How to Buy New Watches on the Internet – Tips

How to Buy New Watches on the Internet

Most reputable watch makers will recommend that you avoid buy new watches on the Internet

Manufacturers tend to offer very limited information on their watches on their websites. This tends to steer people to um-knowledgeable, authorized dealers whether at the mall or online.

How to Buy New Watches on the Internet – The top 5 reasons for buying through an authorized dealer

  • It is the safest way to acquire quality fine watches
  • No problems obtaining warranty service directly
  • No risk of counterfeits
  • Prices should be negotiable to 10-20% off MSRP
  • Authorized dealers are including an 1-2 year warranty

Although buying online through the gray market can be risky, many people have had great experiences. If you have researched the watch you want to buy, have performed all due diligence and happen to find an honest online authorized dealer, you will meet with success. Ask questions – Learn as much as possible

Avoid buying directly on the internet. Reputable, authorized dealers can be reached through the Internet for information and will only accept telephone/fax orders. They will ship the product directly to you.

Internet auctions and ‘for sale’ boards

Online auctions and “for sale” sites are fun and are increasing in popularity. One can find great bargains – but use extreme caution when buying watches from one of these sits.

Warning signs – How to Buy New Watches on the Internet

Beware if the seller knows little about the merchandise.

  • If the seller cannot provide a verifiable source or origin, you will have difficulty holding them accountable of the authenticity of the watch
  • If the seller say won’t guarantee the authenticity of the watch
  • Is the online photo authentic or lifted from another site
  • Oddities or inconsistencies in the description
  • Is the seller private individual selling just one or two watches or retailer
    • Check for other sales of similar watches from the same individual.
  • Are other bidders real people and “shills”?
    • Once known as “buy-bidders”, their whole purpose is to run the bidding up

How to Buy New Watches on the Internet

For sale forums  are public forums and attract watch experts. They are knowledgeable and will jump in on any suspicious activity or wrongful information.


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