Home Décor Interior Design

Decorating a new home? Need a new look?  Here are some simple ideas to decorate on budget and look like you spent a small fortune!

Home Décor Interior Design – Bathrooms

Home Décor Interior Design - BathroomsFor small areas, use light colours and allow plenty of light in. The glass cube window provides privacy and lots of natural light.

Home Décor Interior Design - BathroomsTo create the illusion of more space, use a wall-mounted vanity with large mirror – as a bonus:  Lots of space below for wicker baskets!

Home Décor Interior Design - BathroomsRe-purpose an old secretary as your vanity, hang a rustic wood-framed mirror, a rough-cut wood towel rack and voile! Hang white eyelet shower curtains. Done!

Home Décor Interior Design - BathroomsBefore and after pictures tell the story! Turn that old, dilapidated bath into a cozy retreat to refresh and rejuvenate!

Home Décor Interior Design - BathroomsThis beautiful vanity was created using a dresser/hutch found at a thrift store – lots of storage!  An all tile shower with glass doors creates “space”.



Home Décor Interior Design – Kitchens

Kitchens are the new “hang out”.  Small soirees and family get-togethers are much more fun when everyone pitches in to create that fantastic cuisine!

Home Décor Interior Design - KitchensLarge, spacious kitchens are awesome! A place for everything and everything in its place! Add colours for contrast! Wooden floors work well in large areas!

Home Décor Interior Design - KitchensDon’t be afraid to mix the old with the new! Go eclectic! Go Bohemian! Don’t get rid of your stuff – use it in new ways.

Home Décor Interior Design - KitchensSmall spaces – Big ideas! Make that little space bigger by using up all the wall space you can. Scale down the appliances.

Home Décor Interior Design - KitchensFor the cozy, vintage, old-world cottage look, think brick walls, and terra cotta tile floors. Use open cabinetry, show off your utensils, spices, etc.

Home Décor Interior Design - KitchensThe warm slate tone welcomes natural light from sliding glass doors that open out to a patio. Bell-shaped pendant lamps break up the linear arrangement of the cabinets and island.

Home Décor Interior Design - KitchensYour entire kitchen is in this island, including a cook top, fridge, storage, sink, dishwasher and bar-style eating area. Concrete floors are stained and easy care.

Home Décor Interior Design - KitchensWhen designing your new kitchen, especially for small spaces, keep in mind how you like to cook. Appliances should be conveniently located for minimum effort.

Home Décor Interior Design - KitchensThis spectacular French provincial kitchen, complete with distressed wood floors and arched window above the sink will delight any chef.



Home Décor Interior Design – Kids Bedrooms

Giving a child’s room a fresh look is so easy! Choose your theme, your colours (a main, secondary and accent) – add the accessories! Done!

Home Décor Interior Design - Kids BedroomsBlue on blue, a raised framed bed (add railings if needed) and simple accessories – keep it simple to keep it neat!

Home Décor Interior Design - Kids BedroomsYour little explorer will love “camping” out in his private little cabin. A mural, and solidly built rustic bunk bed is completes this woodland scene!

Home Décor Interior Design - Kids BedroomsYour teenager will love this cozy, dreamy room. Lots of pillows and lots of storage for all her keepsakes! Check out thrift stores for bargains!

Home Décor Interior Design - Kids BedroomsYour pre-teen will love the black & white dots & stripes and pink theme! Lots of little hideaways for her diary and trinkets!

Home Décor Interior Design - Kids BedroomsThis oversized room was minimized using stripes that follow through on the nightstand. Notice the brightly painted matching twin beds.



Home Décor Interior Design – Master Bedroom

Remodeling the master bedroom? Create a romantic oasis using soft colors, ambient light through the day and soft candlelight after hours for your personal “paradise”.

Home Décor Interior Design - Master BedroomCreate this safari effect entirely with accent pieces.  The small settee captures colours of the quilt and pillows; the zebra print rug provides contrast.

Home Décor Interior Design - Master BedroomFeel like royalty with this curtain “headboard”. Check thrift shops for curtains and beautiful decorative pillows and throw in some “old world” lampshades!

Home Décor Interior Design - Master BedroomSea breeze blue and white with grey throw pillows beautifully accent the dark furniture and wood flooring. Some throw rugs can provide additional colour.

Home Décor Interior Design - Master BedroomThe ultimate in rustic:  an old barn door headboard, stuffed burlap sacks, flour sack ruffle, lanterns at each side; you are off to sweet slumber.




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