19 Best Gucci Belts for Women of All Time

19 Best Gucci Belts for Women of All Time

Gucci belts are the hottest accessorizing items in every fashionista’s wardrobe and will soon end up landing on the wish lists of those who don’t have one yet. Meant to cinch the waist, supporting the clothes and making the waistline appear slimmer; belts, in general, are the most coveted fashion accessories, which become even more desired when signed Gucci. Since Gucci belts are always a hot topic, it would be useful not only to learn how to spot a fake Gucci belt but also to skim through the best Gucci belts for women of all time!

19 Best Gucci Belts for Women of All Time, Including Current Ones

You may know a lot about Gucci belts, but which are the coolest ones to invest in? Here we present 19 best Gucci belts for women of all time, the recent additions included.

1- Gucci Guccissima Belt with Interlocking G

First things first, here’s literally the most iconic Gucci belt of all time! Everybody wants it at some point in their lifetime, and even more, people try to counterfeit it. If you love to wear pieces of (fashion) history on yourself, Gucci’s Guccissima is the ultimate must-have item.

Gucci Guccissima Belt with Interlocking G



2- Gucci Black Leather Belt with Double G Buckle

You have seen this Gucci belt on the most popular Instagram feeds and in the closet of your fashionista friend! This is one of the most iconic Gucci belts for women that scream simplicity with style. Its smooth black leather is of top-notch quality, while the new Double G buckle is the icing on the cake. Other than black, it also comes in white, dusty pink colors, while the one with crocodile leather is the most opulent of them all!

Gucci Black Leather Belt with Double G Buckle



3- Gucci GG Supreme Belt with G Buckle

Featuring Gucci’s GG Supreme canvas, Gucci’s GG Supreme belt is the mother of all Gucci belts and is just a win-win accessory; perfect for any occasion. For the early ‘00s-inspired look, just wear it with a total denim outfit!

Gucci GG Supreme Belt with G Buckle



4- Gucci Leather Belt with Horsebit

Inspired by the equestrian theme and debuted in the 1950s, this is one of the most legendary Gucci belts for women of all time, and it still continues to pay homage to the brand’s legacy. Available in four styles, it features fine leather and a square buckle that can be worn facing the front or the back. This is an iconic piece, well worth every dollar you’ll spend on it!

Gucci Leather Belt with Horsebit



5- Gucci Leather Belt with Double G Buckle

Out of all the Gucci belts, this one is probably the most minimalist. Available in 4 different color options; it is made out of Gucci’s unfinished faded leather and can be easily worn either as a hip or waist belt. If you are willing to invest in/ collect a lifetime hit, we recommend opting for the brown one.

Gucci Leather Belt with Double G Buckle



6- Gucci Leather Belt With Pearl Double G Buckle

Inspired by an archival design, this simple Gucci leather belt comes in two colors and is literally as classy as it could be. You can show it off over a shirt, with blue jeans, denim skirts, or even elegant dresses and, no matter what, your look will always be on point. The pearl-encrusted buckle adds up to the romantic vibe of this Gucci belt, which you can get from Gucci’s official website or from Farfetch.

Gucci Leather Belt with Pearl Double G Buckle



7- Gucci Leather Belt With Pearl Double G

Classic as the former yet slightly richer in its finish, this Gucci belt comes in two styles as well and is definitely meant to be with any preppy/ urban-chic outfit that we may ever pull off all year long. If you are looking for a statement item that is wearable 24/7, you can fearlessly invest in this one! One of the edgiest Gucci belts for women.

Gucci Leather Belt with Pearl Double G



8- Gucci Leather Belt with Double G Buckle with Snake

If classic Gucci belts are your thing but you also love funky fashion upgrades, Gucci’s Double G belt with a snake-embellished buckle is your next soul mate. Available in two colors, it revisits Gucci’s glorious Seventies and is an absolute must in any eclectic wardrobe.

Gucci Leather Belt with Double G Buckle with Snake



9- Gucci Web Belt with Double G Buckle

Logo-lovers often don’t stop at logos, but rather love all things branded, striped patterns included. If a “simple” double G isn’t enough for you, try one of the 8 Gucci Web belt styles – you’ll probably end up getting at least 5 of them!

Gucci Web Belt with Double G Buckle



10- Gucci Dionysus GG Supreme Belt

Meant to be paired with Gucci’s Dionysus bag, the Dionysus GG Supreme belt comes in two colors and is completed with suede finishes that are to die for. Combine it with a floral-patterned shirt and just stay flawless all spring long!

Dionysus GG Supreme



11- Gucci (Sylvie) Web Belt with Bee

Queen Bees, rejoice! Gucci’s Web belt with the cute bee buckle is here to speak to your souls, directly coming from the Seventies and filtered through Alessandro Michele’s 2015 collection. It is available in three styles – two classic ones and one dubbed Sylvie.

(Sylvie) Web with Bee



12- Gucci Stripe Belt with Double G and Crystals

Refined with crystals and, overall, definitely showy (in all the good ways); this Gucci stripe belt is elastic and comfortable, not to mention its great versatility and a little touch of much-coveted effulgence. If you are looking for something to spice up your casual looks or any of your trench coats, this Gucci belt is the way to go! One of the most cheerful Gucci belts for women.

Stripe with Double G and Crystals



13- Gucci Chain Belt with Crystal Double G Buckle

Who doesn’t love a good dose of early ‘00s vibes? Chain belts are a thing again mainly thanks to Alessandro Michele, who ultimately brought them back to life with his Gucci spring/ summer 2018 collection. The Gucci crystal Double G buckle chain belt is just the perfect revisited replica of a timeless it-item that could flatter any outfit, especially those short/ midi dresses or T-shirt dresses that many love to wear as soon as summer begins (but you can use it even during fall, with a long and warm sweater).

Chain with Crystal Double G Buckle



14- Gucci Queen Margaret Leather Belt

Even beloved Gucci Queen Margaret handbag has a BFF, and it is Gucci’s Queen Margaret leather belt! Available in two styles and enriched with glass pearls and multi-colored crystals, this Gucci belt mixes regal accents with legendary Seventies vibes and feels just like a luxe-made accessory item.

Queen Margaret leather



15- Gucci Leather Belt with Metal Flower

One of Gucci’s fall/ winter 2016 collection’s biggest hits, this Gucci belt is still all rage and is probably one of the best compromises between Alessandro Michele’s maximalism and Gucci’s luxe legacy. Unsurprisingly, it blooms each year during spring and summertime.

Leather with Metal Flower



16- Leather with Framed Double G

For their Cruise collection, Gucci revisited the Double G buckle, framing it and presenting it as a fantastic piece of art. The buckle is made of gold-toned brass with a deliberate antique feel, which instantly elevates this simplistic black leather belt, making it supreme. We bet it’s going to become a classic, so be the first to show it off.

Leather with Framed Double G



17- Snakeskin with Square G Buckle

Squared and filled with vintage vibes, this snakeskin Gucci belt is a fresh release (it was featured in the Gucci spring/ summer 2018 collection) and combines all things the Seventies. Since it is so strongly luxurious and retro-inspired, you can have fun either using it to complement a ‘70s/ ‘80s-flavored look or pairing it with a contrasting look, especially if it includes one of Gucci’s logoed sweatshirts (any high-street branded sweatshirt or boyfriend T-shirt will look good anyway).

Snakeskin Square G Buckle



18- Leather with Feline Head

Since animal-inspired patterns are so iconic right now, we couldn’t help but add one of the cutest and fiercest animal-themed Gucci belts; the versatility of which will give you something edgy to make a fashion statement wherever you go.

Leather with Feline Head



19- Leather with Moth Buckle

Moths are equally fascinating and repelling, and Alessandro Michele surely knows how to bring the best out of them. One of Gucci’s fall/ winter 2017 collections most appreciated highlights; it already holds a place in the paradise of Gucci belts and will give you something extravagant to show off at any night out with friends.

Leather with Moth Buckle



The Rise of Gucci Belts As It Accessory Items

Before investing in your next designer belt, it is worth discovering the little history of Gucci belts. They actually never went out of style but have had a lot of momentum ever since fall/ winter 2015 thanks to Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele, quickly becoming any it-girl dream accessory item.

Although having been featured at almost any runway show ever since the Seventies; it was with former creative director Tom Ford that Gucci belts became ultra-covetable in the fashion industry; Urging every fashion lover to buy at least one. It was also with Tom Ford that logo-printed belts got featured at other high-end runway shows, too, as they embraced the Nineties’ moods just perfectly.

With the logo craze fading down between 2008 and the early ‘00s, however, Gucci belts became less “visible” and logoed, like other Gucci clothing and footwear items. Things, of course, have changed ever since Alessandro Michele got appointed as the label’s creative director, as his maximalist, extravagant, and logoed approach to fashion changed the course of the industry forever.

He brought logos back on track in full force, pushing other brands to release equally legendary logoed items as well. With the help of his ad hoc advertisement campaigns, he made us long for branded fashion items even more (we all have a formerly skeptic friend who didn’t appreciate logos but now loves them!).

The key to the success of Gucci belts also has a lot to do with the fact that belts make a statement in a “cheaper” way and are thus a more affordable high-end item for many fashion collectors.

So, why not pamper yourself with a new Gucci belt that got inspired by the iconic Seventies or Eighties? Before investing in one, however, here’s what you should know regarding their authenticity.

How to Spot Fake Gucci Belts For Women and Buy an Authentic One

Designer belts are some of the most counterfeited items in the history of fashion, along with designer bagssneakers, and probably Supreme T-shirts at the moment. Since they often don’t feature many details, spotting a fake belt can give anyone a hard time.

Ever since their always-rising popularity, fake Gucci belts are often more in demand than other designer belts and are equally hard (if not harder) to spot.

If you can’t physically head to a flagship store to check whether your Gucci belt is fake or not, or you are just about to buy a Gucci belt and just want some extra tips to make sure it is original, here are some important facts to take into account when trying to buy authentic Gucci belts!

  • Try to always purchase any Gucci item from a reputable vendor (department stores, vintage shops, and, of course, Gucci shops). If you can, buy directly from Gucci’s online store.
  • Be realistic when it comes to the price of the belt. If it’s overly cheap, it’s obviously fake.
  • You can always enter the serial number of your Gucci belt on their official website to check its authenticity.
  • Before buying any Gucci belt, head to Gucci’s website to examine the model you want to invest in, as their photos give you the ability to zoom in and see every detail of the product.
  • The belt’s materials should be of top-notch quality – both the leather and the buckle. If the buckle feels too lightweight and cheap, and if the leather doesn’t have the specific odor, most likely you have got a fake Gucci belt.

Check the Dust Bag

Here’s something you should actually do when obtaining almost any designer accessory item – check the dust bag in your belt’s box. The dust bag should come in a darker color, while the brand name must appear in the center in gold letters. It’s always a drawstring dust bag featuring one string in the top right corner. All Gucci belts come in a dust bag (with no exception), the inside tag of which reads “Gucci Made in Italy.”

Check the Logo On the Gift Bag

Like all of their other products; all Gucci belts come not only with a dust bag but also in a complementary dark brown gift bag. Each bag must have a double G logo printed all over the bag except for the bottom of the bag’s interior. The gift bag should also feature a dark brown string on top; which is used to keep the belt from slipping out.

Look for Perfection

All Gucci belts feature perfect stitching. Examine your belt and, if you notice any imperfect or even slanted stitch; just come to terms with the reality of having to deal with a fake Gucci belt.

Also, Gucci belts don’t fray, so watch out for fraying as well, and if your belt comes with fraying, it’s definitely a fake one.

Gucci’s Identification Stamp

All authentic Gucci belts come with an identifying Gucci stamp on the inside part of the belt; which, besides the ubiquitous “Made in Italy” statement, includes the brand name, and an identifying number. The serial number of an original Gucci belt often begins with “114” or “223”, but never with “1212”, and is usually 21 digits long.

You should find this stamp either near the belt buckle or in the center, depending on the model you purchase.

Check Those Belt Buckles

This tip is as simple as that; don’t forget that Gucci belt buckles are soldered onto the belt, and there is no button holding the belt buckle in place! On the other hand, fake Gucci belts come with clip-on belt buckles. Depending on the model you choose to buy (examine the characteristics of each belt); your Gucci belt might also have screws on the back of the belt buckle.

Inspect the Monograms

The GG monograms always start with two Gs, not one or half. Needless to say, if it is misspelled, it’s not an authentic Gucci belt!

  • If you have purchased a Monogram GG Beige belt; it should feature a beige background, black leather inside, and a blue GG design. The belt buckle should be devoid of any screws, and for every two GG patterns; there should be a hole for the buckle inside the second G (5 holes in total).
  • The Gucci stitched belts should feature green and red stripes on the background of brown or black leather. As always, the stitching should be perfect, and when you rub your finger over it, no color should come off. The red stripe should be perfectly centered on the belt. The green stripes should be of equal thickness on each side of the red one.

This one doesn’t feature the GG monograms, and its inside is either suede or leather. The ‘Interlocking G’ buckle of this belt should also be devoid of any screws and shouldn’t be removable from the belt. A piece of leather should hold the buckle in place and not aluminum.

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  • Then, although Gucci’s logo craze is surely all over the place; that doesn’t mean it has to be on the inside of the belt, too. Most of them, such as the Guccissima and the Black Imprime, features suede inside.
  • The Black Imprime belt features a buckle with a regular G and an upside-down G; the former of which has a matte finish, while the latter has a metallic black finish. The back of the buckle does feature screws this time. The monogram is printed all over the belt, while the inside section, as stated above, has a suede finish.
  • The Guccissima belt features its size in the serial number, and not elsewhere; in other cases, you are dealing with a fake one. Like all the other authentic Gucci belts, this one also doesn’t have any button holding the buckle in place. While the inside of the belt is suede, the outside is covered with a monogram print.