Gold Chains – Choose Your Style

There are many different styles of gold chains, each serving different purposes and offering different effects to the wearer. We have listed the most popular ones and their merits. When shopping for a gold chain for your pendant, be sure to bring it with you when visiting a jewellery store so you can see how it will look on you! Most gold chains are available in white or yellow gold.

Curb Chains

Gold Curb ChainsCurb Chains are one of most popular styles of chains. Their strength is derived from both the design and weight of the chain. They are tightly linked, and do not “catch” on anything. This chain is flat in appearance.



Belcher or Rolo Chains

Gold Belcher or Rolo ChainsBelcher chains come in a few different styles. First, there is the traditional oval link belcher chain, the round link and the diamond cut finish. Due to their interlinking designs, belcher chains have a “heavier” look than other chains.



Trace Chains

Gold Trace ChainsTrace chains are very popular. They have tight links and tend to be light. They also reflect the light beautifully and are one of the most requested styles.




Snake Chains
Gold Snake ChainsSnake chains are classy, slinky and smooth; the longer chains look beautiful with pendants. The link surface is beautifully polished and glisten in the light. Snake chains are one of the more delicate gold chains and more susceptible to kinking. It is highly recommended that they be coiled for storing.


Spiga / Wheat Chains

Gold Spiga - Wheat ChainsThis style of chain is normally created with four strands of twisted oval links. The links are braided and woven together to make a lovely looking chain that is quite eye-catching!




Gold SingaporeThe Singapore chain is a ‘twist curb’ chain, made of twisted and braided fibres. Known for its integrity, strength, simplicity, and classic pattern, this style is a popular choice as well.








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