Creating the Style and Design You Desire Using Simple Accessories

Creating the Style and Design You Desire Using Simple Accessories

Helpful Tips to Creating the Style and Design You Desire Using Simple Accessories

When it comes to creating that unique feel and getting the style and design you desire, a few, well-placed accessories add the finishing touches.

It is not necessary to travel to Tahiti to create the feeling of the tropics in a living room. Adding a decorative pillow here, light a coconut-scented candle there, throw a breezy slipcover on an old couch, and hang a colorful, botanical print on the wall. The possibilities for transforming a home with decorative accessories are endless. Follow these simple tips and tricks to make a home decor experience a success.

Explore Home Decor Styles

  • Choose your home décor theme

Discover Home Decor Techniques

  • It can be daunting to know where to start when decorating a space. Through some simple strategies, personal style and a little creativity, any space can be transformed into new surroundings.

Pick a Signature Home Decor Piece

  • Start with a focal point of a room. This should be a strong item that indicates the style, theme, and mood desired to create in the room and will also help base an overall color scheme. This piece can be a throw pillow with beautiful fabric, a poster, or painting, a floral arrangement, a vase, an area rug, or another piece that sparks inspiration.

Spread the Color

  • Color choice is important. Generally, a room contains three major colors: the main color, a secondary color, and an accent color. Repeat the accent color throughout a room in a number of ways (repeat it at least three times) with a few strategically placed home decor pieces.

Find a Home Decor Theme

  • Always be creative and have fun. A good theme can display personal interests and help to simplify home décor shopping decisions. Whether choosing a theme with nautical, southwest, tropical, cabin, or Mediterranean decor, home accents are critical to achieving the desired look.

For instance, a romantic beach decor theme in a living room can easily be created by placing a few seashells in a basket near the fireplace, adding some vintage floral throw pillows to a white slipcovered couch, in addition to wrought-iron, distressed candle holders, and incorporating some nautical wall decor throughout the space.

Clear the Clutter

  • Eliminate room clutter to open up a room and better establish its overall look.
    • For example, baskets clear the clutter while adding a decorative element.
    • Fabric-lined wicker baskets are always popular for storage.
    • Add seagrass baskets, wire baskets, and the woven baskets
    • Adding shelves to a room and displaying items in various collections can also bring organization to an otherwise cluttered room.
    • There is no better way to display a collection of tribal masks, for instance, than by placing them on a few shelves above your couch or on an opposing wall.
    • Shelves come in a variety of decorative styles and materials, from wood to acrylic to wrought iron, and can help to draw the eyes upward and around the room.

Enliven the Mantel and Fire-up the Fireplace

  • The fireplace is often the most important architectural element of a room and, therefore, the default focal point. There are a number of fireplace options that you can go for, one of them being an ethanol fireplace. If this idea intrigues you, you might want to have a look at a page such as for some more information on how these fireplaces are different to most others.
    • Fireplace accessories, including fireplace screens and toolsets, come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and themes to suit particular tastes.
    • To make a unique design statement with a fireplace, try filling it with candles of varying heights, colors, and textures.
    • When decorating the fireplace mantel, or any shelf/ledge, always go with an asymmetrical arrangement of an odd number of home decor items, such as vases, in a range of scales and textures.
    • Fireplace mantels also provide the perfect place for showcasing a collection. Gather the clocks, porcelain figurines, travel memorabilia, decorative boxes, or Tuscan pottery scattered throughout the home and put them on display together.
    • The fireplace mantel is also great for reflecting the seasons with various holiday decorations.

Lighten Up – Creating the Style

  • The lighting in a room is just as important as the colors chosen. Strategically placed table lamps, floor lamps, and candles can not only shed light on a place but also add warmth and interest where it is most needed
  • Opt for soft lighting over harsh, bright, or fluorescent lighting in rooms where conversation and entertaining take place.
  • Whether grouped around a fireplace or scattered throughout a room, candles offer another great way to add light to space and create a rosy, inviting glow.
  • Scented candles can also help to evoke a particular season or theme.

Freshen Up with Floral Decor

  • Bring a room to life with floral decorations ranging from wreaths, swags, topiaries, fresh flowers, plants, silk designs, and opulent floral arrangements.
  • Floral decor can bring a fresh perspective to any room and can be easily integrated into any design.
  • A single tulip in a simple ceramic vase placed on a fireplace mantel can have just as much of an impact as an overflowing silk floral arrangement adorning your dining room table.

Decorate and Protect Furniture

  • Add a slipcover to an old sofa or swap out old couch pillows for some fresh, decorative pillows.
  • Pillows’ choices are essentially endless and can add a lot of fun to space. Mix in a floral pattern for a cottage feel, leather for a Southwestern look, or tassels and trim for a country-inspired room.
  • Two large decorative pillows can sometimes make a bolder, cleaner statement than a bunch of smaller pillows that may clutter up space and distract from the overall look of the room.

Decorate the Walls – Creating the Style

  • Consider walls as a blank canvas, regardless of the paint color.
  • There are so many home decor items to adorn walls, from paintings and posters to shelves, tapestries, sconces, and shadow boxes that it may be difficult to know where to begin
  • Remember to stick with the chosen theme or overall room style as a start.
  • Acrylic shelves showcasing high-fashion model posters
  • Reinforce a modern style with black and white photos in distressed wooden frames, adding a cottage or country feel.
  • To unify a group of pictures, frame them alike.
  • To add whimsy or drama, get creative with frames and matting. Consider the overall size of a wall in relation to the furniture and application of wall art; to maximize the wall space
  • Use landscape paintings and posters featuring an open vista to open up a small room and create a window to the outdoors.

Hone In on Personal Decorating Style

  • Although obtaining advice through home decor shows or magazines can help direct design ideas; let personal style and preferences show through.
    • Home Decor is meant to display personality, mood and an overall theme in a room.
    • Don’t get too overwhelmed by an abundance of ideas, which could result in a hodgepodge of conflicting style elements
    • Be sure to follow instincts and trust natural intuition.