How to Buy a Dishwasher – Factors To Consider When Choosing a Dishwasher

How to Buy a Dishwasher – Factors To Consider When Choosing a Dishwasher

How to Buy a Dishwasher – Factors To Consider When Choosing a Dishwasher

When dishwashers breakdown, the results can be disasterous. They can flood your kitchen leaving you in need of someone like Action 1 Restoration and without a dishwasher. This is why it is so important to buy a high quality dishwasher to avoid disasters like this from happening. Shoppers want a dishwasher that cleans, operates quietly and looks good. It’s worth it investing in a good one, as it’s going to live with you on average for 14 years on average. When shopping for a dishwasher, today’s models clean better, use far less water, and function more quietly than their predecessors but that doesn’t mean they all do the same thing. There are lots of components at play. What size does it need to be? Do you already have a water descaler or would it be better if one was in your dishwasher? Do you want one that doesn’t use much water? So many questions can leave you wondering where to start…

Here is how to buy a dishwasher and what factors to consider when picking a dishwasher for your kitchen remodel:

  • What is your budget?
  • Where will the dishwasher be in your kitchen design?
  • Where will the other appliances be in relation to the dishwasher?
  • How big will your wash loads be?
  • Do you do a lot of entertaining or heavy cooking?
  • How much noise can you tolerate?

When Choosing a Dishwasher Consider Cost Range

Shoppers can expect to pay $250 for a noisy dishwasher with a control knob and plastic interior tub and as much as $1,000 for a sleek and quiet stainless machine with concealed digital controls and adjustable racks.

Size and Installation is important factor When Choosing a Dishwasher

The most common dishwasher width sold is 24 inches, though it is always wise to bring accurate cut-out dimensions when shopping. Homeowners with granite or other solid-surface countertops should seek out models that mount to the cabinetry on the sides rather than the underside of the countertop.

How to Buy a Dishwasher – Interior Size

One of the biggest changes in newer dishwashers is the removal of the lower kick panel. Smaller motors and pumps have allowed dishwasher doors to extend almost down to the ground, making way for larger interiors. These so-called “tall tubs” are now available on all but the least expensive models.

Consider Noise Factor When Choosing a Dishwasher

It is worth it to spend a little more money for a quiet model, especially if the kitchen is located close to the family room or bedrooms. The good news is that all dishwashers are less noisy than older models thanks to improved insulation. For the quietest ones out there, expect to pay at least $500 and up.

How to Buy a Dishwasher – Appearance

Equally important to many is how the dishwasher will look in the home. Not every shopper buys an appliance for its performance. Must-have design elements like stainless steel panels and hidden control panels have become more affordable, with models starting as low as $300 and $500, respectively. But the trade-off is often a machine with fewer features. You can get the look for less but there will be less on the inside.

Buyers also will pay about $150 more for a stainless steel tub, though the upgrade is largely cosmetic. Though a plastic liner might discolor over time, it will almost always last longer than the machine.


This is one of those lifestyle type factors. Families who entertain frequently might feel the extra money for a model with adjustable racks and tines is worth it. These racks offer the flexibility to accommodate glasses one night and baby bottles the next. Adjustable racks also are able to manage oversize or oddly shaped plates and platters.

Shoppers also will pay more for Teflon or another durable rack coating, which will outlast inferior plastic-coated racks that eventually disintegrate, allowing the metal below to rust.

Cycles Factor When Choosing a Dishwasher

A large majority of people use the same wash cycle every time they run the dishwasher. An entry-level dishwasher will typically have two wash cycles-normal and light-as well as a heated or cool dry. The additional wash cycles that appear on pricier models include an ultra-quick wash for lightly soiled items, a top-rack-only wash for glassware, and a heavy-duty cycle for pots and pans.

Parents of young children may find models with a “sani-wash,” which heats the water to sanitizing temps, indispensible for cleaning baby bottles. Some models use heat and pressure to turn water into steam, which penetrates baked-on food stains better. Expect to pay north of $700 for a machine with steam.

Consider Soil Sensors Factor

Soil sensors, also called turbidity sensors, monitor the levels of particulate (tiny particles of a substance) in the wash water. This technology allows the dishwasher to “know” when the dishes are clean, shortening wash cycles and saving energy in the process. Models boasting this technology are available for as little as $350.

Best Quiet And Energy Efficient Dishwashers In The World

Bosch makes arguably the best dishwashers in the world. Bosch dishwashers are quiet and energy efficient. Unlike its competitors Bosch offers different dishwasher product lines to address the unique needs of its customers. While achieving this goal Bosch does not comprimise their legenday German quality standards.

But what distinguishes one Bosch model from the other? And how you can easily select which model family might be best suited for your needs.

The Bosch Ascenta Series the Good Option when you are on a Budget:

The Bosch Ascenta Series dishwasher the Good Option when you are on a Budget

This is the entry level Bosch product family with prices ranging from $500 to low $600’s

  • Variety of finishes (stainless steel, white, black, units that accept cabinet panels, towel bar handle models etc.)
  • Quiet at 46-50 dB sound level
  • Come with stainless steel interior walls but plastic bottom
  • 5 wash cycles are common on all the models
  • Spacious with 14 place settings
  • 3rd Rack is standard in most Bosch Ascenta dishwashers
  • People are generally happy with drying performance of these dishwashers as long as they use proper rinse aid and load the machine correctly.
  • InfoLight projects to the floor in most models

The Bosch 300 Series The Good Option If You Want All Stainless Interior:

Price starting at low $600’s, Bosch 300 series dishwashers make up for most of the shortcomings of the Asecenta series. These models offer everything found in the list above, plus these features:

  • Full stainless steel interior
  • Much quieter at 44 dB
  • Speed60 Cycle ensures all dishes are cleaned up under an hour
  • ExtraDry option is a new addition to the feature list as of late 2017 to give a heat boost to the condensation dry cycle
  • 3rd Rack get more flexible to accommodate larger items
  • Overall the interior is more flexible by having the ability to adjust the tines and RackMatic makes it easy to make room for larger plates and pots or for taller glasses
  • Larger interior capacity with room for 16 place settings
  • Bosch 300 series comes with a variety of design choices as well as with models suited for special applications such as ADA height for raised floors, watersoftener and 18″ slim dishwashers for smaller kitchens.

The Bosch 500 Series The Better Option for Quietness and Unique Design:

The Bosch 500 Series - Dishwasher

Bosch 500 Series dishwashers are the true hit for the manufacturer. They feature the timeless pocket handle design which fits any kitchen environment. After seasonal rebates you will be able to purchase this model series for as low as approximately $700.

  • Bosch added EasyGlide racks as the premium feature to the 500 Series. You will get to appreciate EasyGlide when pulling in/out the fully loaded upper rack with ease.

Bosch 800 Series The Best Option What Bosch is Really Known For:

Bosch 800 Series - Dishwasher

The 800 Series dishwashers are the flagship design for Bosch. You will notice the instant upgraded look and feel on these dishwashers similar to entering in a luxury German car. Considering seasonally available rebates these dishwashers start at mid $700’s price point.

  • Supremely quiet at 39 db to 42 db
  • MyWay Rack is introduced with the 800 Series. This special 3rd rack application is ideal for ramekins, cereal bowls, measuring cups, ladles and more. You can even find a removable silverware tray with folding tines on this innovative 3rd rack.
  • Controls are touch sensitive
  • 6 Cycles are the standard on the 800 Series
  • HomeConnect feature gets you Internet connectivity. If you cannot get enough of your iPhone, HomeConnect give you one more reason to spend more time on it.
  • Similar to the 300 Series, the Bosch 800 Series dishwashers come with a variety of design choices as well as with models suited for special applications such as ADA height for raised floors, watersoftener and 18″ slim dishwashers for smaller kitchens.

Bosch offers different dishwasher styles and a rich feature set to fit any budget. While the Ascenta and the 300 Series dishwashers are ideal for those who are budget conscious, the 500 Series and especially the Bosch 800 Series dishwashers will give you the maximum quality and design choices. Also, Bosch has many options for special applications such as shorter height units, water softener for hard water areas and 18″ slim units.