Getting the Best Fit and Comfort in Eyewear

Getting the Best Fit and Comfort in Eyewear

Getting the Best Fit and Comfort in Eyewear

Fit and comfort are the two most important features in eyewear – whether reading glass, prescription, or sunglasses.  Below are some quick tips on how to achieve the perfect fit

  • Make sure eyes are centered in the frame
  • If the eye is properly centered, the lenses will come out thinner.
  • Make sure temples are long enough
  • they should be adjusted from time to time
  • Assess size of nose
  • Use large bridge for wide noses or a narrow bridge (generally with nose pads) for narrower noses
  • Check size of bridge
  • The idea is to limit the amount of space from the bridge of the nose to the bridge of the frame.
  • Small or narrow noses require small bridges.

Remember that nose pads used to adjust the overall fit.  For example, if a person with a flat nose has a frame resting on their cheeks, adding nose pads can help provided a better fit.

Fit and Comfort – Progressive Lenses

When selecting frames to accommodate progressive lenses, a minimum height requirement needs to be met. Consult with an optician. Certain adjustments can be made, i.e. opening the bridge, changing the angle etc. to accept progressive lenses,

Fit and Comfort – Seven basic face shapes

Always select frames that offset the shape of your face. The following are general guidelines for identifying face shape and choosing appropriate styles:

  • Oval:Top and bottom of face well balanced
    • Suggest any style except extreme geometric designs
  • Round:Large curved forehead and rounded chin, face is full without angles
    • Suggest square or angular frames
  • Heart:Forehead widest part of face that narrows gradually to slightly pointed chin
    • Suggest rimless design.
  • Oblong/rectangular:Long narrow face
    • suggest deep fitting frame from top to bottom or a frame with deep B measurement
  • Triangle:Narrow head, face gradually becomes fuller at cheeks and chin
  • Rimless designs
  • Square:Wide forehead cheeks and chin where jaw is angular in appearance — hard jaw line
  • Round frames
  • Diamond:Small forehead, wide temple
    • Oval

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