Higher End Seiko Watches Good As Swiss Watch

Higher End Seiko Watches Good As Swiss Watch

Higher End Seiko Watches Just As Good As Swiss Watch Makers

You may be a fun of the more affordable, light-hearted style of watch, for example, you could Design Your Own Quality watch Online
and even include a photo in the face, however, if you’re looking for higher-end products, there is a growing market for Seiko watches. Regarding Seiko’s higher-end models for which by the way everything is built in house, it’s very difficult to argue that they are not as good as Swiss watchmakers.

This is why many people of all over the globe love swiss watches or as the Spanish would say relojes suizos, I’ve heard from a friend that they are really popular in Spain. Nevertheless, unlike the prestige Swiss brands, Seiko is well known for producing from very affordable quality watches starting at around $75 to timepieces going into the hundreds, thousands and many thousands of dollars! There are some who say here in the West that this strategy “dilutes” the brand image.

Simply speaking Higher End Seiko Watches does not bother with having different branding for different price levels.

Higher End Seiko Watches! Unlike Western brands, you can buy a $50 Seiko, a $200 Seiko, a $1000 Seiko or a $7500 Seiko (Grand Seiko) all under the same Seiko brand name. It is up to the customer to value and appreciate the difference. This Seiko watches successfully demonstrates that Seiko provides excellent value for money at any price level chosen. Once you go over the $1000 + level it becomes even more evident that a lot of manual work has been spent on the watch.

Seiko Watches Available From $50 to Over $10.000

Many here in the West have great problems understanding “why anyone would want a $7500 Seiko when you can buy a Seiko for $200 or even $50?” Others really do appreciate being able to buy a top-quality watch for a very reasonable price in comparison to similar timepieces produced by the “elite” watchmakers at really high prices.

Higher End Seiko Watches Understatement

Being an understatement is really not a problem for someone who doesn’t want to shout out loud how much he makes. That cannot be said for most folks willing to spend $7K on a watch. It is a problem that can be hard for many to understand let alone digest even to the point that they will not be able to appreciate that the Seiko GS Spring Drive is way more innovative and rarer than any Rolex not to mention that it would have received more hands-on time from an actual human watchmaker than any Rolex watch would have.

Get A Seiko Quartz Watch For Under $200!

For under $200 you can get yourself a really lovely quartz watch that will be reliable and durable for many years to come. Having said all that even Seiko’s most affordable watches will not be made up of flimsy plastic bits and pieces. Yes from a business perspective it can be a little puzzling why they are still bothering themselves producing and selling a $75 Seiko 5 automatic/mechanical model.

affordable ‘everyman’s watch

The thing is that it is exactly what they have always done from the beginning when they embarked on creating that affordable ‘everyman’s watch in the Seiko 5, back in the days when there was no quartz. Now going forward it is like there continual development process, they just kept doing it and thereby incrementally improving it. The same applies to their Kinetic technology watches. These are also quartz watches that get recharged with the aid of a mechanical rotor, rather like in an automatic. Just take a look at the Seiko quartz diver ridiculously low priced in comparison to a Rolex but on par on every aspect.

Seiko Also Produce Great Solar Watches

Seiko also produces solar watches which are arguably better technologically when compared to Kinetic technology by being smaller, lighter and having no moving parts. But Seiko as tradition has it keeps at it. Still releasing interesting Kinetic models, and improving power reserve to that of solar. Regarding quartz-powered watches, Seiko makes some of the highest quality models money can buy, which start at for example around $1600 for the Grand Seiko quartz. Nevertheless, they are continually developing new technologies notably so in their Spring Drive range simply for the sake of advancing their technology and engineering expertise.

Investing in Seiko Watches

Overall you can’t go wrong investing your hard-earned cash in a Seiko watch which would certainly serve you well for a very long time to come. And it would be a great present to pass down to the new as they come of age. Here we go then kicking off best value for money Seiko watches review with some really nice watches to consider over various price levels.

Higher End Seiko Watches Just As Good As Swiss Watch Makers

The Best Seiko Watches Review 2018

Higher End Seiko Watches Seiko Alpinist

Higher End Seiko Watches Seiko Alpinist

Seiko SARB017 Automatic Alpinist Field Watch with 38mm Case and Sapphire Crystal

The Seiko SARB017 Alpinist is an exquisite example of master craftsmanship. It’s leading the field watch niche for over half a century powered by the premium Seiko 6R15 caliber automatic. The Seiko SARB017 can also be hand wound and hacked. It uses the same caliber that powers many of the Seiko Prospex range of watches. The 6R15 caliber movement has a generous 50-hour power reserve.

The Seiko Alpinist watch comes with diashock protection that is usually found only on much more expensive Seiko’s.

The watch case showcases a fine mix of two tones brushed / polished stainless steel finishes and the green dial sports highly luminous gold-toned hands and hour markers for good visibility at night. A date display is shown at the 3 o’clock position. A scratch-resistant sapphire crystal ensures a super toughness to protect the dial, suitable for the most demanding tough and rugged terrains on land and underwater with water resistance up to 200 meters.

Note: The crown at 4:00 turns the inner (compass marked) bezel. The Seiko Alpinist SARB017 review features the watch with a classical crocodile-grain, brown leather strap with is a simple buckle closure.

This beautiful Seiko Alpinist is the perfect watch for all adrenaline-pumping adventurous sports and activities.

Whilst also being dressy enough to compete with more expensive products like the highly acclaimed Rolex Explorer. If you could only own one watch in the world this could well be the most perfect one to fit all requirements. A superbly accurate quartz watch simply built to last a very long time indeed. All in all the Seiko Alpinist review has a great pleasure to conclude, a highly desirable timepiece perfect for those watch enthusiasts and boffins who appreciate excellence in design and function. Excellent value for money with many features built in to be found in much more expensive Swiss watches.

Seiko Alpinist pros and cons


  • Premium Seiko 6R15 caliber automatic movement
  • Can also be hand wound and also hacked
  • 50-hour power reserve
  • Diashock protection
  • 2 Tone brushed/ polished stainless steel
  • Goodnight visibility
  • Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
  • Water resistance up to 200 meters
  • Superbly accurate quartz watch
  • Compass marked Bezel


  • Only available with sunburst-green dial
  • Simple buckle closure

Higher End Seiko Watches – SEIKO SBDX001

Higher End Seiko Watches - SEIKO SBDX001

SEIKO SBDX001 Marine Master Professional 300M Automatic Diver with 44mm Case

The Seiko Marine Master highly desirable diver watch and can be used up to 300 meters of water resistance for divers. Technical features include a high-grade Seiko 26-jewel automatic 8L35 caliber movement, a date display, highly luminous hands and markers coated with Lumibrite for excellent low light visibility. A screw-down offset crown, a uni-directional diving bezel with luminous PIP at 12:00, Dual-curved Hardlex with non-reflective upper coating, and a solid etched, screw-down case back. The premium 8L35 caliber Seiko movement is automatic self-winding, hackable and can be hand-wound if need be. The 8L35 caliber movement has a generous 50-hour power reserve and it is highly accurate to +15 to -10 seconds per day.

The Seiko Marine Master Professional 300M Comes on a stainless steel bracelet.

The locking mechanism has a double locking fold-over push-button clasp with a diver’s extension. The watch comes with a manual and an extra rubber strap packaged in a Seiko Prospex box. The finish of the case of the Seiko Marinemaster 300 is of very high quality, with its polished and brushed facets it can easily compete with many of the best watches of Switzerland.

The Seiko SBDX001 is great value for money which long-time owners, watch enthusiasts and collectors of Seiko’s professional divers already knew. The watch can easily compete with watches made in Europe that have higher price tags on them.

Any concerns to be had about this Seiko watch?

Maybe yes but perhaps not in a negative sense thing per se. Let’s just mention that Seiko has opted to use Hardlex instead of sapphire crystal. Seiko’s Hardlex material does not shatter like sapphire crystal when it is damaged though. The Hardlex just cracks when damaged but will still remain in one piece. Hardlex, on the other hand, is easier to scratch than sapphire crystal if that helps decipher which is more suitable. Thick sapphire crystals for diving watches are relatively more expensive so the cost difference might be a decisive factor for some.


Higher End Seiko Watches Just As Good As Swiss Watch Makers - SEIKO SKN809

best watch you can buy under $100

A highly rated watch selling at a ridiculously low price of around $65, easily affordable by most who would like an everyday highly durable and accurate timepiece to enjoy for many years. An attractive watch, but not known especially for its styling as there are a plethora of cheap fashionable watches out there that will last only a year or two.

The SNK809 is a flat and simple watch

With small white “bumps” luminous hour markers with excellent nighttime visibility, flat minute and Arabic style 5-minute markers. Being nice, simple and versatile the SKN809 is easy to wear up or down without being minimalistic, quite nice actually. You can easily change the strap thanks to the 18mm lugs transforming the SNK809 into just about any look. However, don’t think it will become formal. So if you’re looking for something formally dressy you may want to pass on this one for the time being.

The crown rests at 4 o’clock instead of 3 o’clock, which found on 99% of watches. So it doesn’t dig into your wrist when you bend your wrist up and down like it would if it was at 3 o’clock.

The top of the case and lugs have a somber pewter-grey finish which elegantly shimmers in the light.

But it is not reflective per se. flipping over the SNK809! And the polished underbelly showcases an exhibition case back with its awe-inspiringly beautiful 7S26 automatic movement.

The 7S26 is actually the base movement for the 6R15 mechanism used inside the outstanding Seiko SARB017 Alpinist reviewed earlier noting disappointment that Seiko chose not to show off the movement.

The only concern with regard to the SKN809

Is the black canvas strap which some may feel might not be the most attractive amongst peers. Well made, comfortable and durable with the clasp engraved with Seiko’s name! and the hardware in the same pewter-grey finish as the case. You can easily change that if need be with the many possibilities on offer.

Millions of units sold worldwide! The SKN809 sells well on reliability and durability for everyday use. Hardlex used on the dial, for more resistant to shattering when damaged whereas sapphire considered scratch “proof”. The watch has an accuracy to around -20/+40 seconds per day which is perfectly appropriate for the knockout price of this nice allrounder! Easily the best watch you can buy for under $100.



Seiko Solar Quartz Chronograph SSC513 with Stop-Watch and 24-hour Sub-Dial

This popular Seiko solar watch is a very good looking brushed stainless steel quartz chronograph with handy stopwatch functions (from 1/20 sec to 60 minutes). Seiko solar watch incorporates a useful 24-hour sub-dial. The highly reviewed gradient green dial as well as being truly fascinating is the solar “panel”; used to absorb the sun’s energy to give the required power to the watch. Indoor lighting is generally also able to help provide sufficient charge capabilities as well.

The Seiko solar chronograph SSC513 has a stainless steel case; that measures 43mm x 13mm thick and it has a suitable solid screw-in back. The luminous hands and markers are easily visible on the dial during the daytime and night time. This Seiko solar watch includes a fixed 60-minute marked bezel and a well-protected crown at 4 o’clock position. The lovely watch reviewed had a brown leather strap with decent buckle closure, 22mm. Seiko solar watch protected with Hardlex crystal glass. It is also water-resistant up to 100 meters.



Seiko Solar Chronograph SNN241 with 42mm case, 11 mm bandwidth

The Seiko solar chronograph is another unpretentious Seiko solar watch. A really affordable dress watch with a refined and polished luxury feel to it. The wristwatch whilst being affordable does not at all lack in quality. Beautifully designed; sleek and elegant with perfect functionality making it one of the best watches available under the $100 price range. Built with a nice and smooth gunmetal stainless steel body protected with Hardlex brown colored contrasting dial. And a luxurious looking brown leather stitched watchband.

The Japanese quartz movement system takes care that the analog watch keeps time consistently and accurately. And it helps to round up the features of this extremely sturdy and solid-feeling timepiece. 2 smaller dials inside the Hardlex protected larger dial which is part of the useful chronograph functionality. This Seiko solar watch is also water-resistant up to 330 ft (100 m).

The side crown and knobs feel well built whilst also being flexible and easy to adjust. The features of the Seiko solar chronograph SNN241 are not what you might call revolutionary. The silver characters against the brown dial also make it extremely easy to tell the time at a quick glance.



Seiko’s 5 sports automatic line is quite impressive delivering outstanding design; build, quality and technical specifications for in and around $100. Hard to beat for those eager beavers looking to snap up a bargain. The Seiko 5 line of watches is vast and services a number of genres including diving, dress, and military. The SNK military field watch and SNZH diver both have quite a loyal following from the watch nerd community.

Seiko 5’s are sturdy and affordable mechanical watches. It comes in a variety of variations with varying dial colors. Case finishes and strap choices for each model adding spice to its good flavor!

Seiko 5 Sports Men’s SNZG09K1, a 42mm x 12 mm thick mid-sized military field watch! Retails for around $115 for a metal bracelet or as low as $100 with nylon strap. The SNZG also features Seiko’s proprietary and very scratch resistant hardlex crystal dial cover.

The Seiko 5 automatic name alludes to the five essential components of any Seiko’s, found across the entire range. These components are as follows;

  1. Automatic mechanical movement
  2. Day/Date display
  3. Water-resistance (varies across the range)
  4. Diaflex mainspring (commonly known as “unbreakable”)
  5. Diashock shock-resistant design

It is a great pick for someone in the market for an affordable mechanical military field watch. A nice little detail on the SNZG! Is that the date wheel matches the dial with white text on a black background. The hour and minute hands of the SNZG use fence post style and are fully luminescent.

There is a lot to like about the military styling of Seiko 5 SNZG! As well as it is secure and full-featured Seiko 23 jewel! Seiko 7s26c automatic movement visible through the display window on the back of the watch. The robust and sturdy versatile styling of the SNZG makes it ideal for wearing on a daily basis.

With such outstanding value for money! The Seiko 5 Sports Men’s SNZG09K1 seems like a “no brainer” addition to any watch enthusiast’s collection. Or perhaps the perfect mechanic for a young collector on starting out learning the ropes.

Seiko 5 line held up to much higher standards for excellence than most other watches in the $100 price range.

Not to mention it comes from a company with horological roots dating back the late 1800’s. The Seiko Watches Review would not be complete without this watch! So whether you’re an avid collector or a newbie to the world of watches, please do appreciate the Seiko 5. For all its wonderful qualities and all that it stands for.

Higher End Seiko Watches Just As Good As Swiss Watch Makers

No watch review could seriously justify! not including such an iconic, functional, solid and well-respected watch brand like Seiko watches. Seiko has an excellent reputation! Seiko a very traditional Japanese company driven by excellence in quality engineering more than branding and marketing.