal Wild Nursery Theme

Tribal Wild Nursery Theme

Cozy teepees and whimsical arrow and feather motifs create a sense of fun-filled adventure in a kid’s room. Want to give your design an authentic feel? Look for Aztec-influenced prints, hand-woven textiles, and traditional handicrafts, like spirit sticks and dream catchers, or make your own tribal-inspired accessories.

2-Big Sky

Big Sky Nursery Theme

Tuck your little dreamer in under a cheerful night sky full of soft, glowing stars, gentle moonbeams, and sweet, puffy clouds. Want to give your nursery dreamscape a little extra shimmer? Go glam with metallic touches, such as metallic print wallpaper, foil-print artwork, or reflective decals. Just take a look at this dreamy nursery. It’s absolutely perfect, isn’t it?

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3-Woodland Wonder Nursery Theme

Woodland Wonder Nursery Theme

Introduce your little one to the great outdoors with a rustic, woodland-themed nursery. Recreate a cozy cabin in the woods, or set up a fun camping scene featuring all your favorite forest friends. This snug nursery shows everything we love about this theme. This is also a great choice for those looking for budget-friendly options.

4-Under the Sea

Under the Sea Nursery Theme

Whether you prefer a beach-chic abode, a preppy nautical theme, or a whimsical take on life under the waves, the ocean offers a whole other world of nursery inspiration! This bright coral nursery captures the theme just right. Bright and cheery colors warm up the space that’s sure to be a haven for you and your little one!

5-Little Traveler Nursery Theme

Little Traveler Nursery Theme

Want to share your wanderlust with your little one? Consider a travel-themed nursery like this quirky one from The Handmade Home. Think maps, modes of transportation, and fun details like tickets and steamer trunks. You can even throw in a trinket or two from your own international adventures!

6-Arctic Adventure

Arctic Adventure Nursery Theme

Take your little explorer on an expedition to the top of the world with a wintery nursery inspired by the Great White North. This frosty nursery features a chalkboard paint wall. Not only is it great for decorating, but it can turn into an art or learning station for your child. Your little one can learn to write their ABCs or draw spaceships and aliens! The possibilities are endless.

7-Up, Up, and Away Nursery Theme

Up, Up, and Away

A hot-air balloon may not be the most convenient way to travel, but it’s definitely the cutest! Balloon-themed nurseries are really taking off, and hot-air balloon motifs are popping up on everything from wallpaper to bedding. Just take a look at this whimsical nursery.

8-Under the Big Top

Under the Big Top

Life with kids is a circus! Why not set the scene with a circus-themed nursery like this one? Whether you prefer a vintage affair or something a tad more whimsical, a circus or carnival-themed nursery may be just the ticket to the nursery of your dreams. Not convinced? Try a show-stopping ceiling in a circus-inspired room!

9-Geo-Centric Nursery Nursery Theme

Geo-Centric Nursery

Prefer a modern nursery? Give your design some shape! Try a triangle motif, or a bold, geometric accent wall, or make a statement with a modern, geometric light fixture. You can even include a few DIY details, by making your own mobile or a focal piece. This funky nursery features a stunning geometric area rug that draws the room together.

10-Storybook Classics

Storybook Classics

Looking for nursery inspiration? Look no further than your favorite childhood storybook! Classic titles like “The Cat and the Hat,” “Winnie the Poo,” and “Peter Rabbit” make wonderful nursery themes.

That said, stay away from elaborate murals and over-the-top theming. To create a look that lasts, opt for clean and neutral décor, and throw in a handful of creative tributes, such as a set of framed storybook prints or a popular quote. This lively nursery features “Oh the Places You’ll Go” effortlessly without being over the top.

11-Letter Love Nursery Theme

Letter Love

A classic alphabet theme is a great choice for a gender-neutral nursery, especially if you love vintage designs. (Vintage flashcards and pages from vintage primer books make beautiful wall decor!) Looking for a fun way to teach your little one her ABCs? Your toddler will love spelling out words on an oversized, magnetic letter-play wall like this one.

12-Soft Hues

Soft Hues

Blue doesn’t have to be just for boys. This traditionally “male” color can work for both genders when paired with similarly pastel hues like gray and cream. This marvelous nursery is simply serene. It is just as soft and gentle as one would imagine a pink nursery for a little girl.

21 Rustic Woodland Gender Neutral Themed Nurseries

Beautiful Nurseries Inspired by Nature! Want to raise a tiny tree-hugger? What better way to inspire a love for the great outdoors than with a rustic, woodland-themed nursery! Whether you have an outdoorsy side or just like the idea of curling up in a cozy cabin in the woods; this imaginative, gender-neutral nursery theme practically guaranteed to drive you wild!

While rich wood accents and natural textures are woodland nursery-must, there’s no need to go full lumberjack if you don’t want to. After all, a little bit of rustic charm goes a long way. If you prefer a clean, contemporary space, think furry friends, graphic prints, and whimsical, play-inspired decor. There’s definitely more than one way to bring the outdoors in.

Need pointing in the right direction? Take a virtual “walk in the woods” with our rustic roundup of gorgeous woodland-themed nursery rooms, and you’ll be on the trail to your own woodland nursery adventure in no time.

1-The Great White Wilderness

The Great White Wilderness Nursery Theme

This wintery woodland nursery whisks all who enter away to the Great White Wilderness of Alaska. Rustic wooden boards spaced evenly over an icy blue-gray wall offers a contemporary take on the “cabin in the woods” look while rich furs, red buffalo check accents, and fun theme-setting accessories like snowshoes and antlers add to the coziness. Too cute!

2-Mountain View

 Mountain View Nursery Theme

Who doesn’t love a room with a view? A stunning chalk mural, created by Bent and Courtney, the talented, DIY-loving couple behind Gray House Studio, sets the scene for mountain adventures in this modern woodland nursery full of whimsical woodland-themed details.

3-Easy Mountain Mural

Easy Mountain Mural Nursery Theme

Not much of an artist? No worries! With a little painter’s tape and a healthy dose of patience, a swoon-worthy mountain mural is within your reach. This alpine-inspired woodland nursery space boasts an easy-to-recreate mountain vista for a down-to-earth price. Just tape and paint.

4-Rustic Woodland Camp Out

Rustic Woodland Camp Out Nursery Theme

Not quite ready to sleep out under the stars? This rustic camp-out-inspired nursery is a toddling adventurer’s dream.

5-Modern Mountain Man

Modern Mountain Man Nursery Theme

This “mountain man” nursery strikes the perfect balance between rustic and modern. A dramatic log mural paired with rich rustic accents, such as the wood beam chandelier; gives the space an undeniably “woodsy” feel. The clean, gray walls and modern furnishings keep things looking bright and contemporary.

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6-Vintage Hunting Nursery

Vintage Hunting Nursery Theme

On the hunt for the perfect nursery theme? This “vintage hunting” nursery is right on target. Cozy and charmingly rugged; this rustic retreat filled with vintage goodies and outdoorsy accessories. The reclaimed wood wall gallery, safely secured over the bed, is the perfect backdrop, suggesting the rustic woodsiness of a cabin without compromising the room’s clean, contemporary look.

7-Foxy Nursery

Foxy Nursery Nursery Theme

Woodland charm meets Southwestern flair in this adorable fox-themed nursery room. Rich Aztec-inspired patterns and flashes of red and orange make a bold statement against a dramatic black chalkboard wall, sporting the sweetly appropriate quote, “Let him sleep; for when he wakes, he will move mountains.”

8-Modern Woodsy

Modern Woodsy Nursery Theme

Bold, black, and white graphic patterns set against rich wood accents and cool gray walls give this modern a one-of-a-kind “woodsy” vibe. We love how well all of the patterns blend together.

9-Graphic Woodland Charm

Graphic Woodland Charm Nursery Theme

Featured on Project Nursery, this sweet Nordic-inspired nursery puts an emphasis on fun. It brings together woodland friends, graphic whimsy, and rustic charm together to create a clean, modern nursery full of adorable detail.

10-Bear-y Sweet

Bear-y Sweet Nursery Theme

A cute and comfortable woodland-themed nursery invites your little one to pull up a patch of soft carpet and settle in for a long winter nap with everyone’s favorite furry woodland friend.

11-A Nursery to Fawn Over

A Nursery to Fawn Over Nursery Theme

Think a woodland nursery has to be masculine? Think again! From the soft, layered textures to the darling floral wallpaper mural full of furry forest dwellers; this sweet and girly is well worth fawning over.

12-Woodland Contemporary

Woodland Contemporary

A rich, wooden accent wall brings rustic charm to this bright and contemporary woodland-themed boy’s room spotted. The easy-to-recreate DIY chevrons hanging above the crib add the perfect touch; tying the natural wood and whitewashed space together and adding emphasis to the chic wall initial.

13-Attic in the Woods

Attic in the Woods

Ski chalet tucked into the mountains or previously unfinished attic space? With its A-frame ceiling, shiplap walls, and rustic light fixtures, this sweet little woodland hideaway makes it difficult to tell.

14-Tribal Lands

Tribal Lands

This tribal-themed nursery offers a fun twist on the popular woodland nursery trend; incorporating chevron patterns, tribal motifs, and even a pint-sized teepee into its rich woodland-inspired decor.

15-Rustic Minimalist

Rustic Minimalist

This simple nursery design, created by a professional photographer and all-around design genius Kristen Brook; offers a subtle nod to the woodland adventure trend while still maintaining a clean and modern, no-fuss aesthetic.

16-Into the Woods

 Into the Woods

Striking black and white birch-print wallpaper brings this of a contemporary woodland nursery to life. Woodland creatures abound while layer upon layer of rich natural texture creates a warm and cozy feel. Curl up and stay awhile!

17-Botanical Bliss

Botanical Bliss

With its rustic paneled walls and sweet botanical accents; this charming little woodland nursery room puts us in the mood for a sun-speckled afternoon walk under the canopy.

18-Rustic on a Budget

Rustic on a Budget

A swoon-worthy, wood-planked ceiling gives this lodge-inspired nursery space a dramatic upgrade.

19-Misty Mountain Mural

Misty Mountain Mural

This stunning woodland-themed nursery uses the Ombre paint technique; to create an almost three-dimensional mountain vista mural in soft blues and grays.

20-Natural Wonder

Natural Wonder

Urban nursery or nature’s paradise? With its lush, green carpet and realistic wall mural, baby’s room might just have you fooled! Despite its elaborate “setting,” this woodland-inspired nursery takes a minimalist approach to furniture and accessories; in an effort to capture one of nature’s most charming attributes: a sense of unadulterated, wide-open space.

21-Sunny Little Woodland Gender-Neutral Nursery Themes

Sunny Little Woodland

We adore this sweet and sunny nursery. It effortlessly incorporates rich, rustic textures (such as the rusted iron wall initial). And other natural elements (like the adorable tree branch bird mobile) into its clean, contemporary design.

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